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Recently, financial fraudsters are increasingly resorting to various tricks to get hold of bank account data and steal money from them.

AssetShot scam detection expert told how to check scam and not let trader to be fooled.

They call, write, and invade our daily lives with a clear plan: to take us by surprise, exploit confusion, and get their hands on money or personal data. Therefore, AssetShot scam detection experts have collected eight key tips on how not to fall for the bait of scammers.

  1. scam check: Do not disclose the bank password and Smart-ID codes, no matter how persistently you are asked to do so. Do not enter codes if you did not initiate an action for the confirmation of which these data are required. This information protects your money and identity in the digital environment!

“Currently, fraudsters have become more active, calling and asking to name the details of a bank card and Internet bank, posing as representatives of the bank or the company that developed some application. They use technologies that can spoof a phone number or company name that appears on a screen. Therefore, be careful and remember the most important condition for such calls: the bank itself will never call you to find out the details of your payment card, Internet bank user number or to ask you to enter some personal data. Of course, when you are going through for example verification of your account, you may be asked to take a picture of your bank card to your ID. You may be asked as well to install some special software. But you need to be sure that you are talking with support team directly,” says the Head of the Client Service Department of AssetShot broker.

2. Do not fall to haste, aggression and other psychological methods of scammers! In such cases, end the conversation immediately. Always be vigilant when answering calls from unknown callers.

3. If the conversation or proposal sounds suspicious and comes from some random phone number, end the conversation and call the official phone number of your bank or your broker’s support team. Explain the situation to the bank employee or a support manager, he will tell you if the call was a fraudulent attempt or not and explain how to proceed.

4. scam check: If you receive an unexpected email, check who the real sender is. At first glance, it may seem that the message came from the bank, but after checking what is hidden under it, you understand that it is forged. One of the most popular scammers' baits is to ask you to update your data. The purpose of this scheme is to convince you to share valuable information, such as bank card details, to supposedly verify your identity and update the information. Such emails are designed to give the impression that they were sent from an institution you trust (banks, broker, etc.). Therefore, it is always necessary to check whether the sender's email address matches the organization from which the letter was allegedly sent, whether it contains extra numbers or letters. The same applies to links to websites in email. You need to make sure that they are associated with the organization on whose behalf the letter was sent. If the email seems suspicious, delete it and report a fraudulent attempt.

5. Review the attached link before clicking it. Do not follow the link provided in the email or text message if you do not trust the sender! Remember that the bank will never send a link to the Internet bank via SMS. Also, when entering access codes in Internet Banking, pay attention to the website address. For example, if this is not the address of the official website of your bank, you cannot enter access codes on such a page.

6. AssetShot scam check: Regularly check outgoing payments from your trading account! Set up notifications of changes in your account or regularly check your account statement to find suspicious transactions as soon as possible. You will not be caught off guard by misleading information about your account activity if you are well informed.


If you nevertheless succumbed to pressure and do not exclude the possibility that you disclosed your Internet banking data to a fraudster, contact the bank or broker immediately.

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Lewis Garry 13.07.2021

A good broker AssetShot. For 8 months I took off already under a thousand bucks of profit. And the depot is not empty, of course. Debugged system, nothing lags, decent speed. There are requotes, you can reduce the effect of slippage in the platform settings MetaTrader 4. If you have the desire and experience, you can work on scalping. The broker offers a rather large selection of trading positions and 50 key currency pairs. When registering, I was assigned a personal manager. However, it is almost impossible to call technical support. Therefore, I try to handle by myself. Before the first conclusion passed identification. I miss tournaments and competitions, they are not here, and not the fact that they appear. In addition to razvecheny, I would have expanded the range of tariff plans and added opportunities for withdrawal. So far, it is possible to withdraw money to the card, wallet and bank account without commission.

Clarke Anthony 14.07.2021

I work here already probably half a year. AssetShot gives very decent, good trading conditions. The budget deposit for entry is only $ 250. I withdraw the profit in an hour, maximum two hours. Before that, I worked on another platform and was afraid of switching to MetaTrader. Well, it happened so, I had to change the broker, and review my habits. Everything turned out much easier than I thought. The fourth MT works like a clock, the system is fully customized to your needs. Broker gives all opportunities for starting and developing a business. Non-conflict technical support, always answers questions. Quotes and spreads do not get out, the speed is good. I am satisfied with my choice.

Blake Richard 20.07.2021

At first, I thought AssetShot forex broker was too young in the market. Then I read the conditions, and there everything is serious. Broker offers a wide range of traded positions. I personally work with currency. But I like that there are 50 currency pairs in total, and you can trade precious metals, oil, raw materials and even food. In terms of stated static spreads, adequate to the market quotes, there is no commission for withdrawal and deposit. Conditions have never changed. The minimum deposit is only 250 dollars. You can work with the MetaTrader terminal from any gadget. For all the time I got out only one technical hitch. For some reason, the application did not make friends with the MacBook. Put it on the emulator. It works fine, does not hang and is not buggy. In general, the broker satisfied me.

Long Elijah 22.07.2021

I have been trading with a AssetShot broker since mid-summer. I do not remember any serious troubles during this time. There are no problems with support, no hidden commissions, transferred deals, muddy shares or bonuses. Trading conditions have never changed, everything is clear and transparent from the very beginning. Super technical support, extremely competent guys. Techno side works perfectly. It takes 1-2 seconds for opening open, 2-3 to close. It all depends on the state of the market. Replenishment takes place at the current rate in 15 minutes, the withdrawal (application processing + withdrawal itself) will have to spend about an hour or an hour and a half. There are requotes and of course slippage, but they can be extinguished by the platform settings. Before the first withdrawal, you will need to issue documents to verify your account. Be careful, and do not rush for your own safety.

Parks Roger 26.07.2021

I left a decent broker due to constant technical problems. All the same, the stability of the operating system is very important. Went through variants and settled on a pair of brokers, including AssetShot. Conditions suited me. Along the way, I learned that the company has existed for a year, has worked well, has a positive reputation among experienced traders. The system is optimized as much as possible. The site has recently been updated, but entertainment content is not there, and may never be. There are practically no training and educational materials either. In the support work masters of their craft, they answer all questions around the clock, they always know the current state of the market to the smallest details. But it's hard to get through. While there are only two ways to communicate with managers, telephone and email. And only MetaTrader 4 is offered from the lists of terminals.

Stewart Robert 11.09.2021

"Of course, you should be careful when you start your trading career nowadays. The situation with bad brokers is hard and omnipresent. But I can assure you that this company is an exception, they are really decent and strong professionals.

Gaines Adrian 15.09.2021

Yes, I worked with very different brokers in my time. assetshot was pretty decent compared to most of them, but there is something lacking of customer undertakings.

Griffith Brian 15.09.2021

Someone asked for a starting point for the trade. A good starting point would be to learn something about brokers and select a good broker. Look for more stable people, for example assetshot.

Harris Raymond 19.09.2021

I have no idea how to do it, but assetshot has thrived my trading activity and it's great.

Fitzgeraldц Maximilian 27.09.2021

You must pay assetshot tribute, they are today one of the most experienced broker companies in the market.

Porter Peter 06.10.2021

By the way, if we talk about the "Okay" broker category, you must mention assetshot. I have recently checked these guys and they seem to be fine. I will not invest a lot of money in them (not before I get a get, LOL), but they are not worse than others.

Beasley Geoffrey 08.10.2021

What's up, guys! I noticed that they talked about ShareFoudners. And I want to say a few words. I have made some serious experiences with these people and spent half a year to get rich. Yes, I had profits, but they do not even meet my expectations when I entered the trade world. assetshot are not bad, but they are nothing special. I still have some ideas and if you want to join me, send message and let us discuss.

Gray Baldwin 08.10.2021

I am so tired of all the negative vibrations in the commercial community to be honest. It looks like they are just trying to be afraid of new ones so that they can take all the delicious parts of the market. What is all this with the careful selection of a real broker? I have assetshot. What, are not you good enough for you?

Tyler Gerald 08.10.2021

Come on, stop pushing on these makelet tilt, we understood it. My point is that every disadvantages has it assetshot or another broker. You just have to look for a broker that meets your needs and that's pretty much everything there is.

Gilbert Matthew 19.10.2021

The thing with assetshot is that they do not have a quality that would make them especially under hordes of other brokers, I'm afraid. They are simple and standard broker companies with "So Lala" for every note they could get.

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