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Is Trade - trade for more liquid assets. It is with this slogan that the project meets us. But is it worth trusting and what are the real reviews about There are a huge number of different projects on the network that offer you to trade and earn very big money. Yes, trading is really a very profitable business. But on condition that you have experience, as well as you find a trusted broker. With an excellent reputation in the financial market. But there are only a few such brokers. Most of the offers are created by scammers. Only for the sake of one goal, to breed as many people as possible for decent money. And so that this does not happen to you, let's figure it out and consider the project in all details. So, let's go!

Legend about the project

We are expanding the capabilities of our clients! By trading and investing, you can do whatever you want in the global financial markets. We are constantly developing, improving and expanding our presence in the global financial markets. Our activity is aimed at providing our clients with the best trading conditions and offers.

We have assembled a team of real professionals, which consists of analysts, financiers and economists. Also here we are promised competent assistance at the stage of the entire trade. The legend itself is rather small. However, there is no point in reading into it. Because there is not a single word of truth here. In addition, the legend is very formulaic and there is no specificity in it. But we have written more than once that swindlers often avoid specifics.

After all, it makes it much easier for them to breed a large number of people for money. As for the site, this is another template creation, in which, of course, no one invested their money. Since the scammers are well aware of the fact that such projects do not live on the network for a long time. They very quickly gain negative reviews, and then simply close. But usually swindlers just change the name and move to a new address. In order to continue to cheat people for money.

Contact details:
[email protected]

Project overview

From the contact information there is an email address, as well as a phone number, which for some reason is protected from copying. And the email address itself is just a simple set of letters. Such an address does not exist at all in nature. In fact, there is not a single adequate way to contact the project admins. Legal information is in a separate tab here.

Legal information, this is a template set, there is nothing interesting here. In the basement of the site, we are told that the project is operated by Dulcet Group LLC. Company registration number: 1358 LLC 2021 and legal address: Ground Floor, First St Vincent Bank Ltd Building, James street, Kingstown, ST Vincent and the Grenadines. What is this company? Have you heard of her before?

And what does it have to do with Is Trade? the correct answer is no. What did the swindlers do? They just stole legal data. By the way, this is a fairly common practice among scammers. But what was the point of stealing the details of a company located in an offshore zone? Working with offshore brokers is like taking your money and throwing it in the bin. After all, such a broker does not have a regulator in your country.

This means that according to the law, unfortunately, you cannot do anything. The essence of the deception here is that the scammers simply look for naive users, and then offer a good job. But for this you need to make sure to fund your trading account. But once you do that, you can safely say goodbye to your money. You will simply be shoved with the left charts. But when you want to withdraw money from here, you cannot do this. After all, your money has long been with scammers in offshore accounts.


There are already quite a few reviews on Is Trade on the net. Of course, all reviews are sharply negative. Users complain that the project does not have a license. This means that he does not provide any brokerage services in fact. And only speaks about it. It is not possible to withdraw at least some money from here. Scammers will simply reject your withdrawal requests. And this is where all your trade, in principle, will end.


Is Trade is another fraudulent broker that does not provide any brokerage services at all. And the only thing he does is steal money from trading accounts. And if you received an offer from this project, then you can safely ignore it and go on about your business. Be extremely careful and always avoid such offers on the net. Always try to check not only real reviews on the network about the broker, but also the presence of a license from the Central Bank of Russia. Warn your loved ones.

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