Benefits of Access Capital Markets Forex broker: leverage and own web platform

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What to look for when choosing a Forex broker? For example, we use the website of the company

Experienced traders advise to choose brokers for several defining qualities. Let's consider them using the example of the British company Access Capital Markets broker who has been on the market for 20 years and has no doubts about its reputation.


What Do We Know About Access Capital Markets Forex

Nowadays, you have to start acquaintance with any company from its website. Here you can find the information about the services, their cost, and features. The client is immediately able to determine whether such tariffs are suitable for him or not. Also, the website of a self-respecting financial broker should contain information about how he stores the client's personal data (after all, we are talking about considerable sums of money!), How the protection against fraud is carried out.

What must be indicated on the site:

After all, Access Capital Markets broker registered at the heart of exchange trading in London. The company's office is located at 201 Broadgate, a popular skyscraper among financiers, where the headquarters of many brokerage organizations are located. Here, currency trading never stops, this market does not sleep 24/5.

You can contact the managers of the company by phone or e-mail

 Access Capital Markets broker, AccessCapitalMarkets broker, Access Capital Markets forex,

Terms of cooperation

The next important point is the user agreement. This document regulates all the details of cooperation between an investor and a broker. The text must contain the terminology that will subsequently be used during trading sessions. Why is it important? If a trader is experienced, then he already understands the types of orders, charts, and the names of trends. But for a beginner, all this may seem more complicated. At the moment when a decision has to be made, misunderstood terminology is a hindrance.

The user agreement regulates the rights and obligations of the parties, as well as divides responsibility. In trading, it is the client who makes the final decision on each trade. The broker makes recommendations and acts as an intermediary, but should not stubbornly persuade the client to adopt any strategy. It turns out that the words and actions of the broker are of great importance, but still the last word is for the investor.

It’s not the easiest position, especially for a beginner. That is why it is so important to get started with the terms of cooperation with a broker and at the same time understand how trading is carried out. has a Documents section that, in addition to the user agreement, contains a description of the company's privacy policy, compliance with anti-fraudulent laws, and a risk notice.



Further, it is important to pay attention to how the company talks about its services and tariffs. There should be no vague wording in this, because according to the law on the protection of consumer rights, information about services must be provided to the maximum extent.

Access Capital Markets Forex broker that also acts as a lender for its clients. Accordingly, its tariff plans are designed in such a way as to reduce the threshold of entry for a client to the foreign exchange market. And to achieve the desired volume of the transaction, the client can use the leverage service. In this company, you can get leverage up to 1: 100. Moreover, for those clients who have connected portfolios with the smallest investment amounts ($ 2,000 and $ 5,000).

The smallest deposit with this broker is rather a publicity stunt. He offers to open the "Novice" tariff using only $ 250. But there is no leverage for this package. Accordingly, the tariff will allow the client to enter the platform, understand how everything works there, and get basic advice, start transactions and make a profit. However, having seen Forex from the inside, an investor can decide to increase his portfolio by choosing the "Silver" tariff or any other.

Since Forex is the basic market for Access Capital Markets, the company is maximally focused on currency trading. However, for several years now it has also successfully provided brokerage services in other areas - raw materials, indices, stocks. Recently, cryptocurrencies (bitcoin and popular altcoins) have also been added to this list.

To trade multiple assets and use different instruments, you should choose one of the premium tariffs. Of course, we are talking about large investments, but the opportunities here are much "large".


Platform and Application

The company offers three options at once to use its trading platform (software development of the broker):

Download a trading terminal to your personal computer and store some of your personal data offline;

Get access to the web platform;

Download an application for a smartphone and leave for yourself the opportunity to manage your personal account at any time of the day and anywhere.



When choosing a brokerage company, it is important to obtain the fullest possible information about its services, tariffs, as well as details. All this data helps to determine the most suitable option for cooperation with an efficient and reliable company. We find this company reliable after analyzing the website of the Access Capital Markets Forex broker.

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Comments (8)
Doyle Robert 12.05.2021

Broker as a broker, there are not enough stars from the sky and land of milk and honey does not promise. But what is stated in the program texts fulfills, all the trading conditions as written. As I understand it, access capital markets was created by experienced financial traders. So do not pay attention to the creation date of the company. More important is the thoughtful process of organization and support competence. There are no questions to the technical side either. The system works quickly, orders are executed almost instantly, not counting slowdowns with volatility. Static spreads are adequate, quotes are also sane. No commission for input and output. Only four user tariffs, but on the base there is a quite accessible entrance threshold. You can withdraw any available amount. The management should think about updating the site, it's time to add online support, expand the range of options for withdrawal of funds and possibly attract one more trading platform. Entertainment content doesn't interest me. But webinars would be useful to everyone, especially educational videos from experienced players.

Singleton Harry 14.05.2021

And did you notice how quickly the glory of a good broker spoils when he gets to the rating positions? Pathos immediately begins, the quality of services falls, and prices rise. Well, that's what happened to me. There was one very respected broker in the country, oh ... I left and have no regrets. Well at least managed to withdraw money. Opened an account with a young broker access capital markets. Well, let's check my concept again))) Trading conditions are completely fine with me, ordering is clear, fast. The starting rate includes all the tools I need. There is no commission for replenishment and withdrawal. All needed pairs are here, there is something to trade. MetaTrader 4 platform works reliably. Deposite to start three hundred dollars. Pay off after three months and went into the plus.

Clarke Paul 17.05.2021

Chose access capital markets because of static and relatively low spreads. I am satisfied with the quality of work. Intelligent support, usually helps to resolve difficult situations. They pulled me out of the drawdown, I then got off easy. Once I got to lock and did not know how to get out. Thank you for telling me, I almost didn't merged, there was a very small minus, I quickly recovered later. I would like more indexes and indicators in the terminal.

Copeland Lewis 17.05.2021

An excellent scalping broker. access capital markets works on the MetaTrader 4 platform. Clear secure system, no failures, fast ordering, there are no cancellations for transactions, requotes are minimized as well as slippage. Enrollment is quick, a couple of seconds, no matter what the amount. With webmoney and cards is almost instantly. The withdrawal is also operational, half an hour, without commission.

Daniels Roland 27.05.2021

I put the broker eight out of ten. The advantages of access capital markets include: the use of a multi-market platform MetaTrader 4, more than 50 popular currency pairs, the ability to trade in raw materials, food, precious metals and energy resources, and also cryptocurrency, reliable analytics, data transfer security, experienced technical support team, personal manager, affiliate program, leverage 1: 300, static spreads, fast withdrawal of any amount, no commission. Disadvantages: lack of webinars and training materials (not counting a small FAQ and a glossary of terms on the site), inter-trading tournaments, lack of financial tools and insurance at a basic level, there are several emails and only one phone number to communicate with the support !!

Marsh Robert 27.06.2021

I had no problems with a broker all the way. From the moment I opened the account to this day. Registering at access capital markets is a matter of minutes. If necessary, you can talk with support. I needed a consultation. The manager told me in detail everything about the work process, where to look for spreads, whether there are any commissions, how to withdraw money and how to pass account verification before the first withdrawal. They also gave a brief consultation on the MetaTrader trading platform, and sent me a link to the manual, advised me to download it and study carefully. And then call back with questions if they arise. Then I deposite three hundred dollars, by the way, they put at the current rate of the bank. Trading started automatically. Trades go without disconnects, and due to the correct setting of the terminal, it turns out to avoid requotes and slippings. For three months I have already reached a stable plus, so everything works clear and precise. There is a claim. If at the beginning of work I could communicate with technical support in a measured and unhurried manner, now I would like to have emergency operational assistance and there is no time to wait for a connection. I really hope that there will be the possibility of online communication in a chat or any instant messenger.

Rich Kenneth 04.07.2021

I have never worked with MetaTrader before. The only reason why I decided to open an account with access capital markets broker is more favorable trading conditions than I had in CiTrader. I discussed my experiences with the manager, and he reassured me. It turns out that all trading platforms have the same logic. Of course, there are differences, but all the nuances are described in detail in the instructions for the terminal. The main thing is, even if you are a complete noob, you just need to read manual a bit and enable trading bots to work for you. In an extreme case, you can always call support and get competent advice. To stsrt, I replenished three hundred dollars. When I have already mastered it, I topped up to 1000. They input without a commission on the current rate of the bank. Orders are executed clearly, without cancellations. I mainly work with deferred orders. Withdrawal is quick and without commission, it takes 30-45 minutes to do everything together with the processing of the bid. Once, there was a failure, I did not even have time to get scared, they restored everything quickly.

Hill Claud 17.07.2021

Three months ago, I registered with the broker access capital markets. Was full of conflicting thoughts. The company is young, the reputation has not yet been developed, reviews in the internet do not give a complete picture. In general, I doubted and was ready to leave at any time. In the end, calmed down when I talked with technical support and realized that the promised trading conditions really work. It turned out that despite being young, the company was assembled by competent financiers with extensive exchange business experience. All processes are optimized, the MetaTrader terminal is generally tested over the years and the experience of many traders. In any situation, employees act as a single organism, help and support with advices. I have my personal manager, to whom I appeal if necessary. Entertainment content is almost absent, but not everyone needs it. But here are low static spreads, the ability to choose the direction of trade, all key currency pairs. Now I am trading for my pleasure and admiring the growing profit.

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