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In a nutshell, Charing Cross Group reviews show that this is a service with its own web development for trading (terminal, application). Offers contracts for beginners and advanced. It allows trading in Forex, in the stock market, and to a lesser extent in the commodity exchange and index markets.


Is Charing Cross Group scam? New interesting Forex broker


The trading platform can be accessed on the company's website; there is also a digital code for downloading a trading application to a smartphone.

All contacts and other information are on the site.

So we can state that there’s no ground to call Charing Cross Group scam. reviews: who are they?


The first thing that attracts attention is the registration of a broker. We are already used to the fact that many companies have a legal address somewhere on the island. This time the island is called Great Britain and there are completely different requirements for licensing brokerage activities than, for example, in the Seychelles.


Of course, the location of a legal address in the business part of the British capital, in the very heart of all transactions, is already an advantage.

Previously, the company worked in the British market, so, in general, it would be unfair to call it a newcomer (team overall has experience of about eleven years).

Obviously, company is still trying to fit in with the market, looking for a niche. offers 5 packages of cooperation, which will be described below.

The number of investors is declared at the level of ten thousand or more. You can check this information indirectly by finding comments on traders' reviews. Based on the information received from reviews, the broker is solid, it has a good reputation, although there are complaints about strictness in relation to confidentiality issues. We’ve checked the website and learned that Charing Cross Group will not tolerate any scam and money laundering, because it supports several important international programs against fraud. Looks like reputation is most valuable to it.


How to register: reviews


Before registering, site visitors can familiarize themselves with the training page for traders (designed for beginners). There is also access to the economic calendar with forecasts of exchange rates.


If you are interested, you can immediately filter the forecast for a specific region and scheduled event.

All the company's documentation can also be found on the website.

We advise you to pay attention to two points:

The Risks Statement deserves a separate reading, which describes the risks of trading with leverage (since one of the features of this broker is trading with leverage up to 1: 100).

Sign Up:


Important: broker’s support warns all the clients for careful checking of all details, not to be mistaken even in one number or letter. Any misunderstandings may lead to a stricter verification procedure in the service.

Registration does not provide you with access to live trading account. This is just the first step to start cooperation with the service.

Full access to all functions is received by a client who:

Verification is one of the characteristics of this broker, causing different opinions of the traders. The company supports two programs:

AML ("Anti-Money Laundering", combating gray money laundering by carrying money through large transactions on exchanges), and

KYC ("Know your customer") - fraud detection program for commercial transactions (such as double payments, etc.).

In connection with the ratification of these programs, the scam check preventfraudulent actions because any kind of forbidden actions are visible at the very first stage – even an attempt to become a client for a fraudster will fail.

What you need to pass verification calmly:


In fact, this should be enough for the service to verify the client. In some cases, they demand more: we found a review where the client described that he also needed to throw a photo of his bank card with partly covered number. A small investigation helped to find out the reasons: if the client makes a withdrawal of money to the card, then in rare cases (for example, if some basic documents are missing or there are questions) he will be asked to take a photo of the card, with a covered 10 digits of number and covered CVV code (three numbers on the back of the card ). According to international standards, the CVV code is included in the confidential information about the bank account and cannot be transferred to third parties. scam department also warns about this: scammers (especially those who are engaged in phishing) may require a CVV code. The company does not need this confidential information.


Trading conditions and account types


The broker provides 5 account options to choose from. According to statistics from Charing Cross Group - reviews also confirm this - more often than others, investors choose the Silver tariff.


When placing orders with leverage, if the client's deposit is lower than it should be according to company rules, the transaction will be canceled, and the account may be temporarily blocked.

After the closure of cooperation or in case of any other prerequisites for a refund, this will be carried out within 7 days.

Customer service is provided five days a week, 24 hours a day. Technical support does not work on holidays and weekends.


Charing Cross Group reviews

Users note a number of pros and cons of working with this broker.



There are also several levels of the affiliate program. Clients can earn extra money for:

More detailed terms of referral cooperation can be found if you register on the "Affiliate program" page.


Deposit and withdrawal of funds

There are three main ways to deposit and withdraw money:

  1. Through a personal bank account;
  2. Through the payment system;
  3. In an electronic wallet;

Each method has its own options. Transfer to a bank account may be delayed until the financial institution masters the payment (sometimes up to three days). Withdrawal through the payment system involves the use of only a few services. Transfers to wallets assume that the wallet currency will be used (conversion required).


The main question of this material: is Charing Cross Group scam or a good broker? According to the first impression, this broker offers quite interesting terms of cooperation, has a good reputation and respects the data privacy policy. The company has prepared bonuses for active clients and rewards for connecting to referral programs.

Comments (10)
Thomas Harold 13.04.2021

"Lucky" to catch the bait of Lime Forex, I registered with their free bonus, and on high spreads I leaked both their "gift" and my deposit. I myself am guilty. I try to trade now with the broker Charing Cross Group, there are no honey traps at all, such as bonuses, promotions or contests. This is exactly the trading system. I topped up three hundred dollars. Leverage 1: 300, relatively low spreads, fixed. It is a pity that there is no insurance on the starting package. Still problematic to call in support from the first time. No demo accounts, training webinars. Slowly gaining momentum, in general, everything suits.

Mathews Robert 02.05.2021

Had an Alpari account, everything was fine, and just recently something went wrong with the spreads, so I started to lose money out of the blue. Did not immediately understand. Until I went to minus, I took off everything and began to look for an alternative. Chose the broker Charing Cross Group, read all feedback and studied the trading conditions very carefully. At first glance, everything was good. The quotes are not inflated, static spreads, good analytics, there are opportunities for scalping, that is, ordering is fast and without sags. Of course, slippage will be, from this no one is 100% insured, but many problems are solved with the terminal MetaTrader by customization. Little experience is enough to get started, and sensible consultants will help deal with incomprehensibility. No bonuses or intertrader tournaments, I would be pampered. In terms of work, the system is stable.

Bryant Hugo 11.05.2021

The broker is young in the market, but the company has been gathered by pros, it is clear at once. Evidently technical support itself is constantly sitting in the terminal, they know all the nuances and current situations. There are minor points that I would like to improve, for example, to add more options for withdrawal, as well as platforms other than Metatrader, and tournaments, channels for communication with support. And for the work itself, I have no particular complaints, orders are executed quickly, and funds are also withdrawn quickly, regardless of the volume. Stable decent high-hat free broker. I hope, will develop further.

Patterson Oliver 21.05.2021

I started trading recently, opened my first real account with Charing Cross Group Forex broker. Before that, I learned from other brokers on demo accounts. Thought that I had gained enough experience to switch to real deals and finally start earning. Under the conditions, everything fits me. There is no chance to drain the deposit on the spreads, they are not high and static. Trade on broker analytics, this is not a shot in the dark, the result is quite predictable. Profit is slowly growing, but I don’t even think it’s too early to switch to a more expensive package. There are four tariffs in total. It seems a little, but me and the starting package is enough. The support earn its keep by 5 points.

Watson Conrad 25.05.2021

It is rather strange that the broker Charing Cross Group has not yet increased the number of services. Even if you have been on the market for only about two years, it’s time to expand. There is still only one MetaTrader 4 platform, only 4 user packages, it’s still unrealistic to call technical support the first time. Of course, it’s good that the quality of services remains stable too, trading conditions do not change. Spreads were both static and remained. There is no commission for input and output, and the speed of execution and the entire performance of the system has not increased. On this occasion, I have no complaints, there is a profit, and it is real. This is reason enough not to look for another place. I collect my "second salary")) I withdraw 150 bucks every month. However, when will tournaments appear?

Powell Bertram 10.06.2021

Last winter I moved to the Charing Cross Group from Insta Forex. It did not work out. It seemed everything was good on demos, and on a real account I leaked the entire deposit (( Here we have static spreads and good execution speed, besides a convenient MetaTrader terminal. You can build your strategy, and you can work with their analytics. With experience it becomes clear what exactly goes better, everyone has his own secret. I compared the prices on the market with others, it turns out that everything is approximately the same. I mostly looked at my EUR / USD pair. There is still such a fat minus, I have never been able to call in the morning in support so as not to wait on the line for 5-10 minutes. They compensate by the level of knowledge and their perseverance. In general, it would be more convenient to screw the online chat directly to the site or make an account in a messenger or Skype, because sometimes there are very urgent questions. My rating is four.

Carr Noah 09.07.2021

My review. The advantages of Charing Cross Group broker: a stable working system, without cliffs, good analytics, fast withdrawal to any volume, prompt execution of orders, not inflated quotes, static spreads, MetaTrader 4 platform. Cons: few communication channels with support, the site is not updated, no contests and tournaments, no demo and micro accounts, for beginners there are no training videos or webinars; and in general, the financial instruments here are exactly the necessary minimum and that's it. Overall impression: not a kitchen, not a scam, made by experienced specialists, there are prospects, you can trust them, but they need to develop.

Allison Ronald 15.07.2021

At the first meeting with the broker Charing Cross Group everything seemed even somehow suspiciously easy. I was registered in October, very quickly, credited the account and trade immediately activated. The speed is very good, you can scalp, you can master the crypto trading, there are all the necessary currency pairs, the support works perfectly. At the first communication, the manager explained that the account verification will have to be completed only at the first withdrawal, and all documents are signed for the first and the last time. All issues are resolved via the Internet. Input and output without commission. You can withdraw on the card, on the wallet, and on the bank account, but it takes longer. It takes a half of hour or a hour to withdraw on the card without hitches. In general, I am satisfied with the trading conditions, although one could add something. For example, competitions, bonuses, choice of platform.

Heath Denis 20.07.2021

I have experience with Qwik. After it, it was difficult for me to rearrange under MetaTrader. But when I went through all the functionality, I was able to evaluate the flexible, customizable terminal system. Charing Cross Group broker's tools are not as rich as I would like, but for a confident start this is enough. The system is stable, trading conditions do not change, static spreads, mid-market quotes, no commission for I / O, fast execution of orders. Withdraw funds in an hour, even less. There is an affiliate program.

Bruce Frank 27.07.2021

I have been trading with Charing Cross Group forex broker for over a year now, I like that the broker offers a wide range of products to be traded. Of course, without experience, it will be difficult for you to immediately start trading oil or gold, but there are lots of other goods, food, raw materials. There is a large selection of currency pairs, you can work with cryptocurrency too, but only with a proven one. The broker himself is not a scammer and does not allow fraudsters to make a business on it. Static spreads, on average, are the same or slightly lower than market rates. Within the limits of your deposit, you can turn any volumes, and there are also no problems with withdrawal of funds: quickly and without commission. Terminal MetaTrader 4 gives you all the tools you need, you can work from a computer, tablet or smart. The only moment that is incomprehensible to me is that could not install on macbook. Had to do an emulator. But the terminal works without bugs and sags, and that is good.

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