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The financial market Forex is known to everyone. It is the most popular marketplace for trading. You need a broker to do the job. Without an intermediary, nothing will work. So first of all you have to choose a company, and then you can start trading.

Who is the Empire Swiss

Forex is a global trading system that has been in existence for about 40 years. Its daily turnover exceeds $5 trillion, which is many times more than any stock exchange.

The company Empire Swiss allows players to work comfortably on Forex. It has up-to-date software and multilingual support. Customers can take advantage of a variety of financial instruments. Plus, there is access to free training.

The team has the best auditors to improve operational and internal processes. There are no obscure fees and no hidden fees charged for services that don't exist. Everything is honest, transparent, simple. Deposit opens in several national currencies. Exchange rate at the time of deposit.

More than 1,000 clients have experienced the benefits of the broker. Optimal conditions for trading. There are information sections and other useful "pluses".

A brief overview on the Empire Swiss website introduces the service, its advantages and disadvantages. In terms of figures, there are a couple of million accounts on the site. That can be regarded as an indicator of reliability. The support service is available 24/7.

Advantages and disadvantages of Empire Swiss

The company stands for accessible education. That's why there are plenty of free training materials. There are courses, webinars. There are periodic face-to-face seminars for brokers. Everyone can get the knowledge required for trading. A special section contains articles about the Forex platform.


Empire Swiss encourages active players. Has more than 120 financial instruments. Operates without any interruptions or weekends. There is a mobile version of the site and an app. Other pluses include:

The official Empire Swiss website is user-friendly and simple.


There are also minuses:

Hundreds of thousands of transactions a day are made on the site.

Empire Swiss accounts

Empire Swiss Forex has affordable rates. There are accounts for players and investors. You can use the demo version of the website while you are learning.

For brokers:

Account type

Terms and conditions

Zero (easy start account, no commission)

The minimum deposit amount is 100 euros/dollars. There is no limit on the maximum number of open orders. Minimum lot size is 0.01.

Mini (universal account to test the company's trading conditions)

The minimum deposit amount is 500 euros/dollars. There is no limit on the maximum number of open orders. Minimum lot is 0.01. Commission per lot for currency pairs is $10.

Simple (suitable for starting a career as a trader)

The minimum deposit amount is 1000 EUR/USD. There is no limit on the maximum number of open orders. Minimum lot size is 0.10. Commission per lot for currency pairs is $10.

Silver (account for confident and comfortable trading)

Minimum deposit amount 10000 EUR/USD. There is no limit on the maximum number of open orders. Minimum lot size is 0.10. Commission per lot for currency pairs is 9 dollars.

Gold (for those who want to increase their profits)

The minimum deposit amount is 25000 EUR/USD. There is no limit on the maximum number of open orders. Minimum lot size is 0.10. Commission per lot for currency pairs is 8 dollars.

Platinum (for those who want to get the most out of it)

The minimum deposit amount is 100,000 euros/dollars. There is no limit on the maximum number of open orders. Minimum lot is 0.10. Commission per lot for currency pairs is $0.

For investors, the starting deposit starts from $100/€100.

Official Empire Swiss website

Empire Swiss Forex is a fairly advanced service. The website is intuitive. Support service responds almost immediately.

The interface is thoughtful, not overloaded with unnecessary details. All the information is in sections. There are no advertising and intrusive offers. For beginners there is a detailed instruction. The active buttons are highlighted.

Empire Swiss Forex takes care of its customers. There are 120 tools for trading. On the website you can find:

It is possible to work without third-party terminals.

How to open a Empire Swiss account

In order to trade, you have to:

The registration process may take some time.

Empire Swiss review

The Forex broker Empire Swiss helps you to compile a portfolio. It also advises on taxation and selects a suitable investment option. It has everything you need to play the stock market. The website is user-friendly. There are bonuses and training. The overview of Empire Swiss allows you to evaluate all the features of the service. All the active buttons are located in the top bar.

Analytical tools

The Empire Swiss broker platform does not restrict customers. All nuances are outlined in the user agreement. There is a calendar of economic news and other extras. The website has a blog with articles, forecasts, statistics. The company is in demand. There are no hidden fees. The commission is low. Criteria can be set with stop loss and take profit buttons.


Empire Swiss is a reliable, honest broker. Works 24/7 even on public holidays. There's a handy website, a mobile app. Plus, more than 120 tools and training materials are available.


Question: What type of account would be suitable for a trader with half a year of trading experience?

Answer: For such type of traders X and Y accounts (the two easiest) will be suitable.

Question: Does Empire Swiss name have preferential commissions?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Does Empire Swiss Name provide any training?

Answer: Yes. The Broker allows different categories of traders to improve their knowledge both to beginners and to advanced traders with more than one year trading experience.

Question: Does the Empire Swiss name provide investment courses for beginners?

Answer: Yes.

Comments (4)
Booth Charles 22.11.2022

About the work of the broker Empire swiss, in the period of mine, there was a completely positive opinion with him. High -quality, intuitively understandable and convenient. Operational work of the guys from those support. Large selection of tools. What else is needed for fruitful work. And why am I writing about work in the past tense, so only because from trade in currencies I switched to shares trading, this is closer to me in temperament)

Heath Michael 23.11.2022

C Empire swiss I have been working for three years. SL did not work twice (before my eyes, it became even interesting), but I understand that failures can be. Therefore, my feet always duplicate, just in case (I will not say how)))) Now the next, the trading stream is closed. I established a connection, it became much better. Now the stream has not closed for a year now. Somewhere in the middle of the journey I checked the quotes on other DCs, even on the Swedish DC. Satisfactory, in some cases there was a small error. This is also understandable. The marginal accuracy should not be, because obtaining quotes by each DC is also not easy. The withdrawal of money is a great 20-40 min. Communication with employees is fast, they answer questions convincingly. Overall, not bad. You can say Alpari works well. I work with Alpari in St. Petersburg. The reviews are certainly different. But can everyone believe ... People can write for various reasons, someone is to blame, but it’s guilty of whether you see a broker, someone “merges” a competitor ”... In general, if you don’t try to trade, really evaluating your strength and brains, then And you won’t know. But I have no questions for them. So far, everything suits.

Greene Ronald 27.11.2022

C Empire swiss recently - there is still no month. He laid $ 1700, put 1178 bucks on news (in gold)-already 1100. He overshadowed 400 bucks a day through kiwi. I don’t know what will happen next, the flight is normal. Money on kiwi is withdrawn instantly, even for 5 minutes I did not wait. There is a problem with the execution of the orders Bue Stop and Sell Stop when trading on the news, it is driven by orders with a quick movement of prices for 25-30 points. There is more if the layman costs 30 points, then then it begins only after 50-60 points --- at a quick Movement as is the case on the news. As a result, you get the minimum profit, if you don’t start and you won’t take it in time and you can leave it and go to the minus ((so far it is interesting what will happen next. It only calms that 1100 out of 1700 bucks has already taken it and there are still 1700 problems in the account and with the conclusion of the problems absolutely not.

Stone Donald 30.11.2022

I have been trading from Empire swiss for more than 3 years, the entry and withdrawal of large amounts without problems-there were no delays, I do not put close stops, so they did not “stand” unfairly. But there were also disadvantages-sometimes the expansion of spreads and requests infuriated, though there are so periodically happening (I also have 4 brokers have accounts). Yes, and to “reserve” the controversial situation - I never managed to “regulation” ... But I did not observe serious jambs. traded lots from 0.5 to 100 (!)

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