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 The investment company WIT was organized by traders from the USA in 2014 and today actively provides intermediary services in the Forex market, which brokers usually offer for Poland. It positions herself as a conductor of innovation in the field of technical support of trading solutions. As its main task, the company postulates creating comfortable conditions for profitable work in accordance with international standards.

Financial Regulator - None;

Location of the main office - Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Traders' Opinion on Basic Company Information

• Negative reviews

The lack of a regulator and an offshore head office do not inspire traders in Poland, because it gives a zero guarantee that they are not scammers. Some users directly call the broker cuisine;

• Positive reviews

However, with all of the above, enough feedback from those who work with WIT

 several years without frauds and scam.

•Comments of traders characterize the company as "young and unregulated." In general, we can say that the reviews about it are mixed.


Terms of cooperation and trading accounts

 WTI trading accounts make up a set typical for offers of working conditions with traders, which brokers usually offer for Poland.


Account type

















1:20 - 1:100


Accruals on the balance up to 12%



1:1 - 1:100


Accruals on the balance up to 17%, personal manager


Other terms of cooperation with WIT are also not much different from those provided by most brokers:

• Type of spread - Market Execution;

• Minimum lot - 0.01;

• Margin Call level - 20%;

• Stop Out Level - 10%.

Traders' opinions on WIT trading conditions

• Forex brokers negative reviews

The type of spread and periodic expansion of spreads cause dissatisfaction among some users. There are comments that, under the presented conditions, the Start account deposit simply cannot be brought to the market, therefore the broker is a scam;

• Forex brokers positive reviews

The possibility of automatic trading and trading conditions on no depositors were evaluated positively by customers;

• We can say that trading conditions caused a different reaction among traders in Poland, and evaluate the reviews about them as a whole as ambiguous.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

To transfer money to a deposit, a wide arsenal of funds has been proposed, which brokers most often use for Poland:

• bank payment cards and transfers;

• banking systems;

• communication salons;

• payment terminals;

• electronic payment systems.

Withdrawals can be made through:

• personal or card account in a bank (for amounts starting from $1000);

The opinion of traders regarding the input and output of WIT funds

• Forex brokers negative reviews

In the reviews there are a lot of complaints about problems with depositing and withdrawing funds, including allegations of direct divorce or scam;

• Forex brokers positive reviews

There are a certain number of positive reviews;

• Comparing positive and disapproving messages in terms of quantity, we can say that there are more second ones.


Customer service

WIT offers its customers a range of services, the range of which is wider than brokers usually offer for Poland:

• free education;

• round-the-clock support;

• client and affiliate programs

• free contests and promotions;

• access to analytical and educational materials.

Traders' opinions regarding WIT customer service

• Forex brokers negative reviews

Traders of EU left a certain number of negative comments about the passivity of the support service;

• Forex brokers positive reviews

A wide range of bonuses aroused encouraging comments;

• Given the diversity of statements, we can say that the opinion is neutral.

Trading terminal

To participate in the auction, like many brokers, WIT offers the MetaTrader4 trading platform, but in this case it is adapted to its trading conditions.

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