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When you start Forex trading, the first thing you need to do after gaining the initial theoretical knowledge is to open your account with one of the many brokerage companies such as InvestingViews Forex broker. The choice of a worthy broker is a necessary issue, so we will only say that you need to be extremely careful in your search. Concentrate on broker reputation, trading conditions, as well as methods for deposit and withdrawal of funds, and you will surely find exactly what you need.

Registering is easy, since all emails and registration forms work almost instantly. With an InvestingViews broker, all you have to do is find the company's official website on the network (, open a trading account, and you can safely start working. The process for registering an account may be different for each company, so it is best to know about it in advance.

Brokers usually have several types of accounts, which provide access to the market but have differences in both technical and financial characteristics. Depending on the account, access to various services provided by the company may also vary. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to those details as well.

InvestingViews offers the following main types of accounts.

InvestingViews Broker accounts

Company does not provide demo at the moment, so a real account shall be opened. Placing a trade order consists of several stages:


Ultimately, the result is distributed among the participants according to the parameters of each order.

Today this system is outdated and starting to change, so the broker only performs two main functions - provides leverage and performs some simple mediator actions. Thanks to this, the speed of execution of orders and operations increases, the quality of services improves.

InvestingViews broker Basic Account

It is the easiest account that InvestingViews Forex broker strongly recommends to open first of all to all novice traders. Basic account allows you to practice your skills with minimum investments.

The basic account for trading opens when you invest at least $250. You can also get personal bonus but that’s what you need to discuss with your manager. Thanks to this, the user gets the opportunity to make sure that the quality of InvestingViews Forex broker's services is at the level declared by the brokerage company.

Why do you need a basic account? First, it allows you to feel the atmosphere of trading and learn its basic rules. Secondly, on such accounts, many experienced traders test tools and strategies. They “test” them before launching them into real trading with larger investments.

How to avoid mistakes

The broker can warn a beginner about the mistakes and loss of money at the first stages of work.

Most common newcomers mistakes: InvestingViews Forex Broker advises to avoid

Working with no investment strategy.

When making transactions on the exchange, you must have a strategy for constantly successful trading – and that means, that your gains shall overcome your losses at all times. Without this, transactions become rash, which always leads to failure in the world of trading and investment.

Diversification, or practice before theory.

Some beginners choose a good direction for investment, or at least they think so. But in the case of rash actions and a market fall, this approach can lead to a total loss. Therefore, it is necessary to distribute your investment portfolio among several assets all the way from start – and keep it this way even if a part of portfolio starts to grow rapidly. It will allow you to keep your money and always remain in a stable financial condition.

Emotional trading

With emotional ups and downs, people tend to commit rash and impulsive acts. That is why the broker InvestingViews recommends you to participate in trading on the stock or Forex exchange only in a stable emotional state, when you can stay fully focused and, with a clear view, weigh the pros and cons of each decision.

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Bond Victor 05.09.2021

I would like to recommend you, ladies and gentlemen, investingviews. My own experience with them was nothing but great.

O’Brien’ Hugo 10.09.2021

investingviews now has my heart after talking to your support specialist. These guys are real professionals.

Dennis Aron 11.09.2021

The main gap in the arsenal of every starting trader would be his brokerkeeping, that's safe. I recently had a conversation with people of investingviews and it was like a revelation for me. I do not know if I will work with them, but these guys really know their trade.

Cross Peter 15.09.2021

You have to learn from experience and practice, do not read about it. Try to find out if there is a sense. I handle with investingviews and wants to continue

Howard Mark 23.09.2021

investingviews is okay if you are not too picky. You can make a good job for you if you do not expect too much.

Gaines Clifford 29.09.2021

investingviews helped me a lot when I was just at the beginning of my trading career. I do not know if I will work with you again, a little was distracted by the trade, but if I come back, you will be my first call.

Ray Jayson 04.10.2021

I have read some reviews that you have left here, and really, most of your problems could be resolved by bringing a nice broker like investingviews. Seriously, do not waste time with whining, just make your research.

Carr John 22.10.2021

investingviews are a bunch of damned wizard! I have no other explanation for you to constantly manage to transform my time in money

Fields Harry 25.10.2021

investingviews are interesting, but I'm a bit confused about the name. I mean, they found "Shares" or something else, how does it work?

Watts Joseph 25.10.2021

A young man of investingviews called me yesterday and offered something about trade opportunities. I do not know everything, but he was really nice and polite, these days, in fact, rare properties. He was called Simon, I believe.

Woods Francis 11.11.2021

I'm really very glad that I have decided to stay and continue my cooperation with Investingviews. It was extremely profitable in recent months.

Gallagher Robert 22.11.2021

What I like my brokers is a great support team. It shows that the company really cares about his customers. Fortunately Investingviews has exactly that.

Williamson Peter 26.11.2021

The situation in the market can be hard, but Investingviews is still strong, I could respect that. I'm not one of your customers yet, although I think about it.

Burke Williamя 26.11.2021

Investingviews is a bit strange when it comes to broker. You have almost no entertaining things for dealers such as trading tournaments and the like, but at least they seem to be in order in terms of trade.

Oliver Henry 30.11.2021

I'm really very glad that I have decided to stay and continue my cooperation with Investingviews. It was extremely profitable in recent months.

McLaughlin Tyler 03.12.2021

I perfectly spent time, talking to their support service, they are friendly and ready to help. Satisfied with the services and generally satisfied with their trading results. Good trading platform and good service for forex trading. I am sure that I recommend it to everyone. Profitable and cool signals.

Boone Williamя 08.12.2021

I get an accurate and timely market forecast. I can confidently post my deals. I recently registered in your company. I appreciate your trading conditions and some exclusive trading platforms.

Sullivan Wilfrid 14.12.2021

I tried to trade with a minimum deposit and very satisfied with the result. It is worth it, all operations go smoothly. I have never had problems with the output of funds. Very transparent brokers. They are very honest and always inform me about the status and possible market opportunities.

Dalton Paul 19.12.2021

Quick conclusion. I trade with them for a while, and I did not have a single problem with the withdrawal of funds. Reliable and reliable broker. I trading with them for almost a year, and I am very impressed with signals, customer support, platform and output of funds.

Lambert Brian 24.12.2021

Excellent brokerage services and the fastest response from the support service. Very devoted to help customers in obtaining good profits. I just want to share my remarkable experience with this brokerage service. I traded with them with zero knowledge of Forex, but this broker patiently taught me everything about Forex.

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