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Global Prime Spreads

Spreads are tight enough for comfortable trading; for majors, keep from 0.0 to 0.2 for EURUSD and 0.2-0.6 for GBPUSD. The commission fee of $ 7 for transactions in both directions for 100,000 currencies cannot be called high, as well as low. The initial balance is quite affordable and amounts to 200 USD. The money is deposited in a trust account (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!) With one of the largest banks in Australia, WestPac. There are no commissions for deposits and withdrawals.

Global Prime Scam?

Global Prime does not hide its liquidity providers and uses its own Skout price aggregation engine along with the X-core from Prime XM. They have direct deals with major prime brokers BNP Paribas and Jefferis.


We are ready to show who was the counterparty in any trader's deal !!! I have met such an offer only from Tier1fx, which take liquidity from, and they, in turn, clear transactions in UBS. Trading platforms There is the MT4 terminal, a favorite among the bulk of forex traders. 

Trading Terminal

But the most important advantage for me personally was the Pro Trader 3 terminal. And at the time of this writing, Global Prime is the only Forex broker that offers this platform. Protrader 3 caught on by being designed as a multi-market solution to work in all markets where kitchen technologies are NOT used, i.e. in principle, he is not sharpened for this. Plus, there is an advanced risk manager designed specifically for prop companies. And also a MAM module for connecting investors to their traders. If you add to this the user-friendly interface and excellent work speed, then it remains unrivaled. 

Global Prime Support

I have never met such fast and, most importantly, adequate support anywhere. The guys are really great. At the same time, if you write in support, then you talk to a manager who can make some decisions and who does not work according to the script, (This is very important) unlike many other companies where support is provided by girls from the front office, with whom it is impossible to discuss a non-standard question. Same approach in AXI corp, only much slower. 

Bottom line

Probably the decisive factor for me when choosing a broker was the provision of the ProTrader 3 terminal, which otherwise would have cost me more than 5000 per month. It is on this terminal that I teach how to trade and then provide capital for management. In all other respects, an excellent broker with an excellent combination of characteristics. And also capable of dialogue. In a word, I recommend it, because I know that you won't have to blush. In addition, when trading with this broker, you get my full support and the opportunity to receive from $ 10,000 in management for trading.


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