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If you have lit your mail somewhere, for example, on an electronic bulletin board, expect not only harmless advertising spam, but also emails from scammers.

They send emails on behalf of government agencies, report winning the lottery, and also offer simple jobs with high income, but the bottom line is the same: scammers steal money and personal data. We will tell you how to understand that a email is from malefactors.

With the help of specialists KeyTrending, scam can be recognized and neutralized.

Also, having studied all the possible actions of dishonest companies with a scam department, we’ve found a number of signs that can help you detect the fraud.

KeyTrending specialists have prepared 4 main types of phishing attacks for you to protect you and your family.

KeyTrending experts warn: 1. Impersonal treatment

An unknown sender combined with a subject line that you don't really understand is a reason to be on your guard. One should be suspicious of emails from senders with foreign or very rare names.

If the sender does not address you by name, but calls you "dear friend", it is better to ignore the email, and even more so not to download attachments from it.

Be doubtful about a email from a friend if the text does not resemble your regular correspondence: for example, if the interlocutor writes that he is in trouble and urgently asks for money or offers to follow the link to download something interesting. First, it's better to call a friend: perhaps his account was hacked.

Security specialists from KeyTrending, Scam is easy to prevent: 2. Too tempting offer

To force a person to follow a link to a fraudulent website, the email promises mountains of gold: an expensive prize for completing a survey, a high-paying job that does not require experience, or another way to make quick money on the principle of “a million a week is easy”.

After clicking on the link, a computer or phone becomes infected with a virus that steals passwords or damages files. The link can lead to a phishing site for stealing passwords or to a site that asks to pay a commission before claiming a prize.

What to do. Don't follow the links if the offer looks too tempting. Check the "action" on the Internet: perhaps someone has already fallen for the bait and wrote an angry review. You also need to be more careful with work: the company is unlikely to send offers to everyone in a row: there are special sites for vacancies.

Experts KeyTrending, Scam can be spotted easily: 3. Alarming topic

Deception can often be identified by the subject line of the email: “get a car as a gift”, “make a million without investment”. Sometimes fraudsters deliberately intimidate the recipient into opening the email: “you are in arrears under the contract”, “confirm your account, otherwise the account will be deleted”.

What to do. Do not open emails with strange subject lines and unknown senders. If, nevertheless, you have opened the email, do not panic: no one will withdraw money from the card for “just looking” and will not issue a loan using your passport.

4. An address similar to the address of a government agency or bank

Fraudsters write on behalf of government agencies: allegedly the pension fund has become generous with an increase in pension, and the social security department is ready to pay compensation for. The email can also be on behalf of the bank - then the criminals report a failure in the system or the need to update personal data.

The purpose of such emails is to extract information about a bank card. Fraudsters ask for its number, expiration date, pin and three-digit code on the back of the card in order to transfer money from the "pension fund" or enter data into the "bank" system.

The very fact that you unexpectedly received a email from a government agency should already alert you.

How to check if a email is from a fraudster

Since scammers have learned to forge domains in such a way that at first glance it seems that the email is from a government agency, it is necessary to analyze the technical part of the email.

The technical part of the email is a window with detailed service information: a lot of incomprehensible words and numbers. You need to look at the Received and Return-Path fields: the information about the sender must match the domain of the email. scam preventing team warns you to be careful about what you read and where you leave your email address. 

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Townsend Peter 03.02.2022

These folks are really good. I'm glad to see that they were actively developing all this time and can now be considered among the best broker companies on the market. I've moved away from trading recently, however, if I were still in business, I would've surely stayed with them.

Davidson John 20.02.2022

Never had that much experience with this company, but everything was quite pleasant. I was just a beginner when we were cooperating, so they helped me a lot to start my career. I might give them a second go soon, I guess.

Payne Dominic 07.03.2022

Only problem I can see in keytrending broker is that they are sticking to MetaTrader4. Why would you do that? Yeah, it's like the industry standard, but still, come on, it's not even that good. Anyway, my point is they are really decent in all other regards.

Day Bryan 11.03.2022

keytrending broker provides some really fast withdrawals. I really love when money come in fast, so that's a real benefit to me. Spreads are low too. Looks like whatever you're looking for - they've got it.

Beasley Blaise 13.03.2022

I love this company's dedication to their clients. They are always trying to ensure they are satisfied and all their problems are solved. Can become spoiled with such approach )))

Hamilton Paul 14.03.2022

What really does distinguish keytrending broker among the others is the way of thinking they are practicing. Their main focus is always market movements. That is why they always stay this effective and easily predict any trend changes.

Dawson Bartholomew 19.03.2022

Guys, market has always been this way, nothing new under the sun. Spend some time looking for a decent broker and your reasons to cry will disappear. I tell you, the difference will be seen instantly.

Nicholson Williamя 31.03.2022

Ye, their terms of partnership are great, but their main benefit isn't that... the best part about this company is how well they keep to their promises, at least to me. It is really hard nowadays to find a lot of companies with the similar trait.

Holmes Willis 02.04.2022

The company works fine, the conclusion is fast. The conditions in the accounts are not very profitable, let's say, but at the same time good performance and excellent technical support and even a hint that Kiexo there is no bench. For 3 months already 2k earned.

Smith Williamя 04.04.2022

With keytrending we have been working for almost six months, I will say that I have never regretted our choice. Conditions, quality of services - I like everything, and recently, Kiexo has accelerated the withdrawal of funds. This also plays plus.

Waters George 05.04.2022

One of the worthy DCs, the service at the level, the employees are well prepared and there is a separate team that is engaged in analytics. I haven't met this yet. Still, if keytrending the minimum deposit was reduced, and for other accounts, also below the amount.

Short Jacob 09.04.2022

I consider trading through keytrending very even. I studied myself via the Internet and then immediately here. I have not tried others, my first broker. Registration is fast, supporting, if something nearby, I tried to get through issues, they immediately decided. I opened the account too without problems.

Lindsey Robert 13.04.2022

He was interested in this company since last year, looked closely, read reviews, information about them, most still treated them positively. And now I did not have time to blink an eye, as I have traded on keytrending since February. So far I like everything.

Robinson Kevin 27.04.2022

For my part, there are no questions to the broker and no complaints: it works well and this is visible. I liked that there were no restrictions on the withdrawal of funds and that keytrending the company is adequate in everything with regard to the conclusion.

Lamb Ethan 28.04.2022

I do not cooperate with keytrending at the moment, but I worked for a couple of months last fall. There were good memories about the company, I was very pleased, if not for my mistakes, then I would still work with this company.

Nichols Christopher 30.04.2022

The terminal pumped on an intraday strategy. So far, there are no complaints, but the spreads were specifically pleased not only in the calm market, in principle, large extensions are not satisfied. Of course, the digging is new, and he himself had some at least minimal distrust for them, although the reviews are mostly good. While I decided to work, the main thing is now that it works calmly.

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