Fraud hunt: Is or Isn’t LST-IC legit? Yes!

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Forex market is full of scammers and fraudsters of all kinds, and that is hardly a surprise for anybody who is at least familiar with this sphere. Sometimes it takes time and effort to distinguish whether this or that broker is legit. But there still are markers and tools to separate the sheep from the goats. Let’s try to test our set of these tools on Forex broker LST-IC.

Our LST-IC scam review starts with the basics. It is worth spending several minutes on exploring the company official website. It pays, really. If you still do not have a clue what the company is, where it is registered and what it is doing after you have done so, that is a bad sign. Good thing to know we haven’t found anything which would characterize LST-IC as a scammer on the very first stage – otherwise our review could finish just after it has started. Terms and conditions are explained pretty clear as well as the services proposed by the company. LST-IC is registered in UK, which can be checked using the incorporation number shown on the website.

Now we can go to the second stage of our fraudsters hunt and try to find the devil in the details. Let’s check the accounts of LST-IC in terms of scam attempts. The Basic account, designed for starters, is the most interesting in this regard. The minimal deposit is EUR250 – this is a bit unusual (there are threshold of EUR50-100 to be found in the market), but not too much. If it was significantly higher, then we could suppose that LST-IC is a scammer, as this is one of their typical methods (like gathering money from the clients on the initial stage and disappearing with them). Besides that, Basic account goes with good set of additional options and that can explain why the sum is a bit bigger than usual.

Then there is another way to check is (or isn’t) LST-IC are fraudsters: their set of payment methods will help us doing this. The rule of thumb is as following – the more payment methods are available, the less chances that the company supporting them is a scammer. Simple but reliable. Very few people actually like banks (sorry bankers) but there is one thing about them we know for sure: they do check their clients and counterparts before start working with them. Even the status of SWIFT affiliated partner alone speaks for itself, confirming that Forex broker LST-IC is reliable enough.

As we can see from the screenshot, the variety of payment methods, confirming that LST-IC is not a scammer, is quite impressive. There is also a possibility to deposit and withdraw funds in crypto though, added for confidentiality and speed of money transfer fans, but it is not a bad sign when it is used along with more traditional methods. If deposits and withdrawals were in crypto exclusively, that would be a bit disturbing and would gave us reasons to suppose that LST-IC can be fraudsters.

And there is one more method to make sure that LST-IC is legit, maybe not so obvious and even controversial, but still working if you use it in the right way. Now we shall look for LST-IC in scam reviews on the web. But this can work only if there are some facts and figures which can be checked or confirmed. The point is that various Forex brokers scam lists on the web are often composed by other brokers trying to spoil their competitors reputation, which is a well-known fact. To avoid this effect, pay attention to the reviews written by customers and follow the details. Statement like “LST-IC is a fraudster” is definitely not enough, and the same rule applies to the good things about the company.

These are the things and approaches we wanted to share in our brief  scam review on LST-IC example. There are other investigation methods as well, each broker is using the algorithm of their own, of course. But the main rule is probably always the same: take your time and avoid the impulsive decisions. If you are about to start trading with any broker, not necessarily LST-IC, make sure it is a good reliable broker first. On the other hand, we have already saved some of your time observing LST-IC and came to the conclusion that it looks legit. If you find our arguments and approach reasonable enough, please feel free to do your own research using them as basis.

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Kolduell Dzhon 05.12.2022

I have already received my first payouts and I am basically satisfied. I have already received my first payouts and I am very satisfied.

Kollinz Devid 06.12.2022

I have already received the first payouts and I am very satisfied with them. The conditions are clear. Cooperativeative in nature and offers low spreads. I enjoyed my trading.

Ross Pol 07.12.2022

I'm sure it's not another scam. I wanted more leverage but in general this is alright. I had to wait about a week for the withdrawal, but that is a question for my bank. My broker has a good reputation and I am willing to pay many millions of Euros per month.

Dzhekson Shennon 08.12.2022

My broker Lst-Ic is not bad. I will not say that I absolutely loved it, but conditions are quite normal. I have never been engaged with this kind of information on Forex Market and I have no problems with it. I cannot say that I am not happy about it, but I am not so sure about the conditions and the way they are.

Bond Klayd 09.12.2022

I can honestly say that I was doubtful to the last one, as everything looked too suspicious. However, I was more curious. I have chosen the most economical regulator and deposited funds. The experience was more than successful. Lst-Ic was not a fraud, I have personally tested it.

Dzhordzh Rodni 10.12.2022

I was satisfied with everything. The only thing is that the interface seemed boring, but this is my business. All in all it works, no fuss, real quotes, low spreads.

Griffin Erl 11.12.2022


Rayli Uilyam 12.12.2022

I liked the presentation of the information and its variety. Everything is accessible, set out in clear language. As a person with little or no experience, I understood a lot of things thanks to the free training.

Gibbs Malkolm 13.12.2022

I have read somewhere that Lst-Ic is a scammer but I totally disagree. I have been using this broker for a few years and I never had any problems with it. My payouts come and there are no unclear commissions.

Mur Mark 14.12.2022

This is the case when the broker was chosen based on the reviews. I have never had any problems with payments and I don't have any commission. The only thing I wish the interface would be less cluttered and lower commissions.

Griffit Dzherald 14.12.2022


Blek Tobi 15.12.2022

I did not get the instant withdrawal, but it was not there in fact. I had never read about the possibility of withdrawal at first glance and I still hadn't made any claims. I got access to demo account and risk warning right after the registration. I did not go through training, but I appreciated the quality of materials.

Roberts Mervin 16.12.2022

My friend tried to prove that Lst-Ic is a scam and there is no need to contact him. I proved the opposite. The company is reliable, has a license. I was pleased with the attitude to the clients.

Kollinz Garri 17.12.2022

I got my broker license and clear conditions. Unlike other brokers they have such an intensive customer support (responds in less than half an hour) and normal, not exorbitant commissions.

Hant Horeyshio 18.12.2022


Wheeler Percival 07.01.2023

LST Inc broker is a normal broker, immediately those who can correctly analyze the market and anticipate risks can work with confidence. But you can always undergo training and start with a demo account.

Townsend John 09.01.2023

I like LST Inc, because there are no pitfalls. All conditions are immediately spelled out, there are no hidden commissions, there is a copy of the trading, which allows you to earn normally.

Lindsey Charles 17.01.2023

The most interesting IC broker seemed to me. Everything is in a simple and convenient. I got stuck here for six months and while I am income, I do not plan to stop working. Try it yourself and see.

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