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AssetShot reviews

AssetShot Forex experts prepared a guide in this article. 

The Forex market is a worldwide currency exchange market. The stronger the political and economic condition of the country, the better its prospects, the higher the value of its currency will be. 

The essence of the Forex market is the same as in any other market - the exchange of one product for another to derive benefits. Only commodity - currencies.

Suppose that yesterday the euro was worth $ 1.1, and today it was $ 1.16.

If you bought 1000 euros yesterday for 1100 dollars, and today you sold your 1000 euros, then you would have returned 1160 dollars, increasing the investment by $ 60 in 1 day.

Now imagine that you have leverage, the so-called leverage. This is a pledge from a broker, which can increase your investment by 10, 100 or even 1000 times.

AssetShot Forex broker tips: Forex market participants

In the structure of the Forex market, there are "big guys" (central banks of countries, commercial banks), there are "smaller fish" (pension, investment and other funds) and there are those who can be called "retail" (various exporting and importing organizations, private investors and even you and me, just buying and selling currency).

Do we also influence? Yes, but not directly, but through intermediaries:

if we buy or sell a currency when we want to travel to another country, commercial banks help us.

if we plan to make money on the difference in exchange rates, we need to go to a Forex broker like AssetShot Forex broker. By the way, you cannot buy currency for personal use through it (like in a bank). The AssetShot broker enables currency trading, not exchange.

AssetShot broker tips: How Forex works

For an importing company from Japan to pay for a product from Germany, you need to sell Yen and buy euros. This operation is done through a commercial bank. If the bank does not have the required currency, it will buy it from another bank, of a larger size. Central banks of countries, when regulating the exchange rate of the national currency, are also forced to carry out foreign exchange operations.

Thus, any purchase and sale of currency to one degree or another takes place through Forex.

AssetShot broker tips: Types of Forex Markets

There are 3 categories of the Forex market: spot, forward and futures.

Spot currency market:

In the spot market, a deal is settled at the time of its conclusion. For example, if you bought euros at 15:00 today, then this currency will be in your account immediately.

Forward Currency Market:

A forward transaction involves the conclusion of a transaction to buy or sell a currency pair in the future at a predetermined price. For example, suppose you entered into a forward contract today at 15:00. This means that at some point in the future you must buy and the seller must sell the agreed amount of euros at the agreed rate. Based on the conditions, such a deal will be profitable for you in case the rate grows in the future, because get the agreed amount of euros “cheaper”.

Futures market of currencies:

Settlement on a deal with a futures contract, like a forward one, is carried out in the future. The main difference is that a futures contract sets a clear date for its execution in the future. It can also be resold to a third party, unlike a forward contract.

The question is, what do forex traders do to become professionals?

AssetShot broker experts would suggest starting with the main thing:

Focus on slow, gradual progress. You will need to tighten up discipline, become independent about other people's opinions, learn to go to the end. And also thoroughly study what Forex is and how it works.

Try as much as possible in practice. To separate working methods from non-working ones, you will have to try them all.

Trade as many trading strategies as possible. This will help you determine what is “closer” and what works best for you.

Use stop losses and take profits. Without these fundamentals, Forex trading resembles a casino, and trading turns into a "guess-who". This is closer to gambling than consciously making money.

Set small, achievable goals. When you see even small progress at AssetShot broker, it helps to move forward.

Gradually create the rules of your trading strategy and improve it endlessly. Successful traders do not use other people's trading strategies.

At first, trade only those instruments with better results. This will improve the psychological component - there will be motivated to continue.

Constantly analyze your "automatic" reactions, forcing you to make extra-systemic transactions. Yes, yes, it just seems that you will be 100% in control of yourself. You will understand, after about a year of working on AssetShot Forex broker, how it works. Let us limit ourselves to the fact that work in this direction gradually raises the trader's discipline and relieves him of emotional decisions in trading.

Avoid overtrading: designate the time at which the trade takes place. Designate the total limit of transactions per day and the limit of unprofitable transactions per day, upon reaching which trading should be terminated.

Be objective and don't take your word for it. Understand what Forex trading is, with its mechanics - with what causes the price to rise and fall. This will filter out biased theories, opinions and recommendations.

At first, a trader will not be able to comply with some of these points, even if he wants to. Because he doesn't have enough experience yet. This should also be taken calmly - as a result of practice, the trader with AssetShot broker will gradually become able to comply with more of these points. This will be one of the indicators of an increase in his skill.

Comments (15)
Murphy Bernard 07.07.2021

I have a good job and a high income. Never thought to register on forex for passive income, just did a favor to an old friend. At his link opened an account with a broker AssetShot. A bonus went to a friend. And then I thought that maybe I will succeed. Began to study. I have money for such experiments, put five hundred dolldrs, installed a trading application on a tablet and began to watch at work in my spare time. Before that my friend set everything up and connected bots. I consulted with him and called in support. The speed of all operations is very high. As I understand it, the conditions for trading are quite at a qualitative level for a stable income. Now it's like my friend and the system work, but I have already caught the logic. Interesting. And still recklessly. Especially when I saw the first profit.

May Charles 20.07.2021

I think, platform Metatrader is the best terminal. While choosing a new broker, I looked at the conditions, spreads and availability of MT. Now trading with AssetShot. The support is competent, polite, nobody is rude, they answer questions quite detailed. I have been working here for almost five months. A good set of all the necessary instruments. I think that the broker has a future. The speed of execution is excellent. The system is stable. In the existing four tariff plans, I would add a couple of intermediate ones. It seems to me that between the first and second packages two more average budget tariffs are being requested. By the way, I support the decision not to put on the site tournaments and other entertainment nonsense. Only distract and load traffic.

Lawson Michael 22.07.2021

After leaving Finamp, I opened an account with a little-known AssetShot broker. I can not say that I took a lot of risks. The conditions are average, nothing special. For all factors, you can put a strong four. Not a leader, of course, but for quality and stability you can praise. You will get your profit and even be able to predict it. True, everything is so minimalized that I want to add something new. For example, hang up online support or make new opportunities for the withdrawal of money, such as Kiwi. It is still good to put an additional terminal for selection, now only metatrader 4 is in the asset. Pleases of course transparency, and competence support. Consultants behind my back do not manage, cheat nothing. Several times I have already withdrawn the funds on the card and wallet. Quickly and without delay.

Banks Anthony 23.07.2021

I decided to increase the load and take another one broker. I was looking for an option not to overload traffic and not annoy with advertising. I was interested in the spreads on my currency pairs, the available entry, the MT terminal and good execution. Under the conditions, the broker AssetShot approached. New name, had to google reviews. It seems normal, positive impression. Registration was simple and fast, I deposite three hundred dollars and opened an account on the first tariff for 250 bucks. The speed is just super, it was immediately clear. Pleased with the stability of the connection. Static spreads, quotes are not raised above the limits stated by the broker. Among the trade offers are the most delicious on the market. There are 50 currency pairs, precious metals, food, raw materials. There are only four tariffs and they are quite diverse. I did not see any breaks in communication, there are requotes and slippings. Conclusion without commission. I want to accumulate a depot and take the next tariff, there are more favorable spreads. Liked the analytics here.

Lane George 29.07.2021

I came to AssetShot broker for relatively low static spreads. While trading for two months, the overall impression is positive. I opened an account on a $ 250 base package. Fool-resistant technical support answers all questions))) Rescued in a drawdown a couple of times. Even once dragged from the lock. Everything works stably, and the company seems reliable and promising. For development and good earnings just enough. There were no problems with the execution of orders. In general, I would give the broker a solid 4+.

Watson Gary 14.09.2021

I have this guy under my friends, who is like a professional dealer or so; In this way, he definitely earns cash and says that the assetshot may be the best option to start trading

Clark Jack 19.09.2021

It is so strange at all the trade that I never understood before the representative of the assetshot called me and we talked necred. Now I'm really interested, but what is still behind it? Does anyone know some good sources of information in which I could continue to educate?

Phillips Archibald 20.09.2021

This forex trading keeps me really confused to be honest. These people from the assetshot for example are brokers, right? Are these necessary for a successful trade? I'm sorry if I ask Alberne things, it's just that I'm really lost

Ball Jack 22.09.2021

assetshot is fine. Well, I do not have lots of data to compare them to others, but I do not think I need them because I get here exactly what I'm looking for.

Patrick Curtis 23.09.2021

The main problem that all newcomers have their conviction that a magical broker unicorn can triple their money in one or two days. This just does not happen, not with the assetshot, not with anyone else. These are fairy tales told by scammers. Yes, you can get good profits with a real broker, but you can not rely on that you are lucky.

Atkins Robert 03.10.2021

From now on, my trading strategy will be extremely easy - "1. Stay with brand 3 2. ??? 3. Make big profits," because that happens if you work with you.

McDonald Joseph 03.10.2021

Listen, does anyone know something about assetshot? I heard that they are interesting for those who want to get in the Forex market, but nothing concrete. Does anyone want to cooperate with the company?

Scott Matthew 12.10.2021

Hello everybody! Yes, I have been working together with assetshot for a long time and I can say that they are average like brokers. However, there are good possibilities in this area.

Logan Denis 15.10.2021

I am a beginner who wants to get experience in Forex. Also, I would like to try assetshot, so I hope you are as good as people say.

Booker Emory 27.10.2021

I have contacted the some guy from assetshot - and suddenly I am a forex broker, lol. Earlier, I had no interest, but this guy has changed my opinion about it.

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