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Forex Magazine is an electronic magazine with an impeccable reputation both for leading traders and for beginners. The magazine was the first to appear on the Russian market of special periodicals in 2004 and quickly gained the trust of readers. Forex Magazine was the winner of "FOREX EXPO AWARDS" rating as "Best Media Resource" in 2008 and 2010.

Forex Magazine was originally published weekly, and since 2015 it has been published once a month.

The magazine carries out research and analysis of the latest trends and events, as well as accurate forecasting of the current situation on the market of transactions with currencies and the global financial market. You will find a huge amount of useful information, productive recommendations and competent advice for yourself. World famous traders will share their experience, opinions on topical issues and vision of further development of the financial world. Choosing Forex Magazine, you will spend your leisure time with benefit for yourself and your career, get the opportunity to develop professionally and expand your horizons.

On the website of Forex Magazine you can find the content of issues, download the full issue. MarketTimes

MarketTimes magazine was issued by Broco Company brokerage company in 2009-2010.

The format of the issue is monthly.

The publication was practically oriented due to the fact that it was published by the specialists of the brokerage market.

The information contained in the magazine was useful both for novice traders, who have yet to understand the peculiarities of trading, and for professionals who already have sufficient knowledge about quotes, exchange reports, contracts, types of market analysis and much more.

The information presented on MarketTimes pages had a very wide coverage: from analysis of economic and political news to review of book novelties for traders.

The magazine was a useful tool for traders, allowing them to achieve higher profits on completed deals.

All issues of MarketTimes were available in PDF format on the website of the publishing house. Profit Profit magazine was published only for a short time from May to July 2010.

The format of the issue is weekly.

The publication provided an overview of news from the financial market for the week, covered market forecasts, and contained various reference and training information.

The magazine was aimed at all traders regardless of their experience on the financial market. The Ignat Post

The Ignat Post Magazine was published in 2008-2013.

The format of the issue is weekly.

There were several headings in the edition: Theory and practice of trade: it considered strategies, trade indicators, analyzed the developments in the world economy that could affect the financial market. Currency market: the results of technical analysis of the Forex market were presented, the application of indicators and trading strategies on the example of currencies and currency pairs were considered. Stock market: the results of technical analysis of indices, companies' securities, the possibility of using indicators and trading strategies on the example of exchange assets were presented. Commodity market: the results of technical analysis of commodity assets, the possibility of using indicators and trading strategies on the example of commodity assets were presented.

Forex Review

Forex Review magazine has been published since 2009 by LepreconTrading.

The format of the issue is monthly.

The magazine is created with the participation of experienced programmers and traders, whose experience contributes to the accumulation of your knowledge about exchange trading. The magazine covers various issues related to exchange trading, testing of trading systems and advisors, provides analytical materials and recommendations for trading on the Forex market, provides an overview of competitions and championships held by LepreconTrading.

The following headings are presented in the magazine: News. Market analytics. Trading together with professionals. Trading systems. Forex indicators. Handbook of a trader. Practical trading. Binary options. Investment. Books for trader. Recommended brokers.

On a site of magazine Forex Review it is possible to familiarize with the maintenance of numbers, to download number in full.

FxFactor FxFactor magazine was published in 2011-2015.

The format of the issue is monthly.

The edition published current financial market news, interviews with well-known businessmen, analytical articles and forecasts from leading experts, a calendar of business events.

The following headings were presented in the magazine: Formula of success. Flagman. Figures. Fundamental view. Free trade. Fazenda. Factor of risk. Financial Street. Free trade. Freestyle.

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