Capital: An Economic Concept

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Capital is one of the key concepts in economics and finance. It plays an important role in the functioning of modern economic systems and influences many aspects of our lives. In this article we will look at what capital is, its types, its role in economics and finance, and its impact on society.

Definition of Capital

Capital can be defined as financial or material resources that are used to produce goods and services and to create additional value. This resource is a key element in the process of production and wealth creation in an economy.

Types of Capital

Capital can be classified according to various criteria. One of the main ways of categorization is by dividing it into financial capital and real capital:

Role of Capital in Economics and Finance

Capital plays a central role in economic development and processes. Its role includes the following aspects:

Impact of Capital on Society

Capital has a significant impact on society. It can help grow the economy and improve the quality of life, but it can also cause inequality and social problems if the distribution of capital is unfair.


Capital is an important economic concept that plays a central role in wealth creation and economic development. Its division into financial capital and real capital allows a better understanding of its various aspects and its impact on society. The efficient use of capital requires a balance between investment and expenditure as well as a fair allocation of resources.

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