How broker works: Access Capital Markets review on quality of deposit and withdrawal of money

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Are there any problems with withdrawing money when working with a company: Access Capital Markets reviews published for the last 3 years.

Access Capital Markets operates on the European currency investment market on Forex and other assets. In general, the company provides its clients with consulting and capacity (software, trading platform) in five main areas - currency, stocks, indices, commodities and cryptocurrencies. Each of these markets has its own characteristics and involves different types of earnings - from short positions with daily gains to long-term investments. The company's specialists are ready to train clients on the nuances of trading from scratch. At the same time, the total experience of a broker with investments totals 20 years.

Company website: reviews on the Internet indicate that the site is simple and straightforward, and the broker's activities are transparent.

Forex experience: over 10 years.

Number of clients: about ten thousand.

Geography of clients: more than 92% are residents of Western Europe, especially Great Britain.

Minimum deposit: $ 250 for the "Novice" tariff plan (to get acquainted with the basics of trading).

Maximum deposit: unlimited, the Black-VIP tariff is designed for clients with a deposit of $100,000 or more.

The registered office of the company is in London.

Basic information about the company and its methods of work is posted on the website.

How to Become Trader with Access Capital Markets

Follow five easy steps to gain access to the company's capabilities, familiarize yourself with the trading platform, and decide on investment and collaboration.

Step 1.

To become a client of, you can simply fill out the registration form, indicating the age and country of residence, as well as a contact phone number, e-mail. The registration form will open by clicking on the "Open a simple account" button on the main page of the site in the right corner of the menu bar.

Step 2.

You can start by choosing a tariff plan and then registering with a specific request. As the reviews say about, there are plenty to choose from.

Decide on the most suitable tariff for you. Novice investors often choose the "Novice" or "Silver" tariffs, since this is a small installment. The advantages of the "Silver" tariff are that the amount of $ 1000 opens access to the use of leverage (from 1: 100), and also allows you to try to invest in two types of assets (currencies and goods).

When you have chosen a tariff, you can click on the "Register" button.

Step 3.

In both cases, the company manager will contact you. An account manager from  will be attached to your account (if you choose one of the VIP tariffs right away, then you will have a personal analyst, and the account will be insured).

Step 4.

To start trading, you should choose a platform - either a web platform from a broker, or a terminal installed on your computer. The latter option is considered the safest in the event of a hacker attack.

To support uninterrupted trading and to keep your finger on the pulse of the market in both cases, it is better to install the web trader application on your smartphone.

Step 5.

Go through verification. Access to trading operations will be opened after personal identification, which is required by law to protect against fraud (Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer programs, which are required to be performed by European brokerage companies).

In fact, verification is not a complicated procedure - the client needs to send screenshots of the passport images, as well as a document confirming the client's place of residence (for example, a utility bill), sometimes a photo is needed and, in rare cases, a bank statement.

Since the broker operates under British law, it takes all measures to protect clients from any kind of scam. Read more in the company's documents posted in the public domain on the site.

Depositing and withdrawing money to accounts: Access Capital Markets review

The quality of deposit and withdrawal of money is almost the main characteristic that investors are interested in when looking for a brokerage company. If money hangs on the accounts for some reason, this is a reason to suspect foul play and even a financial pyramid.

Access Capital Markets reviews on depositing and withdrawing money are positive. We processed about 40 responses from social networks and sites of the "Trustpilot" level, trying to make them chronologically at least the last three years - in order to trace the dynamics of service quality. But we did not notice any problems: even the delays in payments described by some clients were ultimately explained by technical reasons and the money was still received.

Rules for depositing and withdrawing money to a personal account of Access Capital Markets:

Feedback on withdrawing money:

Mike Ashby, 32, Stockport (UK), entrepreneur:

“I started with the “Investor” tariff, it was verified in a day, and after three days money came from the bank and I was able to start trading. Before that I was a trader with 2 years experience. I like Access Capital Markets for its robust approach and the way the managers work - understandably and quickly. And the commissions are quite low, which pleases me! "

Ronnie Mansell, 38, Plymouth (UK), auto parts salon owner:

“In four years with Access Capital Markets, there have been delays in withdrawing money only twice. Once my personal account was suspended. Then the company apologized in a letter and gave me a bonus. Once again, the money was delayed for a day by the bank, which was conducting routine checks of accounts, but after 25 hours I was able to receive my funds. No other questions arose, this broker is a reliable friend for a trader."

Conclusions: as follows from Access Capital Markets review, it is a reliable broker that fulfills its financial obligations.

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Comments (8)
Carter Paul 06.05.2021

I have experience with Qwik. After it, it was difficult for me to rearrange under MetaTrader. But when I went through all the functionality, I was able to evaluate the flexible, customizable terminal system. access capital markets broker's tools are not as rich as I would like, but for a confident start this is enough. The system is stable, trading conditions do not change, static spreads, mid-market quotes, no commission for I / O, fast execution of orders. Withdraw funds in an hour, even less. There is an affiliate program.

Ford Robert 18.05.2021

I have been trading with access capital markets forex broker for over a year now, I like that the broker offers a wide range of products to be traded. Of course, without experience, it will be difficult for you to immediately start trading oil or gold, but there are lots of other goods, food, raw materials. There is a large selection of currency pairs, you can work with cryptocurrency too, but only with a proven one. The broker himself is not a scammer and does not allow fraudsters to make a business on it. Static spreads, on average, are the same or slightly lower than market rates. Within the limits of your deposit, you can turn any volumes, and there are also no problems with withdrawal of funds: quickly and without commission. Terminal MetaTrader 4 gives you all the tools you need, you can work from a computer, tablet or smart. The only moment that is incomprehensible to me is that could not install on macbook. Had to do an emulator. But the terminal works without bugs and sags, and that is good.

Cannon Ronald 20.05.2021

Trading with access capital markets broker since late spring. All promised trading conditions are fulfilled. The system is stable, the managers do not interfere, from the technical side everything is a bang. There are static spreads within the stated limits, slippage, but during the period of volatility the situation is not chaotic, especially with the Metatrader terminal4. There is no commission for input / output, withdrawal is prompt with any volume. The support is competent, it seems they trade all the time. Account verification is carried out before the first withdrawal. I had to spend a certain amount of time on it, I think it should be so at the request of safety standards.

Johnston Roy 03.06.2021

The previous broker had frequent breakdowns and interruptions in communication, so I decided to switch to another. Stopped at the access capital markets. It was recommended to me that everything was without cheating, and the conditions were generally pleasant. Although before that I practically did not meet the information about this broker in the network. Well, maybe purely by chance, I saw the reviews. It turns out that the company has been operating for more than two years, or something, and is stable. Here I anchor for last three months. The broker works transparently, not fraud. I have never seen any managers drawing left-handed spiers or interfering in the state of the account. I do not have enough choice and opportunities for withdrawal, but also tournaments and webinars.

Wilson Ethan 11.06.2021

In the summer with cross-references, I went to the rating of young brokers. There was free time and interest, so I read all the info, matched, and hooked on the trading conditions of access capital markets. I thought that here you can comfortably try to start working with real transactions. The company was created by skilled traders with many years of exchange experience, while IMHO there are no fictional promises just for show, and everything looks transparent. I also compared quotes for a couple of days. Finally, I signed up, and everything went quickly. I have been trading since July. Everything works as stated in the program texts. Static spreads, average market quotes, about 50 currency pairs, you can choose what to trade. There is no commission for depositing / withdrawing, withdrawal is fast, not more than an hour While starting, I've had my eye carefully on the terminal MetaTrader 4, but I mastered it quickly. Technical support gave all the necessary information. I would like more options for withdrawal.

Franklin Ethan 02.07.2021

I left the native Alpari after increasing the spreads at the end of last winter. Long surfing Internet to choose a replacement. In the end, I decided to try to build relationships with the new (and not very well-known in the market) access capital markets broker team. The feedback was mostly positive, but there was little information. Therefore, at first I talked a lot with technical support, tested their level of competence. I didn’t win))) The system works stably, there are practically no disconnects, static spreads do not give jumps to the storm, slippage can be controlled thanks to the settings of the Metatrader 4 terminal. All the most important currency pairs are presented, average market quotes. Support is clearly worth thinking about expanding the state, because it is impossible to get through on the first attempt. In addition, what kind of communication means is a telephone and an email, some kind of past century. Funds are entered at the current bank rate within minutes, withdrawn in 30-45 minutes, all without commission.

Pierce David 15.07.2021

My last broker raised commissions by summer and has replaced the tariff plans, the most pleasant were removed. I was offended and left))) in the summer I rested, and by the fall I was already seriously looking for a new broker. It’s a long time to describe how I chose, in the end I settled on access capital markets and have never regretted it yet, after all the intuition is a strong thing. There are only four tariff plans here, especially not have to choose. But very competent support and excellent analytics. Order execution, input / output - everything flies, if you want to scalp - go ahead. If you have experience with MetaTrader - even better. I had to get used to it, but I managed)) the broker kept all the promises. He promised - there are no tournaments and promotions, and there are none))) in fact, the company works transparently, managers do not make extra gestures in the account, they helped me to get out of the drawdown with the least harm to the budget. Profit grows and it pleases.

Atkins Augustus 25.07.2021

I was advised to work with access capital markets by a colleague from work. His whole family lives by trading, his father, brother, he even taught his wife to trade. She sits at home with the children and looks after it while he is at the office or on the road. He said that the broker is not very popular yet, so the system works smoothly and does not hang because of the influx of traders. And the conditions for scalping, respectively, everything is there. So it turned out, and the speed is excellent, and orders are executed without sags. Statistics updated immediately. Putting / withdrawing money is not a problem at all. They enter at the current rate in a few minutes, they take out in 30 minutes. It took me up to two hours once. There is no commission. Verification once before the first output.

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