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A step-by-step instruction from for those who want to start making money on Forex from the beginning.

You can start trading on Forex at any time. To do this, you should have a large bank account. You need quite a minimal investment for start as a trader in the foreign exchange market, starting with only $250. In this material, we will give step-by-step instructions on how to become a trader with Apollofinances – broker which began his professional career in 2020. The company is registered in the Marshall islands.

The company has repeatedly taken part in various financial competitions for the title of the best brokerage team. Today this broker works mostly in Western Europe.

Starting cooperation with Apollofinances broker requires registration and verification

Step 1: find out the terms of cooperation

The first step to take when choosing a broker is to decide if its conditions are right for you. Not all such companies, for example, provide an opportunity for margin trading (with leverage). Many intermediaries act as guarantors of transactions, but do not provide additional earning leverage.

Apollofinances broker has quite reliable market approach, which guarantees not only liquidity, but also allows its clients to trade with fixed spreads, with no additional commissions and with growing leverage while client is moving from one account type to another. Broker is mostly interested in growing number of transactions, for its main profits contains of spreads. However, with leverage it is much easier and more profitable to process large orders, receiving the greatest profit. As a result, the investor can sometimes even double his contribution. Of course, even in such cases we shall not forget that market has its own rules.

The terms of cooperation with this company are publicly available on the website.

Pay attention to the Risk Disclosure, which explains the specifics of leveraged trading. The AML (which stands for Anti-money laundering) document can also provide some answers to newcomers’ questions.

Step 2. Choose a suitable tariff

If the conditions suit you in general, check out the company's account types and services list.

As noted by Apollofinances broker is nedeed to provide more opportunities for traders with a small deposit today. There are four available offers, and you can deposit any amount between $ 250 and $ 50 thousand.






Deposit ($)



10 000


Free VPS





















The company also provides access to its reserve fund, bonuses. To improve skills, a strategy training system is offered, and there’s additional consultation options for the most inexperienced clients who wish to get basic skills.


Step 3. Complete registration

After choosing an account, click the "Register" button and fill out the form.

One of the AML requirements (and KYC which is the procedure for identifying clients in the provision of financial services) is verification. Each investor is obliged, in addition to the standard registration procedure, to provide copies of the documents (proof of identity and place of residence, usually a passport and invoice for any utilities is sufficient). Please also pay attention to scam check.


Step 4. Transfer money to the account

A deposit will be required. There are three ways to do this, but you need to take into account that the withdrawal of money will be carried out, most likely, in the same way:

-      Bank card or account (transfer can take up to five business days)

-      The system of transfers and payments (the transfer can be completed both in a few hours and, at most, within two days)

-      Web wallet (the terms of the transfer depend on the conditions provided by the wallet program, but usually up to three days).

To withdraw money earned from trading, you need to make a request in your personal account (in some cases, you need to contact the technical service and inform the manager if we are talking about a large amount).

Step 5. Install the platform.

Apollofinances broker offers to trade on its own MT4 platform. The platform can be installed via the launcher downloaded from the website, or, if you prefer mobile trading, you can get it from AppStore or PlayMarket. After that you can access the platform using same login and password receives after registration and verification.

It is also possible not to download the trading terminal to your PC and use browser version.

You can clarify any details of cooperation, as well as contact the technical service by using the contacts posted on the website.


That’s full guide on how to become a trader by Apollofinances. Forex is a market where you can learn how to generate income almost daily. The main condition is to certainly deepen your knowledge of trading, work with professionals and learn from their experience, and Apollofinances broker can certainly help you with that.

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Comments (15)
Lambert 19.04.2021

I'm a beginner. I don’t know if promises can be trusted. Will trading help me survive? I have a small publishing business. I am sure that I will not close it, although because of lockdowns my business is constantly under attack. It is scary to invest even small amounts in trade. But it seems there is no choice and you need to look for new ways to make money in this new world.

Perkins 21.04.2021

Okay, Universe, now I completely rely on my intuition and your support! If it's no joke, then I`ve already started earning. I don`t believe in fantastic profits, but I believe that trading brings a stable income if you DON`T play the fool and don`t succumb to crowd panic.

George Byrd 22.04.2021

Everybody makes money and brokers too. If you acknowledge this simple truth, then you are taking the first step to success. This particular broker suited me because it does not become impudent, despite the market situation due to COVID and its consequences.

Nicolas 01.05.2021

first experience and very successful, thanks to excellent brokers

Jean 07.05.2021

Traded EURUSD for another week, got 30% of my investment. I've requested withdrawal on Wednesday and received it in 12 hours after that. I'd like to thank Erick Mazur personally, it was great experience

Heinz 11.05.2021

Great that I've joined. I have 1.5 pips spread for EURAUD and EURCAD and that's best terms that I've seen since last Jan when my previous broker'd closed.

Natan 13.05.2021

A very good company with good online support. The company has long established itself as a good and high-quality broker with excellent instruments and low spreads. The company is suitable for professional traders and beginners alike.

Thomas 20.05.2021

The reviews are positive, with the conclusion everything is in order. The broker is constantly improving its assets. Received funds in hand, and not small. The broker is reliable, you can work with it.

albert 29.05.2021

There is a lot of analytics, there are also quite good signals for entering the market. The withdrawal is very fast, within a couple of hours. I recommend this company. Standard conditions, wide leverage, low spreads.

Donald Gomez 01.06.2021

Glad I chose this platform. I’m used to MT4, so I didn’t have to learn anything new. What I like most here is low spreads. All the bureaucracy around withdrawal is frustrating, but it’s the price of security.

John Reeves 03.06.2021

I like the terms they’ve got here, pretty low initial deposit and absence of commissions. Just what I was looking for. Their support team is also great.

John Garcia 05.06.2021

Two weeks in and so far I’m satisfied. They’ve got great customer service, operator was patiently explaining to me how to work with indicators for two hours. I think I get it now, more or less.

Walter Gomez 20.06.2021

This platform is one of the best I tried. Pretty low spreads here, orders are executed quickly, conditions are fine. My only issue is having to deal with some bureaucracy while withdrawing money – necessary evil, I guess.

Edward Young 20.06.2021

Out of all platforms I used this one worked out best for me. Great terms, definitely recommend to try it out.

Robert Hale 21.06.2021

If you’re going to register here, pay attention to differences between account types. Some of them are really important.

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