Forex market

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Forex market
The prerequisites for the opening of the international currency market arose long ago. However, Forex in its current form only appeared in 1971. The main product on this market are different currencies.

What attracts investors to Forex?
The development of Internet technologies has led to increased interest in Forex from private investors with small capital. A "leverage" service became available to them. It allows receiving high profits through the use of small capital.

Forex currency market gives an opportunity to generate a stable income at the level of 30-50% per month. To become a successful trader, you need to master special skills and knowledge. To become a successful currency speculator is possible only through hard work. To make forecasts on the rates of financial assets, you need to take into account many factors.

The Forex market is formed by large players. The main force that drives currency quotes is the movement of capital between countries, as well as the state of the economy of the world's leading countries. Traders also have to consider the psychological aspects of trading, political risks and apply techniques of technical analysis.

Working with minimal risks, you can get about 30-50% per annum. It should be noted that such indicators can hardly boast of any other direction of financial activity. At the same time, many traders manage to achieve more impressive results. There are investors who earn over 100% per month.

To become a successful trader, you need to constantly add to your knowledge and develop useful skills. Experienced currency speculators use strategies that take into account many factors. Therefore, the funds invested in training pay off fairly quickly. The main thing is not to perceive trading on Forex as a game. This is a job that requires the utmost seriousness.

Who forms Forex?
The number of participants is not limited. The "weather" in the market is built by major players. They include banks and investment funds. Small companies and private investors get access to the market through brokers.

At present, Forex has long ago become a global market connected by a global communication network. Trading on the market starts on Monday morning and ends on Friday night. Trading is not conventionally divided into several sessions.

The largest volume of trading falls on the European session. In this case, the most aggressive is considered to be the American and Asian. The most quiet sessions are Australian and New Zealand.

The sum of the daily volume of transactions in the market is about 2 trillion USD. The London market accounts for about 32% of the turnover. Germany's share is only 10%. The US market 18%. Transactions using USD account for 70%. The share of electronic brokerage companies is about 10% of the market.

The key feature of Forex, which attracts private investors, is the ability to make purchases and sales exceeding the initial capital. The service of margin trading makes operations on Forex especially profitable. Brokerage companies provide leverage in the ratio from 1:50 to 1:1000. The higher the leverage, the more risky it is and the more profitable the trading will be at the same time.

Be always aware of Forex events:
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How does the Forex market work? Due to the huge scale of the market, currency fluctuations occur almost continuously. This creates excellent conditions for speculative deals, allowing to get high profits in a short period of time. The main purpose of the Forex market is to move capital between countries, which greatly facilitates international trade. The speculative aspect is concomitant. However, it provides an excellent opportunity for traders to generate high profits.

How to conquer Forex? It is not easy to get rich on currency trading. Although history knows many examples when investors in the Forex market managed to earn multimillion fortunes. However, in these cases we were talking about initially very rich players. Most private investors, who do not have large capitals, make much more modest profits.

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