Bawerk Trading & Investment is not a scam. You can open an account here

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Forex trading has long been a good source of additional earnings. There is a range of companies providing financial services and acting as professional intermediaries between the client and the market. But not all of them honestly fulfill their financial obligations, so there is a high risk to fall for a scammer.

Bawerk Trading & Investment is not a broker forex scammer. The broker works legally, offers payouts, and doesn't violate the regulations. Employees don't try to get personal data and the support team responds to all requests. There are several tariffs and financial transactions are executed through verified payment systems.

Here is what else sets Bawerk Trading & Investment apart from scammers:

Moreover, the broker passes monthly audits which confirm that there are no debts to players.

Bawerk Trading & Investment is a good broker and provides free training, assistance in compiling an investment portfolio and pays taxes.

How do fraudsters work?

Fraudsters plan their actions, build clever schemes, manipulate, and make empty promises, as this is the only way they can get their coveted profits. They exert psychological pressure, pose as customer service representatives, fake websites, demonstrate aggression and launch false advertising. They hide documents and there are no contact details anywhere.

Here's how they most often extort funds:

Fraudsters have no convincing reference information and their legitimacy has not been confirmed in any way. They offer non-existent quotes, implausible profitability ratios, and unrealistically low spreads.

Bawerk Trading & Investment is not a scam, as there are positive reviews, licenses, and activities conducted openly.

Broker and its conditions

There is an official website, a functional web platform that doesn't require prior downloading and installation. The company has one of the best support services, responding almost immediately to all requests.

European registration and a regulator, testifying to the reliability of the service. Beginners with minimal experience can trade here. Easy-to-understand training is provided for them.

The broker has not been blacklisted and the account is activated after verification. There is an analytics section, up-to-date news, and statistics. There are no hidden fees.

Bawerk Trading & Investment is legit and doesn't limit the withdrawal amount, cooperates with known banks, and provides real quotes.


The company has been operating for several years and there have been no problems with it in that time. All obligations are fulfilled, and customers get the money they have earned. There are no unclear schemes, and the employees are extremely friendly and competent. You can open an account here and get acquainted with Forex.


Question: - Can I read the terms and conditions before registration?

Answer: - Yes. 

Question: - How long does it take to register?

Answer: - The whole process (including verification and data checking) takes no more than an hour.

Question: - Does Bawerk Trading & Investment guarantee a fast income?

Answer: - No.

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