Empire Swiss characteristics and accounts types

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The financial market Forex is known to everyone. It is the most popular marketplace for trading. You need a broker to do the job. Without an intermediary, nothing will work. So first of all you have to choose a company, and then you can start trading.

Who is the Empire Swiss

Forex is a global trading system that has been in existence for about 40 years. Its daily turnover exceeds $5 trillion, which is many times more than any stock exchange.

The company Empire Swiss allows players to work comfortably on Forex. It has up-to-date software and multilingual support. Customers can take advantage of a variety of financial instruments. Plus, there is access to free training.

The team has the best auditors to improve operational and internal processes. There are no obscure fees and no hidden fees charged for services that don't exist. Everything is honest, transparent, simple. Deposit opens in several national currencies. Exchange rate at the time of deposit.

More than 1,000 clients have experienced the benefits of the broker. Optimal conditions for trading. There are information sections and other useful "pluses".

A brief overview on the Empire Swiss website introduces the service, its advantages and disadvantages. In terms of figures, there are a couple of million accounts on the site. That can be regarded as an indicator of reliability. The support service is available 24/7.

Advantages and disadvantages of Empire Swiss

The company stands for accessible education. That's why there are plenty of free training materials. There are courses, webinars. There are periodic face-to-face seminars for brokers. Everyone can get the knowledge required for trading. A special section contains articles about the Forex platform.


Empire Swiss encourages active players. Has more than 120 financial instruments. Operates without any interruptions or weekends. There is a mobile version of the site and an app. Other pluses include:

The official Empire Swiss website is user-friendly and simple.


There are also minuses:

Hundreds of thousands of transactions a day are made on the site.

Empire Swiss accounts

Empire Swiss Forex has affordable rates. There are accounts for players and investors. You can use the demo version of the website while you are learning.

For brokers:

Account type

Terms and conditions

Zero (easy start account, no commission)

The minimum deposit amount is 100 euros/dollars. There is no limit on the maximum number of open orders. Minimum lot size is 0.01.

Mini (universal account to test the company's trading conditions)

The minimum deposit amount is 500 euros/dollars. There is no limit on the maximum number of open orders. Minimum lot is 0.01. Commission per lot for currency pairs is $10.

Simple (suitable for starting a career as a trader)

The minimum deposit amount is 1000 EUR/USD. There is no limit on the maximum number of open orders. Minimum lot size is 0.10. Commission per lot for currency pairs is $10.

Silver (account for confident and comfortable trading)

Minimum deposit amount 10000 EUR/USD. There is no limit on the maximum number of open orders. Minimum lot size is 0.10. Commission per lot for currency pairs is 9 dollars.

Gold (for those who want to increase their profits)

The minimum deposit amount is 25000 EUR/USD. There is no limit on the maximum number of open orders. Minimum lot size is 0.10. Commission per lot for currency pairs is 8 dollars.

Platinum (for those who want to get the most out of it)

The minimum deposit amount is 100,000 euros/dollars. There is no limit on the maximum number of open orders. Minimum lot is 0.10. Commission per lot for currency pairs is $0.

For investors, the starting deposit starts from $100/€100.

Official Empire Swiss website

Empire Swiss Forex is a fairly advanced service. The website is intuitive. Support service responds almost immediately.

The interface is thoughtful, not overloaded with unnecessary details. All the information is in sections. There are no advertising and intrusive offers. For beginners there is a detailed instruction. The active buttons are highlighted.

Empire Swiss Forex takes care of its customers. There are 120 tools for trading. On the website you can find:

It is possible to work without third-party terminals.

How to open a Empire Swiss account

In order to trade, you have to:

The registration process may take some time.

Empire Swiss review

The Forex broker Empire Swiss helps you to compile a portfolio. It also advises on taxation and selects a suitable investment option. It has everything you need to play the stock market. The website is user-friendly. There are bonuses and training. The overview of Empire Swiss allows you to evaluate all the features of the service. All the active buttons are located in the top bar.

Analytical tools

The Empire Swiss broker platform does not restrict customers. All nuances are outlined in the user agreement. There is a calendar of economic news and other extras. The website has a blog with articles, forecasts, statistics. The company is in demand. There are no hidden fees. The commission is low. Criteria can be set with stop loss and take profit buttons.


Empire Swiss is a reliable, honest broker. Works 24/7 even on public holidays. There's a handy website, a mobile app. Plus, more than 120 tools and training materials are available.


Question: What type of account would be suitable for a trader with half a year of trading experience?

Answer: For such type of traders X and Y accounts (the two easiest) will be suitable.

Question: Does Empire Swiss name have preferential commissions?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Does Empire Swiss Name provide any training?

Answer: Yes. The Broker allows different categories of traders to improve their knowledge both to beginners and to advanced traders with more than one year trading experience.

Question: Does the Empire Swiss name provide investment courses for beginners?

Answer: Yes.

Comments (12)
Booth Charles 22.11.2022

About the work of the broker Empire swiss, in the period of mine, there was a completely positive opinion with him. High -quality, intuitively understandable and convenient. Operational work of the guys from those support. Large selection of tools. What else is needed for fruitful work. And why am I writing about work in the past tense, so only because from trade in currencies I switched to shares trading, this is closer to me in temperament)

Heath Michael 23.11.2022

C Empire swiss I have been working for three years. SL did not work twice (before my eyes, it became even interesting), but I understand that failures can be. Therefore, my feet always duplicate, just in case (I will not say how)))) Now the next, the trading stream is closed. I established a connection, it became much better. Now the stream has not closed for a year now. Somewhere in the middle of the journey I checked the quotes on other DCs, even on the Swedish DC. Satisfactory, in some cases there was a small error. This is also understandable. The marginal accuracy should not be, because obtaining quotes by each DC is also not easy. The withdrawal of money is a great 20-40 min. Communication with employees is fast, they answer questions convincingly. Overall, not bad. You can say Alpari works well. I work with Alpari in St. Petersburg. The reviews are certainly different. But can everyone believe ... People can write for various reasons, someone is to blame, but it’s guilty of whether you see a broker, someone “merges” a competitor ”... In general, if you don’t try to trade, really evaluating your strength and brains, then And you won’t know. But I have no questions for them. So far, everything suits.

Greene Ronald 27.11.2022

C Empire swiss recently - there is still no month. He laid $ 1700, put 1178 bucks on news (in gold)-already 1100. He overshadowed 400 bucks a day through kiwi. I don’t know what will happen next, the flight is normal. Money on kiwi is withdrawn instantly, even for 5 minutes I did not wait. There is a problem with the execution of the orders Bue Stop and Sell Stop when trading on the news, it is driven by orders with a quick movement of prices for 25-30 points. There is more if the layman costs 30 points, then then it begins only after 50-60 points --- at a quick Movement as is the case on the news. As a result, you get the minimum profit, if you don’t start and you won’t take it in time and you can leave it and go to the minus ((so far it is interesting what will happen next. It only calms that 1100 out of 1700 bucks has already taken it and there are still 1700 problems in the account and with the conclusion of the problems absolutely not.

Stone Donald 30.11.2022

I have been trading from Empire swiss for more than 3 years, the entry and withdrawal of large amounts without problems-there were no delays, I do not put close stops, so they did not “stand” unfairly. But there were also disadvantages-sometimes the expansion of spreads and requests infuriated, though there are so periodically happening (I also have 4 brokers have accounts). Yes, and to “reserve” the controversial situation - I never managed to “regulation” ... But I did not observe serious jambs. traded lots from 0.5 to 100 (!)

Timothy Smith 14.12.2022

I have been investing with Empire Swiss for more than one year. I decided to leave a review in support of the broker, because lately I often encounter negative comments on the network. I turned to the broker, the manager told me about possible investment options, recommended some ready-made solutions, I don’t remember which, I helped register and understand the mobile application. Since then, in support, I have only contacted 2 times. For the first time, this was a question about an unfulfilled application in the application for the sale of shares, for the second time - when I could not go to my personal account. Both times there was a technical failure, which, by the way, was eliminated within a few hours. So that you understand that in 3 years only 2 times needed support. The rest of the time I invested on my own, I also resolved issues on my own. And I sincerely do not understand people who call in support a hundred times a day on any issue, create an additional load, and then swear that support does not answer for a long time and does not solve the question. In general, there were no critical problems with the broker Empire Swiss. And I know at least 3 people who have the same situation. Therefore, I can say with confidence that Forex Broker Empire Swiss is a professional broker in the broad sense of the word.

David Benson 15.12.2022

Empire Swiss Broker is surprising again - he updated his tariffs, so much so that now he canceled the commission for the purchase of shares. In our time, such generosity would seem impossible, especially against the background of raising prices for goods and services. But the broker, despite the shatterity of the market and the uncertainty of the future, is confidently standing on his feet and opens up new opportunities for his customers (and this is expensive when they think not only about their earnings, but also about people who bring you this money). This, frankly, bribes. Perhaps that is why I will currently invest in the Brokera account in Empire Swiss, and on others I only observe the dynamics of prices for my assets in order to sell them in a favorable position and completely move on to this broker. Still, confidence in the broker is more important than ever. And the broker makes it clear with all its actions that for a long time it will be the first to invest in the investment market. I also use the mobile application and I can say that it is very convenient and it will not be difficult to understand it even for beginners.

Steve Alvarez 29.12.2022

I had extensive experience interacting with the broker Empire Swiss. Since I started making money, I wanted to understand how finances work, how to increase them, create capital, buy valuables, papers that are valued and the like. It is very good that my parents also gave me at least initial financial literacy in this regard, and later I found out that there are investment companies, in other words, intermediaries with which you can buy shares of many corporations. Open the score. Then the well -known virus began, the markets fell, my portfolio with shares also sank strongly, 92 percent in the moment, but then the papers grew up. Now we are reduced by investment opportunities, so I plan to transfer my assets to , it can be traded without restrictions. Broker services, customer service at the highest level. The efficiency of the response of technical support. The functional of the trade terminal. The presence of analytics is normal, but a lot of things that help you earn decent money in different currencies.

Robert Sanchez 30.12.2022

I trade with Empire Swiss for a couple of months, I used to trade with another broker, but he failed me a little, that and the possibilities there sharply decreased due to changes in the world market. Therefore, I had to cross. For a couple of months I appreciated the partnership. I turned in support several times, it is convenient that you can contact the office, and the hot line, and the chat in the application, and by e-mail (it is good that there are several options for circulation). I called a couple of times, but to be honest, the line on the line leaves much to be desired, so I did not wait for an answer, wrote in the chat. They did not answer there either immediately, but at least there is no need to sit with the phone in their hands. The answer is given a detailed one, not by receipts, they really understand the situation. At the moment, everything suits me here, there are enough tools for trading (you can choose the tool suitable for you), the tariffs are pleasing - a free purchase of assets at my tariff. If there are difficulties, I always know where to go. And I know that I can get feedback and my issue be sure to decide. So I advise you confidently.

Roland Patterson 02.01.2023

I registered on Empire Swiss mainly for trade on Forex. This broker was recommended to me as a reliable intermediary. In general, I liked everything in Empire Swiss. The terminal works without complaints, I did not notice significant drawdowns. For users who have made the first deposit, there is an excellent offer. For example, I received $ 100 for replenishment of $ 500. I also like the high speed of transaction. The broker really copes with his task! With Dan Forex broker, profit is guaranteed and with it I managed to learn not only a lot, but also to make good money. Personally, I was always surprised by those who complain about the broker, accusing him of one of the plum of the deposit. Guys, did you ever think you were to blame? The broker Empire Swiss has all the necessary training materials, the help of a personal mentor is provided. Listen to the advice of professionals, and you will be happy. And do not forget to use the mobile application, it helps to respond quickly and connect at any time if possible.

Donald May 08.01.2023

Empire swisss is definitely for those who love trading. And here are a few points for this: 1. He developed his own trading platform, which is nice. It has an intuitive interface and is generally convenient for the user. I have never seen such a browser platform. 2. The company offers three trading modes: Forex - currency trading, Stocks - shares of the most popular companies and trading with fixed time - a regime in which you can trade not only a direction, but also time as an addition. And there is also a wide range of products sold with various categories. If you doubt the use of the platform or something else, you can always get help in the friendly support service, which, incidentally, works quite quickly. Each mode has its advantages. Traiders can choose the right mode for their strategy. In addition, they also offer several tools for trading. This opens up many opportunities for traders to make a profit. The broker pays the primary attention of the satisfaction of its users.

Nathan Farmer 10.01.2023

Forex Broker Empire Swiss is an excellent broker for both beginners and experienced traders. From design to execution, the broker makes almost everything correctly. The broker is inventive like few brokers, especially with intriguing star levels that simultaneously contribute to trade, profit and training. The broker analyzes and leads blogs often and accurately. However, the broker offers traders only one trading platform. I would prefer that my options be open to several platforms, but this is what I can handle. The broker takes care of all traders in their trading trip, from newcomers to experienced users. That is why the broker divided his educational base into many sections. So that users of any level can find lessons that are suitable and practical for what they need and did not spend time looking for the necessary. It creates a universal trading platform. Everything is integrated in one place. Thus, traders have all the tools necessary for trade.

Russell Taylor 23.01.2023

I want to note the simplicity of trading with Empire Swiss. I like the broker for many reasons, and one of them is a platform on which everything that the broker may need is placed. On the platform, Broker made dozens and dozens of trading tools available for fixed trade and conventional trade in the Forex market. There are enough indicators and timeframes, and they are easy to find and use. The broker has many analytical tools, including current news and calendars of Forex, as well as a blog to help traders of all levels with their analysis. It is also surprising that Empire Swiss manages to maintain interest on the platform using daily tests and badges gained on the basis of experience. One would have thought that this would make a cluster and slow platform, but this is not so. The platform remains smooth and fast. In addition, time and indicators can not do without timeframes and indicators. They should be easy to find and apply. Other analytical tools and economic calendars are also important, and they can easily access the platform.

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