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Safeguard your mail: experts of scam protection tips

In the modern world, it is better to lose your wallet, phone, bank card, girlfriend and college diploma than email. An attacker who gets access to it gets everything at once, all your private life online. He will be able to recover any passwords to mail; through it, he will be able to get all your friends and acquaintances.

As told by experts of InvestingViews scam can be avoided: the mailbox should be protected as best as possible. In Gmail, all you have to do is go to Account Management, go to the Stronger Account Protection menu, and select all the measures:

Google will tell you what you haven't specified yet, so please do it now if you haven't yet secured your data.

 Phone security: scam check tips

After a hacked email, the worst thing is to lose your phone. They are very poorly protected. Most people use a 4-digit password that can be easily guessed from their fingerprints on a screen. If you pick up a smartphone with a blank screen, the pin code is often printed with your bold fingers, and access is essentially open to everyone. Even the graphic key is easy to guess of brute-force with special software.

We gathered some advices of broker experts which have to fight fraud every day.  Here’re main InvestingViews scam protection tips: use FaceID - face unlocking is better, the fingerprint is good as well. But your SIM card remains the main vulnerable element. The vast majority of users have a SIM card ... not password-protected at all. The basic password is 0000 or 1111 because the person thought that since the smartphone is locked, everything is ok.

As stated by the security team of InvestingViews scam can be avoided. But how to lock your SIM card?

What do you think happens if you lose your smartphone? First of all, the SIM card is removed from it and inserted into another smartphone, and everything valuable will be restored to this number - mail, accounts, etc. In an iPhone, this is done in the Settings - Cellular - SIM-PIN menu (about the same in Android).

Similarly, save your SIM PUKs (secure notes from password managers come in handy here) and other data you need to regain access to your SIM as quickly as possible. Which, by the way, will be blocked after 3 incorrect entries and a PUK code is required to unblock it.

My Account Hacked: what to do. Advice from the scam security team. 

Calm down first, and understand that your data still can be secured. Contact technical support and inform them that you need to freeze your account as soon as possible.
Secondly, strain right away - you need to change the password for your account, change it regularly, and enable two-step authentication using SMS, an app like Google Authenticator, or any other method that a broker or payment system suggests to you.

This is not a boring necessity, do it once and that's it. Peace of mind is worth a little fuss.

Do everything to secure your mail. Activate all levels of protection and add more on top. Use separate super-protected emails for brokers. Email security is a top priority and you must complete it as quickly as possible.

By the way, the broker's technical support does not know your passwords and will not be able to help you if you lose them. As long as you have mail, everything is under control. If the fraudster reached both the account and the mail, then you will have to restore access using the passport which you have been verified with. This is the only way to hack not only brokerage accounts but also online banking so please keep your data safe.

Let's summarize security experts of scam check: enter the password for your SIM card, use not a 4-, but a 6- or 8-digit PIN on your smartphone. Arrange it, don't risk losing it. For example, if you go hiking in the mountains or to a bar to get drunk with friends, get a spare phone that you don't mind losing.

Remain calm if your account gets hijacked. The very fact of access does not mean anything, as long as your mail is with you, you are safe. But you can just dump the money in the account for fun or personal interest, use all the tips and everything will be fine.

Your safety is in your hands.


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Bradley Ethan 01.09.2021

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Tucker Mark 06.09.2021

People with good, clearly defined strategies do not share. Consider twice before signing up on a fraud signal or strategy website. Do better work directly with brokers like investingviews.

Bruce Jeffry 11.09.2021

There is no more pleasant activity for me than action, I tell you. I am so glad that this brokerage company has made it possible to enter the trade instead of staying in my office ... Now I have a lot of catching up.

Brooks Steven 21.09.2021

These little quarrels that have thrown around this broker are indeed insignificant. If you look at the hard facts, this broker does not have many (if any) serious competitors operating in the market. Yes, monopolies are rarely good, but what can you do if these people are simply better in every way?

Webster Sherman 22.09.2021

The trade world is a classic example of the situation "Man is a wolf to man". In order to survive in such a hostile environment, you need all the help you can get, and a good broker should usually be the first step. Have you tried to talk to investingviews people? They helped me in my time.

Goodwin Michael 29.09.2021

investingviews are cool, I like you. I wish I knew earlier from you.

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