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Five reasons to take a closer look at a broker before trusting him with your money

According to the law, the client performs all actions with his capital exclusively of his own free will. The clause strictly delimiting the responsibilities of the broker and the client can be found in the cooperation agreement, in the regulation on trading risks and in the user agreement. According to experts from Access Capital Markets scam begins where the client cannot familiarize himself with all the conditions until the moment the account is opened. Any hesitation in the provision of the company's statutory documentation is a danger sign. So it will not take long to get into a dubious area and lose investments.

A dishonest broker can have a lot of such "problematic" moments. We have identified 10 conditional "dangerous bells", focusing on the conclusions of experts from Access Capital Markets scam department: fraud is also the result of haste and inattention of clients. Most often, this is a sign of newcomers, inspired by the prospect of making money.


Why we trust scam advises

Using the example of company’s web resource that comments on the situation with fraud in the brokerage market, we will consider the main features of honest brokers.


Requisites and legal address

Over the past two years, many sites have appeared on the Internet that look like twins. A company that calls itself a broker creates a simple site, the purpose of which is to attract gullible investors, usually newbies. The main sign that the broker is “not real” is the lack of detailed information about the company, its location, user agreement, and so on.

Please note that the address must be provided in full, indicating the office number (this is the only way legal addresses are accepted for registration). Let's see how it is with Access Capital Markets:

 Access Capital Markets scam, scam, AccessCapitalMarkets scam

Contact details

 The next item is the availability of the broker's contact details, as well as their reliability. Using the example of Access Capital Markets scam analytics, we checked its contacts – and got reply on every channel of communication.

So, the site has a "Contacts" section, where we see the phone number, postal address and email address, as well as a feedback form for ease of correspondence.

 The phone number is replied within a minute or two (an answering machine is turned on, which directs to the managers of the analytical department or to the technical support department). The letter sent to the specified email address received a response after 4 hours. We received a response to the notification sent via the feedback form almost immediately.

A broker who leaves only one type of communication with him (phone or mail) already inspires suspicion only by the fact that it is difficult to check whether there really are technical operators and analysts there, or there is one person (a fraudster) who answers everyone.

To contact the manager, you can simply open an account (by clicking on the "Open an account" or "Register" button. You need to fill out the registration form and wait for feedback from the broker (usually within 24 hours on weekdays).

Registration is not the only form of identification with this broker and other companies honestly operating in the financial services market. As a rule, verification is required, since brokers are obliged in this way to "protect" their clients and the entire market from money laundering schemes.

 Access Capital Markets scam, scam, AccessCapitalMarkets scam

Simple tariff plans

Complicated schemes for calculating profits, incomprehensible conditions for making the first deposit, a vague list of services for the tariff portfolio - all this speaks, at least, of the unprofessionalism of the company. Those brokers who work best are those who clearly understand their audience and its needs, and are able to answer clients' questions comprehensively.

Let's take a look at the pricing section of the Access Capital Markets website: there are six accounts that meet the needs of different groups of investors, from beginners to premium.

Packages for beginners provide many opportunities, just to understand how the market works: for example, "Novice" allows you to trade nine currencies on Forex, and "Silver" already involves trading two types of assets and using leverage.

For premium packages, the same is true: access to the company's reserve fund, a bonus to the account, the provision of VIP market signals - all this is indicated in the initial conditions, and you can learn more from the manager. So at scam won't work in any way.

It is important that even at the “Novice” tariff, the company already assigns its own account specialist to the client. He will personally deal with this client, answer questions and help navigate the market.


All statutory documents are publicly available

We have already mentioned that when working with a broker, no "secrets" are allowed. If the manager “obscures” and does not explain what orders can be opened with this company, how the terminal works, whether there are commissions and what their sizes are in different situations, this is a reason to suspect that the company does not conduct any trades, but only collects fees.

Where to look for statutory documents? By law, a specific section of the site should be dedicated to this. The title of the section should be clearly marked and not misleading.

On the Access Capital Markets website, we see the Documents section. We open and find ourselves on the list of provisions on cooperation, risks, support for anti-fraudulent laws, etc.

The documents are given in the original language, English. Recall that Access Capital Markets LTD is British and has worked with investors from Western Europe for almost twenty years. In 2020, during the growing demand for brokerage services and trading, in general, from investors from the CIS countries, the company expanded the geography of its work by opening a corresponding department, recruiting Russian-speaking managers and technical specialists.


Help and support already on site

A decent financial intermediary is interested in increasing the capital of his client. And this is possible only if the client develops as a trader, learns to understand market trends, see the emergence of trends, and use various market situations to their advantage. You can achieve this result: not only by following the recommendations of specialists, but also by increasing your own level of trade literacy.

Therefore, training materials, expert opinions, forecasts and other market information that a broker can provide are very important.

For example, with the approach of scam "inexperienced beginners" would be simply unrealizable: the site has a selection of training videos.

An economic calendar is also given (expected events and price forecasts; just select the appropriate category and region).

Conclusion: if a broker submits all important information about himself openly, makes contact, sets clear tariffs and trains his client - these are signs of an honest broker. If the company does not publicly display its documents, does not show them at the request of the client, does not train him and does not give a clear understanding of the terms of cooperation and tariffs - we are talking about a scam, and not about fair trading on Forex.

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Brown Blaze 14.05.2021

access capital markets I chose for reviews in the internet. Before that, I traded with Alpari, but it did not go. Here I liked all the trading conditions, simplicity, speed, good analytics and decent service. The basic package costs $ 250, there are three higher tariffs, they are more expensive and their content corresponds to the level. But the quality of service, leverage of 1: 300 and static spreads are the same for all packages. They consult in general as gods, the guys obviously practice constantly and in the know of all the nuances of the actual moment. Managers rescued me more than once in a drawdown when I was shocked and did not understand how to close. It is a pity that there are obviously few of them there, not to get through the first attempt.

Boyd Ronald 31.05.2021

Before registering at access capital markets, I meticulously compared spreads for my currencies with all top brokers. It turned out that there is no point in going to the most promoted brands, and it’s better to get more buns from a not very busy young company on the same indicators. There are a lot of currency pairs here, static spreads, competent technical support, showed themselves from the best side, quotes are sane, why look for something else? The reliability of the platform MetaTrader 4 with a flexible system of settings has been tested over the years of trading, all the conditions are as promised. For a couple of months of work there were no system crashes, communication breaks or conflicts with managers. But it’s impossible to get through the phone on the first attempt, it’s worth adding other channels of operational communication.

Pearson Ross 09.06.2021

I had no complaints about the conditions for working with the brokerage service VTB24, but at the moment I was tired of messing with papers. I tried several other options, less well-known, until I reached the young broker access capital markets. Here, all the paperwork is minimized, it is necessary to verify only once before the first withdrawal, everything is done online and by phone. Well, is it not a miracle? Input quickly at the current rate of the bank, without commission. It takes up to an hour to file a bid and withdrawal, and there is also no commission, not counting the banking fee. Adequate quotes, fixed spreads, low starting threshold, all key currency pairs, affiliate program. There is no training material and one could expand the range of financial instruments.

Barnett Matthew 11.06.2021

I'm a fan of sharp analytics! My friend pressured on this my weak point offering to register at the access capital markets broker with him ))) a friend should be trusted, so I opened an account, deposit three hundred dollars and began watching how the trade started automatically, and then examine the performance of the entire system. The execution speed is decent, the MetaTrader 4 platform is full of the right tools, nothing hangs and fails. And the analytics is excellent, and the tech support is sensible. The terminal, by the way, works both on a computer and through a native application on smarts, a very handy thing. I would also like to add contests and tournaments, not enough to be honest.

Dennis Raymond 14.06.2021

I came to Capital Forex broker with almost no experience. Before that, I studied on demo accounts of other brokers, tested different strategies, experimented with quotes. I tried to systematize all the knowledge in my head and finally bring out some method of net profit. access capital markets is a young broker, but this company is founded by expert traders with great experience who know all the pitfalls of trading. As I understand it, they wanted to make a clear, convenient system for earning that is suitable for everyone, from noobs like me to the highly experienced oil and gold traders. The basic plan costs $ 250, I put three hundred. I always have time to top up, the main thing is to learn how to get profit. Leverage is 1: 300, withdrawal is commission free. At first I was scared, then I figured it out. Support helped a lot, although it doesn’t always work to get through quickly. The profit came in a couple of months, three times already I outputed on the card, very quickly, from half an hour till two hours.

York Mark 08.07.2021

I chose access capital markets because of fairly low spreads and MetaTrader 4 terminal. This is my favorite platform and I just don’t want to change it for anything else. Trade since September, and satisfied. Minimally everything is there for stable operation. Static spreads, sane quotes, all the necessary currency pairs, input at the current rate, output quickly and in any volume, there is no commission. Adequate approach to clients, managers have never been rude to me even in the most tense days. In the organization of all the work there is a certain confidence of experienced financiers who clearly know their business. It is a pity that there are no webinars and training material, I think it would be useful for beginners.

Lloyd Charles 16.07.2021

It became uncomfortable for me to trade in Finam because of the increased spreads for my pairs. Weighed all the pros and cons, and decided to look for something more profitable. Opened an account at access capital markets, like the norms broker, albeit recently on the market. Spreads are almost equal to the market, maybe slightly lower, static. There is no broker fee for withdrawal and deposit. Only one terminal meta trader 4. In general, everything is ok. You can withdraw on the card, wallet and account.

Porter Conrad 21.07.2021

Started working with access capital markets in April. Until now, there have been no problems, everything is more or less calm and solvable. Order execution is fast, clear, requotes are rare, managers do not interfere with the account, there were no system departures. Quotes correspond to the market, fixed spreads, all key currency pairs are present. Adequate support, only impossible to get through on the first try. Add a chat on the site or staff, obviously it’s time to expand. It is clear that it is not necessary for all managers to sit on the phone around the clock, but it’s wrong to have a client wait 10 minutes on the line in the daytime. It would be worth to add some trifles like bonuses for topping up and tournaments. Many people like it.

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