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⮞ General Delta Market Information

Broker Name

Delta Market

Broker Type 



Marshall Islands

Operating since year





Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro

Broker status


⮞ Customer Service 





English, Russian



⮞ Trading

Trading platforms


Trade platform Time zone

GMT +2

Demo account


Mobile trading


Web-based trading




Other trading instruments       


⮞ Account

Minimum deposit ($)


Maximal leverage




Scalping allowed




  1. General Information
  2. Trading Funds and Security Status
  3. Trade Account Tiers
  4. Conditions for Trade
  5. Trading Terminal
  6. Delta Markets Products for Trade
  7. Customer Support
  8. Conclusion


⮞ General Information

Delta Market was founded quite recently. It operates from it’s office located on Marshall ISlands. Despite being quite new, it looks like this broker company manages to provide some quite decent services of brokerage along with scam protection.

Delta Market Broker Review

This company is one of the rare enterprises that had absolutely no serious issues with customers. Nothing was ever reported, and their reputation stays quite stellar to this day. To us that signifies a big boost in the security score. We believe this factor to be one of the dominant factors during the process of broker selection. Of course, though, security shouldn't be your only concern while selecting a broker, as there are many other factors involved. 

We have prepared a description of Delta Market broker strong sides in order to help you decide if they would be good for you. 


• Huge database with information

This broker got all the information necessary to begin trading and start your journey to success in it’s database. There’s a glossary that contains all the terms you need to know to be considered a well-educated trader; getting them all at once might seem confusing, but eventually you will master the theory if you’re dedicated enough. After that, if any questions appear, you can always go to their FAQ that has even more data.


• No additional fees

Delta Market doesn’t charge any additional fees for the processes of deposition, conducting a transaction, or withdrawing your funds. That is another great benefit for this company, because a lot of companies that compete with them try to raise profits by any means possible, including small charges for mundane tasks. Those charges might seem insignificant at first, but in the long run they can make a really big difference. That kind of attitude is destructive for young traders and can really diminish profits over the long term. The sole fact that this company doesn’t use such measures shows that they try to make their services as comfortable as possible for clients. 


• Delta Market broker review web page

It looks like the website for Delta Market was developed by a team of real professionals who did a great job. The website looks both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Delta Market Website

All the important things are clearly visible, everything is structured smart and efficiently. The navigation is also very easy on the website: you can access any important information in 3-4 clicks. 




⮞ Trading funds and security status

At this point, it is impossible to tell whether Delta Market is regulated and how. The company is yet to put any kind of license on their website. However, it can be easily explained by them being a new player, so this thing might be a part of work in progress. We’ve decided that it’s better not to guess and review other aspects of the company's activities.
From there we moved to the reputational factors. Reputation-wise, Delta Market scam protection system stands really strong. In fact, they might just be one of the most reputationally strong companies we have ever encountered. Clients tend to complain about every little flaw that the broker has, so when the broker doesn’t have any negative reports, it says a lot about their integrity and level of trust their clients have in them.
For reviews we believe that this kind of stainless reputation in our eyes weighs a lot more than this company’s lack of regulators, therefore we consider this company quite secure overall. 




⮞ Trade accounts tiers

Delta Market doesn’t provide their clients with a demo account possibility; however, they have a Bronze tier account with a requirement of $250 as an initial investment. As you can see, the entry threshold is really low, and this kind of account can be considered beginner-oriented. 
Delta Market also has three other tiers of accounts, namely Silver, Gold, and the highest one — Platinum. The Platinum account provides you some serious advantages, however, even lower accounts share many benefits and represent a great value for their financial requirements. It is worth mentioning, that spreads are pretty much the same through all of the tiers, this way you can rest assured that you will get some good quality brokerage, regardless of whether your initial investment is $250 or $100000.
We believe that eventual movement up the tier list can be considered more as a luxury than some kind of necessary thing for a broker. It makes a drastic difference with many of their competitors: a lot of other broker companies tend to make it feel like you need to buy a higher tier all the time. This kind of pressure is completely absent in case with Delta Market.


⮞ A bit of specifics on the tiers:














  • ⮞ Minimum deposit: $250
  • ⮞ Leverage: 1:300
  • ⮞ Spread: from 2.8 pips
  • ⮞ Trade size: from 0,01
  • ⮞ Unlimited open positions
  • ⮞ Minimum deposit: $2000
  • ⮞ Leverage: 1:300
  • ⮞ Spread: from 2.5 pips
  • ⮞ Trade size: from 0,01
  • ⮞ Unlimited open positions
  • ⮞ Minimum deposit: $10000
  • ⮞ Leverage: 1:300
  • ⮞ Spread: from 1.5 pips
  • ⮞ Trade size: from 0,01
  • ⮞ Unlimited open positions
  • ⮞ Minimum deposit: $50000
  • ⮞ Leverage: 1:300
  • ⮞ Spread: from 0.1 pips
  • ⮞ Trade size: from 0,01
  • ⮞ Unlimited open positions





⮞ reviews of conditions for trade

Is scam? We believe that their trading conditions can provide the answer.

Delta Market trading conditions represent a quite well-balanced level of service that is oriented towards prominent traders. The leverage level Delta Market provides you is 1:300, and this ratio stays the same regardless of what account tier you have purchased. This way you will feel a considerable support while trading, but will not get carried away. The spreads stay pretty much the same (with one significant exception made for Platinum account tier), and the overall level of service stays quite awesome.

Delta Market forex provides, as we have stated already, a great level of security. That is not surprising at all — safety is one of the biggest concerns for any trader all across the globe, because a significant percentage of brokers are just scammers, using some schemes to try and take your money. Therefore, every smart broker would spend a lot of time researching their potential broker, so that their funds are safe. This should be completely not the case with Delta Market, since they never had a single occurrence of such things.

One more thing — account tiers are developed in a way to provide each trader with a set of conditions suitable for that trader exactly. If you don’t have huge capital to invest, you can stick to a Bronze account and get awesome value for your money, and with each tier the profitability keeps rising constantly. If you expect to spend a lot — choose Platinum, if not, you will always be able to find a suitable tier for your needs. 




⮞ The trading terminal

A lot of brokers try to impress their clients with some new trading platform options, however, these endeavours mostly end in failure. Delta Market forex decided to stick to MetaTrader4, an industry standard. We approve this choice and believe that it shows some real thoughtfulness on the Delta Market part.

MetaTrader4 is known to work well with both old and new devices, and it can serve as a great tool for beginners while staying a top-notch piece of software for experienced traders with all the necessary instruments.

MetaTrader 4 also has a web version, which can be accessed from literally anywhere, and is really useful when you don't have access to your main trading devices.
You can also trade with MetaTrader4 via mobile applications, downloadable from Apple App, Microsoft online and Google play.



⮞ Delta Market review: products for trade

Delta Market, despite being a very new enterprise, provides a significant number of broker products you can trade. The total count is about 150, and you can buy and sell most of the worldwide popular ones. There is a notable exception here though — no cryptocurrencies.

DeltaMarket Review

We do not, however, consider this a drawback, because cryptocurrencies aren’t very popular among big time traders anyway and are mostly considered too risky and unpredictable to be a part of a portfolio. Here’s a short list of the products you will gain access to as a Delta Market client:



⮞ Customer Support

Delta Market lacks a bit in the department of customer support, but only due to the fact that they don’t have a live chat option present on their website. There are, however, phone options, as well as email, and you can always contact their team of professionals to help you with any issue that might arise during your trading activities. We don’t believe, though, that you will require support assistance very often, because Delta Market has a splendid operation pipeline that rarely causes any issues at all.

Phone number: +441507243012




⮞ Delta Market review conclusion

There are, of course, some flaws in the service provided by Delta Market. However, even now those problems don’t stand in a way of Delta Market being a highly professional broker team with a huge variety of services. Delta Market scam protection level is great too.

MetaTrader4 used by this company is a tool of professional trade that can be easily used by beginners as well; trading conditions are near-perfect for both new players on the financial market and seasoned pros looking for making that big dollar. Account tiers are well thought-out and present great opportunities for all kinds of investors.

All in all, we would definitely recommend Delta Market to any trader. Check their terms by yourself, and decide, if they are right for you. Thank you for reading this review!

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