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Forex is an international currency market, which is a complex of trading and investment operations with currency. These operations are carried out with the help of central, commercial banks, brokers and dealers.

ChaseCapitalOnline reviews about this broker we take as an example.

Refuting popular myths about forex brokers

Participants have an interest in earning income from buying and selling currencies. Forex is gaining in popularity every year. There is a lot of useful information about the foreign exchange market on the Internet. But in such a huge flow of information there are many myths about the Forex market.

1.Trading in the Currency Market is Quite Easy

Novice traders are obsessed with the myth that trading is very easy. After reading a couple of articles or watching a video, almost everyone believes that it is enough to devote a couple of hours a day to become the owner of a tidy sum. Some people think that in order to make a good profit, you just need to buy a trading strategy in the market. These are all myths. As in other professions, it takes a lot of time and practice to be successful in the currency market.

2. Successful Stock Trading Ensures Market Success

All stock traders according to reviews believe that due to their accomplishments, Forex success is guaranteed. In fact, there is a huge difference between Forex trading and stock trading.

3. There is no Commission on the Forex Market

This myth stems from the newbie misconception that only the spread is worth paying. Spread is the difference between the supply and demand of a pair of currencies at any given time. With short-term trading, you will have to give a large part of the profit to your broker.

4. Forex is Cheating

Some pessimists and frustrated traders at reviews believe that the currency market is a hoax. This market, in their opinion, is aimed at getting earned money from people. And although, under the Forex brand, there are quite a few scammers, this does not mean at all that the market itself is a scam. There are many trusted companies on the market that have earned their trust due to their professionalism and honesty.

ChaseCapitalOnline reviews say that the company meets all the criteria for a decent and reliable company for cooperation.

5. For Successful Earning In The Market You Need To Exactly Predict The Result

According to traders working with Admiral markets, there is no method for trading that can give you a 100% guarantee that you will know information about currencies. If traders had any method to find out the exact result of trades, then the market itself would not exist for a long time. Bidding is not a game of accuracy, it is a game of chances. All novice traders learn the first lesson for themselves, which says that you need to think about risks.

6. The Currency Exchange Market is All Only a Game, Because There is Always a Random Result

Like all foreign exchange markets, Forex is uncertain. But this does not mean that everything that is done on the market is an accident. This is not a game, because successful trading depends in most cases on the experience and knowledge of the trader. Luck has absolutely nothing to do with trading on the currency market.

7. All power is in knowledge.

You should always look at things soberly and learn to distinguish fictions from reality. Never believe that you will receive instant huge income in the currency market. But you should not be afraid of this market, because it is quite possible to make money on the sale or purchase of currencies. Listen to your mind, because it will help you, regardless of whether you become a participant in the world currency market or not.

What do customers say?

“The customer service ChaseCapitalOnline is good. The set price is very good and my orders are being executed fairly. You can also say that positive slippage is possible in fast markets. Very user-friendly and suits me as a non-full-time trader. The iPhone app is well done as well. One of the few brokers I would recommend.”

“My verdict for ChaseCapitalOnline as a beginner: Great.


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