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Recently, financial fraudsters are increasingly resorting to various tricks to get hold of bank account data and steal money from them.

AssetShot scam detection expert told how to check scam and not let trader to be fooled.

They call, write, and invade our daily lives with a clear plan: to take us by surprise, exploit confusion, and get their hands on money or personal data. Therefore, AssetShot scam detection experts have collected eight key tips on how not to fall for the bait of scammers.

  1. scam check: Do not disclose the bank password and Smart-ID codes, no matter how persistently you are asked to do so. Do not enter codes if you did not initiate an action for the confirmation of which these data are required. This information protects your money and identity in the digital environment!

“Currently, fraudsters have become more active, calling and asking to name the details of a bank card and Internet bank, posing as representatives of the bank or the company that developed some application. They use technologies that can spoof a phone number or company name that appears on a screen. Therefore, be careful and remember the most important condition for such calls: the bank itself will never call you to find out the details of your payment card, Internet bank user number or to ask you to enter some personal data. Of course, when you are going through for example verification of your account, you may be asked to take a picture of your bank card to your ID. You may be asked as well to install some special software. But you need to be sure that you are talking with support team directly,” says the Head of the Client Service Department of AssetShot broker.

2. Do not fall to haste, aggression and other psychological methods of scammers! In such cases, end the conversation immediately. Always be vigilant when answering calls from unknown callers.

3. If the conversation or proposal sounds suspicious and comes from some random phone number, end the conversation and call the official phone number of your bank or your broker’s support team. Explain the situation to the bank employee or a support manager, he will tell you if the call was a fraudulent attempt or not and explain how to proceed.

4. scam check: If you receive an unexpected email, check who the real sender is. At first glance, it may seem that the message came from the bank, but after checking what is hidden under it, you understand that it is forged. One of the most popular scammers' baits is to ask you to update your data. The purpose of this scheme is to convince you to share valuable information, such as bank card details, to supposedly verify your identity and update the information. Such emails are designed to give the impression that they were sent from an institution you trust (banks, broker, etc.). Therefore, it is always necessary to check whether the sender's email address matches the organization from which the letter was allegedly sent, whether it contains extra numbers or letters. The same applies to links to websites in email. You need to make sure that they are associated with the organization on whose behalf the letter was sent. If the email seems suspicious, delete it and report a fraudulent attempt.

5. Review the attached link before clicking it. Do not follow the link provided in the email or text message if you do not trust the sender! Remember that the bank will never send a link to the Internet bank via SMS. Also, when entering access codes in Internet Banking, pay attention to the website address. For example, if this is not the address of the official website of your bank, you cannot enter access codes on such a page.

6. AssetShot scam check: Regularly check outgoing payments from your trading account! Set up notifications of changes in your account or regularly check your account statement to find suspicious transactions as soon as possible. You will not be caught off guard by misleading information about your account activity if you are well informed.


If you nevertheless succumbed to pressure and do not exclude the possibility that you disclosed your Internet banking data to a fraudster, contact the bank or broker immediately.

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