Would you like to trade in currencies, stocks, metals, indices and earn on it? Then the CapitalHall broker is the company that you need. The company began active operations only in 2017, but has already won the trust of experienced traders. The offices of CapitalHall operate in the UK and Germany.

Proven in practice – Capital Hall – not scam

Appearing on the market not so long ago, CapitalHall broker immediately offered potential customers a wide range of services.
Up to this date, the list includes:
1. Open positions on the Forex. CapitalHall are not scammers, and therefore this company offers to conduct trading using the advanced and proven MetaTrader4 trading terminal. MT4 is the most suitable program for working on the financial exchanges. It eliminates the possibility of sagging the system and allows you to maximize the trading volume. Another advantage of MetaTrader4 is the protection of user personal data. Representatives of Capital Hall regularly conduct system maintenance to make the work of their customers even more comfortable and effective.
2. Basic training of trading. If you have never worked in this field before and you know about Forex only theoretically, you still can benefit from cooperation and trading at CapitalHall. Testimonials of the beginners claim that the company provides quality training in working with the MetaTrader4 platform. Newcomers can get the desired result from the operations, and company provides each client with the advice of technical specialists.
3. Affiliate program. Each client can connect other traders to CapitalHall and receive payments from the results of their activities. Detailed conditions for payments under the Capital Hall affiliate program can be discussed in an individual format, as they depend on the partner’s activity and the type of account.
4. Technical support. For increasing the efficiency of clients’ work, CapitalHall provides round-the-clock technical support. Experienced specialists of CapitalHall help to solve all types of issues. Another proof that CapitalHall are not scammers is an accelerated withdrawal of funds and a facilitated system of personal accounts. The company has created all the conditions to make the withdrawal of customer funds as fast as possible.

Great opportunities for large-scale earnings

The CapitalHall brokerage company has a large number of tools for working on the currency, stock and commodities exchanges. Each client can take the opportunity that suites him better:
1. Trade the CFDs, contracts for difference. It is a kind of exchange trades, when traders of CapitalHall do not earn on the buying or selling of a certain group of goods itself, but only on the difference in buying and selling price. Assets list for such trades can include precious and non-precious metals, energy (oil, gas, coal) and raw materials (cacao, coffee, etc.)
2. Currency pairs trading. CapitalHall allows you to earn with 50+ currency pairs, the correct choice of which brings traders large fortunes. Experts at CapitalHall can get important clues about working with currency pairs as a part of training for beginner traders.
3. The ability to trade commodities. Those assets can include platinum, coffee beans or oil. Thanks to CapitalHall’s leverage, traders can buy and resell commodities in very large quantities.
Unexperienced traders do not have to use all the listed symbols. In order to study how the Forex market works, seems better to start with a single trading category. It is important to take into account that CapitalHall are not scammers and therefore company works with the limited number of cryptocurrency assets – they do not promise you all the tokens for trading at once, having only the proven ones.

CapitalHall types of accounts

Each client decides which account to open at Capital Hall. Reviews from traders prove that the terms of cooperation are equally beneficial regardless the chosen type of the account:
1. Advanced. To create such an account, the client must deposit at least $ 2,000. Spreads range up to 2.5 pips.
2. Pro. The most popular type of account among traders, which requires a deposit of $ 10,000, but it reduces spreads to 1.5 pips.
3. Expert. It requires a large investment of money – starting at $ 50,000, but this deposit allows customers to reduce spreads to 0.1 pips.
No matter which account type is chosen by the trader, the size of the leverage is the same – 1: 300. Thanks to this, each partner of CapitalHall gets the opportunity to use the trading volume 300 times more than he had deposited. Other advantages of opening an account and working with CapitalHall include the following:
• open large positions up to 50 lots;
• open unlimited number of positions;
• use scalping;
• open risk-free trades guaranteed by the CapitalHall;
• receive additional bonuses when opening an account.
Another proof of the fact that CapitalHall is not a scam is the Stop Out level which is equal to 5%.
Do you want to work on Forex with the help of CapitalHall specialists? Feel free to contact the managers of the company for technical advices. This will allow you to start trading with maximum confidence and get good monetary results.