What is the best way to invest money? It’s important to estimate market situation and quickly respond to it. But that’s not all. If you don’t protect yourself against swindlers in advance, you may go bust with investments, whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader.


Danger of great losses: why not every broker is appropriate? Key Markets scam?


Can you find a good forex broker, like Key Markets, on the first try and without preparations? Swindlers make this chance minimal. Lots of fake companies are tailored to attract and cheat as many traders as possible. And some forex brokers, for example FXCM, start abusing clients’ confidence over the course of time. One should take care of safety and make preliminary preparations, not to give money to swindlers on own accord. You also need to check reviews, Kay Markets reviews are only positive.


In 2016, swindlers caused losses of over 15 billion dollars! It’s easy for them to stay anonymous on the Internet, and many traders even don’t lodge complaints against shady companies. Sometimes the problem can be solved with the help of regulators, but such organizations don’t always succeed to respond to violation of “the game rules”. Moreover, in many instances they cannot help to make amends, though sometimes, as in the case of WinderFX, amends can be sued out.


Swindling among forex brokers: how to distinguish and avoid it. Key Markets reviews.


For “good” forex brokers, like Key Markets, cheating, impairment of rights and diddling clients out of money are unacceptable. However “bad” brokers often can:


  • embezzle money and make off with them;
  • make deals at prices which seriously disagree with market ones;
  • trade against clients’ orders;
  • make money withdrawal practically impossible due to technical, financial or bureaucratic causes;
  • set too high spreads, commission charges and fees;
  • hinder from free and quick managing of money invested;
  • execute orders only after waiting for conditions which are favourable for a broker;
  • collect payments for dubious and unnecessary services.


To preserve money and time instead of trying to solve such problems, do business with proven brokers – such as Key Markets broker.


Trying to attract new traders, swindlers usually turn to three main instruments:


  • promise of huge profit in the shortest time;
  • advertisement of hundred-per-cent profitable automatic financial systems;
  • lots of promotions, bonuses etc.


It is important to keep in mind that bonuses and promotions not always denote a shady trader. Some companies also use additional methods of clients acquisition, but best brokers take their course thanks to a high quality of services.


Key Markets scam or a favourable partner? Reliability check


How to understand quickly whether it’s worth starting work with a company? Pay your attention to three main points of effective exclusion of most of swindlers:


  • Jurisdiction and registration. A broker must provide a registration number and be ready to confirm the company does exist. Many choose countries with the loyal taxation system, and this is a trump card for large companies that can provide more favorable conditions.
  • You can get an idea of how the broker actually works trough online reviews. For example, Key Markets reviews can give a clear vision of services technical work, support, clients treatment, financial aspects etc. Also, you can look at company’s awards not forgetting to check their timeliness (receipt date) and trustworthiness of an awarding organization.
  • A “good” broker’s online resource must be clear, easy-to-understand and fast. Higher trust should be given to organizations which publish minimal and average spreads and marginal demands for each currency pair. Any exact information will be a plus – from expenses to actual address and technical support work schedule.

Studying of a site allows you to put your finger on whether it’ll be comfortable for you to work with a chosen broker and whether it’s worth starting partnership with it at all. It’s not recommended to consider sites which are characterized by:


  • inaccurate information and nothing but vague and advertising data;
  • bad graphica;
  • lots of mistakes.


Intuition plays an important role in the broker’s reliability check. Look at the site, and if it raises suspicions, there is a major risk to come across a swindler.


But the absence of strongly pronounced faults doesn’t release from some danger. “Bad” brokers can successfully disguise as “good” ones – creating user-friendly and confidence inspiring sites, rent actual offices, organizing technical support, etc.


Key Markets forex broker of high reliability


Who to trust if risks cannot be eliminated completely? You can preserve time and money and also trade efficiently with the help of an experienced broker working for a long time and only within the legal framework.


Advantages of Key Markets broker for traders:


  • up-to-date, user-friendly and intuitive site;
  • setting of trade optimization programs;
  • helpful reference and tutorial materials;
  • professional analysts’ services;
  • immediate deposition and withdrawal of money;
  • several investment grades;
  • personal manager’s support;
  • trade according to the economic calendar.


Key Markets forex broker which wants its services to be easy, profitable and convenient for you. The company makes every effort to provide reliability and transparency of processes and clients’ comfort – no cheating, hindrances or limitations. Study the company’s offers – you can start partnership right now.