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Financial fraudsters can be found in any field of activity. As practice shows, most often, in order to achieve their goals, they are represented by bank employees or employees of state bodies. With the increase in the number of people who want to make money on the Internet, the number of offers from various investment and brokerage companies has quickly and easily increased. But people do not always guess that it was not the broker himself who spoke to them, but a clever and insidious fraudster.

There are different scenarios for how attackers can hack into your email account and take over your money. With the help of broker’s ChaseCapitalOnline scam protection experts, scammers can be recognized and neutralized.

ChaseCapitalOnline scam check: Problems with software

ChaseCapitalOnline scam check tip: Problems with software - late response of applications, freezing of the platform, errors and bugs. Under the guise of "random" freezes of the trading terminal, requotes, slippages, broker attempts to close a trader's position at a loss may well be hidden.

ChaseCapitalOnline scam check: Price slippage

Usually this is either a fixed amount, or just a percentage of the processed amount for transfers of funds or opening / closing transactions. As a rule, the terminal does not track the funds exactly, and only counting your money in a separate order, you can notice the "drain" of money for the operations performed. But it is worth making a reservation - honest brokers can also charge commissions, but they usually prescribe this in a separate clause of the agreement between the company and the trader.

ChaseCapitalOnline scam check: Technical support

ChaseCapitalOnline scam protection team warns: Technical support is also very important and the success of the work largely depends on how honesty and promptly managers answer the trader's questions.

ChaseCapitalOnline scam check: Attempts to attract more trader's funds

Attempts to attract more trader's funds - promises of quick earnings, examples of huge profits for masters, etc.

Also a kind of fraud on Forex, an attempt to play on the client's greed and greed. In any situation, it is better to rely on your own knowledge and abilities, strictly follow the trading plan and not take unnecessary risks.

ChaseCapitalOnline scam check: Providing deliberately false signals

Providing deliberately false signals, when using which the trader loses funds.

It is always best to rely on yourself or on verified signals from third party sources rather than a broker.

ChaseCapitalOnline scam check: Conclusions

Before you start working in the Forex market, remember: large and reliable companies  like ChaseCapitalOnline Forex broker always care about their reputation and strive to pay maximum attention to their service and its reliability. Choose a company that keeps all documents in order (both documents confirming the legality of its work, and documents regulating relations with clients); whose customer support works efficiently and without interruption; the terminal does not freeze; payments are made regularly and without delay.

It will not be superfluous to find out more about the company before starting cooperation. Do not limit yourself to reading the "About Us" tab on the broker's website - look for video and text reviews on the Internet, read the blogs of traders who have already worked with the company, or simply reviews on the forums written by ordinary users.

None of these signs when studying the site indicated that scam.


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