How to choose safe and comfortable hair dryer

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“And what to choose there - hairdryer and hairdryer” - you will say. But even such a simple technique - not even a hair dryer or a styler - also requires a certain minimum of knowledge, and buying a good hair dryer does not negate its correct use. Spoiler alert: we will not write about several modes of airflow and temperature, you already know that.

Choose a hair dryer with a high power

Normal power is 1800-2000 W, less is acceptable for road models, more - 2200-2400 W - even better. The fact is that you can always adjust half the power, but you cannot exceed the available maximum. Power is responsible for both fan operation (maximum air flow rate) and heating.

High-quality drying is possible with a strong air flow and the ability to adjust the temperature, therefore the fastest and safest drying is the fan at maximum, heating is not maximum. A low-power hair dryer can be very hot and blow badly, as a result, drying will be slow and hot, which is harmful. So, hair dryers, the power of which usually does not exceed 1000 W, are intended for styling, and not for drying hair.

Professional motor - reliability and safety

AC motors - AC motors - are equipped with professional hair dryers recommended for use by hairdressers, stylists, or DC - DC motors are used in household hair dryers. The service life of AC motors is at least 5 years, and often more, they do not overheat, and the hairdryer is unlikely to turn off to cool down if you use it at home: it is designed for heavy salon everyday life. In addition, such a motor provides uniform heating and quick temperature switching, therefore, it is in models with professional motors that the "Cold air" button really works, including supplying air, if not cool, then at least room temperature (the "hot-cold" contrast is needed to fix styling and just for a quick change in temperature if you suddenly become too hot.

Don't believe in the wellness technology in hair dryers

There are no independent studies proving that negatively charged particles - ions that some hair dryers generate, heal hair, "maintain the natural level of moisture", etc. By themselves, ions really attract water molecules, but there is no guarantee that they will "settle" on the hair in sufficient quantities (the fan is blowing hard!), And overdrying is the result of an incorrectly selected temperature regime. The maximum that ionization gives is the reduction of static electricity: hair is less flying and electrifying. It is definitely not worth overpaying for ionization, as well as for other fashionable pseudo-healing and "eco" technologies: for example, jade spraying "against dandruff", tourmaline spraying for "moisturizing and shine", eco-mode is just a combination of medium heating temperature and medium or high speed , a hairdryer "preserving the beauty of colored hair" is a hairdryer with ionization, etc. It is believed that even heating is facilitated by the ceramic coating of the heating element and the grate: the risk of so-called "hot spots" on the hair is reduced, but it is better to just keep the hair dryer at a safe distance of 25-30 cm.

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