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 AssetShot scam

AssetShot broker

We decided to discover this company since it appeared in our view only recently. At first glance, the AssetShot scam is an interesting broker. The trading platform can be accessed on the company's website; there is also an option for downloading a trading application to a smartphone or tablet. review: who are they? is registered in St Vincent and the Grenadines. 

The company has a good reputation, although there are complaints about strictness in confidentiality issues and security measures. 

We went through the site and can notice several main points: calling a company like AssetShot scam does not have any basis, because it supports several important international programs against fraud like KYC.


How to register on the website: review

Registration does not give you the right to start trading.

This is only the first step to start cooperation with the broker.

Full access to all tools is provided to traders who passed verification and picked up their account type. 

What you need to pass verification quickly and easy: 

  1. Make a picture of an identity document (or a passport) 
  2. Make a picture of any payment receipt that contains the user's full name and address (this can be a receipt for services or bank payment) 


Usually, it is enough for the security services. 

What do clients say: 

 For each of the trading traders, both the safety of money on the deposit and the conditions provided by the broker for spreads, instruments and trading are very important. According to all these parameters, is the leader. The reliability of this company has been tested by all clients. Trading conditions are also excellent - a large selection of instruments, low spreads, there are no problems with withdrawal and all operations are carried out as quickly as possible. Yes, they made me send them my ID copy, but if it can protect me from the scam- it is not such a big problem. 

I like the trading conditions, I have been working with this broker for a year now. There is a wide selection of trading instruments, a fixed spread and no glitches in the terminal. I withdraw profit almost every month, everything is withdrawn on time, as it is written in the contract. I often use the analytics provided by the broker, it helps a lot in trading. I am completely satisfied with the broker, everything is at a high level!








$2 000

$10 000

$50 000











 What do traders say:

 I am sure that everyone can learn to trade in the financial markets. The analytics on the site is also constantly updated and everyone can own the situation in the online markets. Therefore, only a lazy person will not be able to learn, and anyone who wants to increase their income can do so.

Broker AssetShot - reviews from clients

Traders note some pros and cons of working with this broker.



 It is a very convenient trading terminal, it will not be difficult to understand even for a beginner. What is very important, the terminal does not freeze when trading and orders are opened quickly. Special thanks to AssetShot technical support and personally to manager Sally for her prompt assistance in resolving my problems.

 The AssetShot has good trading conditions, many investment instruments, low spread, excellent technical support, especially useful for beginners. I have been trading for a half year and I am satisfied. Recommend.

I have been cooperating with AssetShot for a very long time! The plus is that wherever I am, at hand anywhere in the world. Access is always and from anywhere. I trade from both a phone and a tablet, money can be withdrawn from anywhere in the world, the withdrawal is quick, a couple of days and the profit is already on hand. There are many ways to withdraw and deposit money. I enjoy my work and continue to work with them with pleasure. I wish the company success and financial development!

You can use various projects, you can trade on your own, opening positions, be it on currency pairs, be it on shares of foreign companies, and if you want to trade bitcoins. Or you can even combine one with the other. Separately, I would also like to note the high level of AssetShot service and technical support. The guys are great, they answer questions very quickly and help with solving problem situations. Recommend.



The main question of this review - is it a good broker? We can say it offers very interesting terms of cooperation, nice account types and have a good reputation, respecting the data privacy policy. 

Comments (15)
Hamilton William 16.06.2021

AssetShot is a normal broker who works on his own and does not create problems for his clients. If there is at least a minimum of knowledge and you have already managed to turn out some kind of strategy, get ready for a constant profit. Beginners will not be easy without demos and webinars, but they will cope. MetaTrader 4 customizable platform and support professionals will help you learn how to make a plus out of the minus. Terminal MT 4 is a really great option, very popular. There would be a desire and a head on the shoulders. They can even save from a drawdown and suggest how to steer to zero or get by with a little blood. There are 50 key currency pairs, there are plenty to choose from in terms of items to trade, subject to fixed spreads and adequate quotes. There are four client packages, the base costs 250 bucks. Leverage 1: 300, scalping, news trading. I’m waiting for the online chat to be added to the site, tired to dial in support and hang on the line for 15 minutes.

Davidson Richard 21.06.2021

AssetShot recently got an affiliate program, you can invite a friend for some bonuses. So I got here. Here is a stable system with a stable connection. Operational execution, nothing hangs and is not buggy. Good conditions for scalping. Terminal MetaTrader 4 with a flexible system of settings. You can work with analytical software, the market data is updated in detail every day. Fast replenishment and withdrawal without problems. By and large, there are no complaints against the broker. There are opportunities for profit, a great option for a second salary.

Park Ira 23.06.2021

Last year, I went to AssetShot broker. I read the reviews, the reputation is positive, although there is still little information. The company is on the market for about a year. There is an opinion that the structure was collected by pros and the conditions were selected for sustainable earnings. No this is not a kitchen and not a scam. There are four tariff packages. The execution is excellent, it is very important. I love scalping, there are all the tools here. The analysis is excellent, it works efficiently, technical support always answers all the questions posed. Apart from problems with dialing, there are no complaints about it. Probably just not enough staff. MT 4 trading platform is configured, and in general I like everything.

Wright Oliver 24.06.2021

AssetShot offers about 50 currency pairs, a stable system, high speed, static spreads and sane support. Fast, intuitive terminal MetaTrader 4, slippage, but in both directions. The conditions are transparent, the broker does not change them, quotes out of nowhere does not overstate. No contests and tournaments. I hope the management will listen to the reviews and add new communication channels with support and ways to withdraw funds. This is a good example of how you can effectively build a company and be attractive and productive without a lot of distracting advertising, entertainment content and high-profile promotions.

Bradford Toby 13.07.2021

I broke off somehow with VTB24 and their dismal routine of paperwork with every breath. Surprisingly, in fact, AssetShot needed verification only once before the first withdrawal. A nice bonus to good conditions. The company itself since the last winter on the market, it formed with the knowledge of experienced specialists. All work is done on the MetaTrader 4 platform. Excellent performance due to responsive analytics and prompt execution of all financial transactions. Quite a large selection of offers for trade. Available input threshold, no commission for input and output, static spreads correspond to average market. There is even a friendly loyalty program or something like that. There is, as I see it, a strong limitation in the ways of communication with support; you can hang on the line in an attempt to get through or write an email, and that’s all (((The support itself works for five points.

Goodman Kenneth 12.09.2021

The withdrawal of money lasts two days. But could be much faster.

O’Connor’ Peter 13.09.2021

If you do not have much experience, do not let yourself be too busy. Start with a small sum of money and find a broker like assetshot markers.

Hodge Edward 16.09.2021

assetshot was my first broker and I am mostly satisfied with our cooperation, although sometimes I had to wait very long to get my money after I ordered a payout. Everything else was ok.

Spencer Hugh 19.09.2021

assetshot is a mediocre broker for those who just find their way to trade. Maybe you have other uses, but I still have to discover this. I like your website, easy and easy

Hoover George 23.09.2021

assetshot will probably be overestimated. Yes, they offer some nice conditions and good customer service, but in other areas like trading platforms they really lack. I do not like Mt, for example, but I can not change that because there is no alternative

Casey Charles 04.10.2021

I'm so glad that the trade has proven to be really fruitful and great for my previous fears and prejudices. I have to thank assetshot for that - these guys helped me a lot when I just started.

Fisher Martin 05.10.2021

I made some experiences with assetshot, but I do not think I'm qualified to make strong suggestions. For me they seemed to be fine.

Gallagher Laurence 09.10.2021

Professional trade is currently so popular for me to ask myself if I should join myself. I have heard that assetshot has nice options. What do you think, people? Are you real?

Anderson Brian 12.10.2021

I could not imagine how much stress and print them as a broker constantly. Impressive. For assetshot and all other solid brokers: Stay strong and ignore all negative comments.

Payne John 22.10.2021

assetshot is an interesting option in view of the modern broker market, but you may want to examine all possibilities for yourself, as it arrives at any point on personal preferences.

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