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Empire Swiss broker account ratings testify to the broker's impeccable reputation. The company offers a wide range of assets and a user-friendly trading platform. In particular, Empire Swiss's stock list is presented in full.

The company has taken its clients to profits during economic crises, something only reputable real estate agencies manage to do. Based on a review of brokerage rankings in terms of turnover, Empire Swiss is at the top of the list. The company offers its clients both Forex trading and other investment instruments. The broker also offers standard securities trading. At the same time, Empire Swiss TARIFFS are low in comparison with the market.

Since Empire Swiss DATE the number of clients has increased to 80 thousand. And it is growing regularly, which is due to Empire Swiss experience. A review of feedback from experienced traders reveals no negative feedback. This explains the high Empire Swiss rating of the broker.

The broker offers a wide range of services. Of particular interest is the Empire Swiss-Affiliate-Programm, which provides regular payments. Note that the partner can be an individual user or a corporation participating in the Empire Swiss-Affiliate-Programm.

The company offers up-to-date analytics and always indicates the Forex spread online. This is important for traders making money trading currency pairs. The following currencies are available as standard: EUR/USD, GBP/USD and EUR/GBP.

In general, the broker offers traders access to CFDs on shares, ETFs, commodities, indices, etc. Moreover, with Empire Swiss Date the list of assets is regularly extended.

A special note should be made for long-term investments. With this broker, we recommend the "Empire Swiss Bonds" service. In addition, Empire Swiss offers listed derivatives, including options trading and futures.

Highly specialist traders will be attracted by Empire Swiss Bonds because of the low commissions for large trades. In doing so, the broker protects its customers' funds. Empire Swiss Investitionen is the phrase used to describe a stable and secure income.

Beginners will pay attention to the training program. The company offers a wide range of materials: videos, articles, webinars, etc. High Empire Swiss rating, including the result of the training programme.

Empire Swiss forex broker site review

After reviewing the Empire Swiss website, a comparison of trading platforms with others showed that the company offers a digitalised tool for working in the financial markets. Conveniently, the website also allows you to deactivate your account. Analytics, communication with an advisor and statistics on the markets are all available in one click.

A test drive of the website was conducted for practical understanding.  The Empire Swiss experience further confirmed that traders are comfortable in a few clicks to manage their actions on the market through the broker's platform.


The account spreads on the Empire Swiss platform are lower than the market average. Empire Swiss broker bewertung testifies to the reliability of the company, and the reviews bring the rapid development of its clients to life. The training programme allows traders to grow from beginner to professional. Empire Swiss experience proves that the broker's platform has all the necessary tools for trading and analytics. At the same time, the broker guarantees the protection of every trade. Fixed FAQ

Is Empire Swiss reliable?

Yes. This has been confirmed by checking the company's legal framework.

How does the company help novice traders to develop?

The broker is client-oriented, which is proved by relatively low commissions and a system of consultations on any issues.

Does Empire Swiss provide training?

Yes. Empire Swiss training allows beginners as well as traders who have been working in the financial markets for more than a year to improve their knowledge.

What advanced analytical tools does Empire Swiss offer?

The broker's platform allows you to analyse the market online, compare charts for different assets and more.

What unique benefits does the trading platform have?

Empire Swiss has ensured the security of transactions and the speed of information exchange with the client terminal thanks to the implementation of advanced technologies.

Comments (18)
Ramsey Williamя 02.11.2022

Broker Empire swiss showed himself from the good side! At first I thought that Forex is too difficult for me. It turned out almost like that)) By the way, to all beginners, Alpari has excellent training. You can even just come to learn without opening an account for yourself. I myself started with another company, but then because of many problems with the performance I came here and still work. Recently, I got carried away with investments because there is often not enough time for independent time, they have good profitability and rating in the Pamma, a new rather conservative without roulette;)

Sanders John 13.11.2022

Dear gentlemen, I sometimes go through the forums, outlets, I like to read criticism, but I only healthy, Anya reposts for all the renosals, which began on the same day and carrying nonsense about the past merits of the company, 5 years ago, well, you would have chosen some other strategy , it's all funny and completely “unlike” to order) I have been with the company for several years, everything was and through claims and satisfied my claims sometimes, but there were accounts in other offices, they cut profits in Instance on the regulations, and they simply clamped me and did not allow me to withdraw $ 1,000. Hence the conclusion, of all our brutters, Empire swiss the most adequate.

Leonard Joseph 16.11.2022

I have been trading in the company for a long time - there are no serious problems, the execution is in order, the spread is sometimes the news on the news is eager to be, well, there is nothing to be done here, so everyone has it. In general, the support is responsive, and their courses can help well.

Curtis David 20.11.2022

I do not trust many brokers, but Alpari is not among them. Good quotes and spreads, always remove without delay. I trade myself and turn on the owl on Fle, they do not prohibit them, there are no restrictions on the time of the transaction. I advise

Morgan Darcy 22.11.2022

Since 2020 I have been trading from them, though I took breaks. I tried several other brokers - but unsuccessfully. After experience in Empire swiss, it is impossible to trade in other DCs, the performance seems too slow. Now, in addition to the execution of the Alps, spreading is also the best on ECN accounts for most pairs, so Ribate also introduced an internal one. There are no problems with the conclusion at all - there is too much a serious office to trifle more. In fact, I can advise beginners and old -timers of the market - it’s more reliable than a broker in Ukraine and in Russia definitely not

French Edward 23.11.2022

For many years I have been in the Forex market and in particular quite large capital is in the company Empire swiss, I can say that I had the opportunity to use almost all of the re -service, except Binokor, this is not my guessing game, although if they made the quotes will be to match a specific score, I took a chance) As for trade 4, I am satisfied with everything, the orders glide in +and B -the performance does not cause questions, the spread is wide and the swap is large, but this is a profit. The conclusion is how the hours of the sum withdraw everything, I had 1000USD maximum, no problems and annoying calls.

Russell Geoffrey 03.12.2022

This broker demonstrates stable growth, which clearly indicates the trust of many customers and my trust in it, as it turned out over time. With Forex broker Empire Swiss, I have been working for more than three years. During this time, he was able to master his characteristic features and nuances in working with him. I got close contacts with the company's managers, and now they are calling me, then on the case, and I don’t like to waste time talking. Better I will do it during this time or I will successfully invest money. I practically do not use webinars, but sometimes I advise you to read analytical materials, very valuable data come across or you can view the videos of different ones who will be more convenient. The quality of the Empire Swiss broker service is quite satisfied, but I would like technical specialists to work on the mobile application, but as I understand it, there will soon be improvements and updates. He has already sent his wishes and demands in support of the project. I hope they listen to my opinion. Success and prosperity in business. It will be good for you, which means to me.

Tucker Bertram 07.12.2022

Empire Swiss Broker today is perhaps the only broker with which it is not scary to invest in long -term projects. There are enough tools, because the broker did not spare time and invested in his reputation. They have many offices, in large cities there are even several. But most of the issues I solve remotely, it is more convenient for me, in the office for all the time of cooperation was a couple of times. I also like that the Broker Empire Swiss is constantly improving their products, open new markets and new opportunities (I love when they do not stand still and try to keep up with the times!). This year, Asia was discovered, access to gold was given, new protected structural products have developed. By the way, they always work within the framework of current market trends, open what is now relevant. Take the same protective structures. True, they can only acquire them, but Kwala is not difficult to get from the broker, the application is submitted online, is worked out in a few days. In general, this is the broker who is not afraid to entrust his money.

Richard Weaver 10.12.2022

My work colleague began to invest two years ago, he himself is a little versed in the markets and promotions, but in order to successfully invest, you still need to study all this deeper. Therefore, he decided to use the auto-examination strategies, still entrust the expert to do his job more correctly than to climb without knowledge, although they say that fools are lucky. He recently told us about this experience, and I also had a desire to try. In general, I also decided to start investing. The account registered in Empire Swiss on the recommendation of a colleague. He says that he studied brokers at one time, he liked the examination at Empire Swiss most. And in two years she showed herself with dignity. I invested in the Strategy of the Neftetreder, because oil so far runs the world, and the “tactical choice”. It is very convenient that I only invest and that’s all, I can not follow at all, the manager does everything. This is very convenient for those who want to invest, but cannot afford to devote it all the time. I would like to try over time to do everything myself, as there will be more experience.

Matthew Delgado 12.12.2022

I also decided to write my review about Forex markets and about the Brokes of Empire Swiss in particular. I lay out everything as it is, in other words - I distribute all my capital. Most of my investments in the stock market. And most of the brokerage portfolio in Empire Swiss are still in currencies. While the course is profitable, I buy to the maximum. The exchange rate, not in any exchanger, bank, is so profitable to buy. A huge plus that you do not have to think where to store cash and the safety of money. On the brokerage account and convenient and reliable. And since I invest in different places, the probability of staying in the plus is much larger, since one direction will definitely go. Now I’m starting to buy shares, for the most part European and Asian to Hong Kong dollars with the Hong Kong Exchange (for diversity/diversification). If in one word it was possible to characterize the broker Empire Swiss, then I would choose a "broker of opportunities". 5 points from me without stretching. As a client, a broker is satisfied, and my logical thinking helps to think and make correct and profitable decisions himself effectively.

Billy George 13.12.2022

My path in investments with Empire Swiss. By the age of 30, I realized that I want to try myself in the topic of investment, albeit not to take millions, but at least start with small ones. I chose a broker for a long time and responsibly, compared all the pros and cons. There are no perfect brokers, this is a fact! But still for myself, I chose an Empire Swiss broker. One of the huge advantages for me, as a beginner, was free training. The whole portal is dedicated to this. A huge selection of seminars and lectures. I hung there right for a few days. There is a lot of information and everything is in the case, not water. I started with "light investment" - the risk is minimal at the start and, as the knowledge is obtained, the process becomes more and more serious. I looked at the shares of the most stable and reliable companies, even if the profitability from them is small, but there are no losses. The broker's application also immediately made friends. It is quite simple, it can be set up for yourself and your interests. True, it happens a little and displays the data with a delay. Especially in the peak hours of opening the exchange. But this is more a technical problem, I am satisfied with the broker and his tools for trading.

Steve Hall 17.12.2022

In general, of course, it was necessary for a long time to write a review about my Broker Empire Swiss, but all my hands did not reach and now, finally, I managed to allocate a little for this time. Initially, I came to the broker, for the sake of the contract .. I was not very interesting to me on my own brokerage activity. The confidential itself suited me, in the percentage promised to me (put it conservatively for three years), the company met and even exceeded it a little. But at the same time, following how my money is working, I gradually went through the training on the portal, and in principle I looked closely at how everything works and decided and try to bargain - it even became worse, and finishing the contract, I decided Do not prolong it, but do it yourself. I can’t say that I get superprofits, but I have become much better and I can afford it, the analyst helps well, and the reliability of the work is present. Summarizing, I am pleased with the broker and is not going to stop there. It's nice when your favorite business brings you not only pleasure, but also money.

Anthony Horton 05.01.2023

Hello, I want to share my impressions of the Empire Swiss broker. I work with them a little over six months and so far I noted for myself both positive and negative moments. From the positive I can say that this is a fairly convenient and convenient trade software. Customer support is friendly and useful. The only thing that I did not like was a certain delay in the conclusion. From a couple of hours to several days. Nevertheless, I managed to make a profit. Although I have not tried large amounts, since for me this is an additional income, not the main one. For those who have experience on Forex, the broker will be convenient. I want to note that in principle, Forex needs to work with experience, otherwise the chances of losing are great. Approaching one year of permanent trade with this broker, Empire Swiss never ceases to constantly bring satisfaction, the company is legal and good. Trade conditions are really stable and reasonable. Good updates, and they still manage to squeeze interesting promo from time to time. Keep it up.

Travis Jennings 10.01.2023

I came to the conclusion that if you do not understand trade, then you will only lose your money, regardless of what broker you choose, so it is better to trade on a demo first and study the trade process before opening a real account. It is also my proposal to all those who are looking for brokers to start trading. A positive point is that Empire Swiss is a good broker that offers a demo account and live webinars to improve trade skills. I trade with this broker for quite a long time. I found them honest in my services. The broker is really good, this is not the first broker with which I traded, but decided to transfer their funds to Empire Swiss, they offer good trade conditions, and the execution is excellent. The conclusion options are quite happy with me and there is something to choose from, but they could offer more, but I think that they do it for the most part and quickly, almost always get it the next day, I am very pleased with this broker. And I consider an indispensable mobile application.

Frank Weaver 24.01.2023

I switched to trading with Empire Swiss due to the fact that I am sure that they are withdrawing average. I have been trading on Forex for a long time, I can trade a little. Sometimes it seems that you can trade, and transactions are made at more or less real prices, and you understand that you are most likely trading within the company, and no one knows who your counterparty is. When you only learn to trade, in principle it is not so important to achieve some stable result - and this is already good. But when you have been trading for not the first year, you devote a lot of time to this, and this is a kind of work - it is important to understand that you are trading in the real market according to these Rules. The broker's Empire Swiss has more democratic requirements, but with the credit shoulder you get good working capital with which you can work in the interbank market. I have been working according to this scheme for six months, and so far I have not noticed problems with execution or quotes - all OK, the conditions for trade are excellent. The Empire Swiss customer support service works quite quickly, because they explain everything when they are associated with them. Last time I had problems with my account, so I contacted them, and they helped me in all aspects, and I really owe my level of knowledge.

James Terry 25.01.2023

A very convenient Broker Empire Swiss, it is strange that there are not many reviews about it lately, before it was more. At a minimum, a trading terminal is not only a prehistoric MT4 with poor imitation instead of a web terminal and a mobile version, but also MT5, where you can trade the same as with a smartphone from a computer. Additional indicators, additional timeframes. It's all very cool. Trading conditions as such, an average spread, there are extensions, sometimes catching requests. You see, when I read Empire Swiss reviews, this usually ends with a discussion of the conditions, although there is nothing to discuss here. It seems that everyone does not pay attention to anything other than spread and conclusion. Trading conditions, terms of withdrawal are quite ordinary, the conclusion is also with mandatory confirmation each time. But there are trading signals and all that I have already described above. This broker is quite popular, most of the sites of signal providers. I also like this broker with a big selection. I think that this broker is worthy of being popular for many years. I recommend!

Russell Ross 29.01.2023

Empire Swiss is a well -organized and reliable broker with which I have traveled for 2 years. In the early stages of trade, my experience was too small, and I learned a lot in Forex, mainly on the main site and forums. Previously, I was practiced on a demo account for more than 2 months to improve the skills and understanding of the trading system. At the moment I have a depot of $ 1,200. Basically, I traded on my favorite EUR/USD pair and I have no problems with increasing spread. Honestly, the profit is not for me every day! In fact, this will definitely happen, so I will always improve the trade plan. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the developers of Empire Swiss, which allowed me to create additional income, and the process of withdrawing funds has always passed smoothly. I am very glad to trade with the Empire Swiss broker, and the performance of their servers and the performance speed are really good. I am a happy client. I make online parts of my profit, and I will receive my money exactly after 2-3 days. They have excellent customer service and the support center. Thank you!

Robert McDonald 31.01.2023

Maybe someone will be interested in my review. Empire Swiss is my first broker. I will omit the stage of market research and trade on a demo account, leave only experience in the real account. Opening an account and verification do not cause problems. Replenishment of the account occurred instantly and without unnecessary commissions. The trade process itself was no different from when I studied. A well -known platform, a large shoulder and good processing of orders. I have not identified any delays or sticking. The first profit was successful, 40 minutes and the money was already in the wallet. Once I had to contact the support chat on cashback. Almost immediately they contacted me and explained everything. The advantages of the broker Empire Swiss, as well as a wide variety of accounts and trade assets, definitely want to take the platform. It's nice that you can open an account for $ 100, which I actually did. I always open the minimum deposit first and only then decide if I want to work further, increasing the deposit in conclusion, I will say that Empire Swiss met my expectations 100%.

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