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Forex is a stock exchange with more than a billion accounts. There are players of any level here, but you can only trade through a broker. Let's see what the LST-IC company has to offer.

First impressions of LST-IC

The company is registered in England. The head office is in London. There are 150 employees in the quality control department alone. The service is user-friendly, offering a wide range of services. The site is quite operational, with everything you need for trading. Active buttons on the top panel. A demo account can be used immediately after registration.

All documents and accounts are publicly available. This is a definite plus, as you can see that the company is not trying to hide anything. A mobile version and app have been developed for trading with a smartphone. The terms are outlined in an agreement which can be viewed at any time. The information is divided into categories, which reduces the search time many times over.

The site has statistics, graphs and analyses. Also, training and LST-IC investment review are available to clients. Registration is simple. To get access to your personal account, it is enough to fill out a small form. If there are difficulties, you can read the instructions, manuals and reviews about LST-IC. There is also a support service. The company always informs about risks, provides consultations and gives recommendations on the preparation of a financial portfolio.


It all started in 2018 with a small office working with a limited number of assets. Officially, the date ofthe foundation of LST-IC is considered 28.01.2020. There are large and small investors. More than a million accounts have been opened, and the annual turnover exceeds $ 25 billion. Detailed LST-IC review 2022  

LST-IC broker works honestly. The lawfulness of its activities is confirmed by:

There is also a license, and regulation is carried out by the FCA and the Estonian Supervision Commission EFSA.

The company does its best to make trading on Forex more transparent and accessible. In case of termination of the bank's activities, compensation is provided. A training account can be used for thirty days.

LST-IC is the best forex broker for beginners because you will find all the articles and blogs in a separate section. The training is always supervised by an expert, which is especially important for beginners.

The broker's reward is small and the minimum deposit amount on LST-IC is determined by the tariff.


You can download trading terminals on the website. There is a set of instructions and recommendations. Also, the company helps in compiling a financial portfolio. Customers' money is always separate. Access to the account is 24/7. There are no restrictions.

Traders have more than 120 instruments at their disposal. They can also be used when practicing skills during training.

Training is in an online format. But, at the same time, it takes place under the supervision of an expert. In addition to courses and webinars, there are useful articles, an information blog, and reviews about LST-IC so that everyone can figure it out.

A separate advantage of the broker should be considered the presence of trading signals.

Support Service

LST-IC works for the benefit of customers. Therefore, the support service responds quite quickly to the request. On average, a reply comes in half an hour, and it is not only possible to ask in Russian. It is worth using the form on the site, email, or even social networks to make a request. Support is available 24/7.

What do you need to pay for?

There is no commission for opening an account. LST-IC prescribes all payments in the agreement, with no additional charges.

The withdrawal reward is determined by the method chosen. Here it all depends on the bank and the service. For inactivity, the platform deducts around €10 (provided there is money on deposit). There are certain fees for active trading.

Working on Forex

The LST-IC broker offers flexible, transparent terms and reasonable commissions. Training and more than 120 tools are provided for traders. Here's what else you can get:

LST-IC trading permissions are divided into asset classes and countries.


LST-IC Exchange is a licensed intermediary offering flexible, understandable terms of cooperation. There is a bonus system, free training, and an official website. The platform works around the clock, without charging hidden payments.


-          Question: What is the minimum deposit amount?

-          Answer: The minimum deposit amount is $10.

-          Question: What types of orders does LST-IC provide?

-          Answer: The company provides the following list of permits: market, limit, stop limit order and stop market orders: stop loss and take profit.

Comments (20)
Ross Pol 05.12.2022

I was recommended by my friend and I was personally convinced that the company was not a scammer. The company works openly and I enjoyed it very much. The only thing I had to wait a little longer than the claimed 30 minutes for the customer support response.

Dzhekson Shennon 06.12.2022

After reading a few reviews on Lst-Ic I got interested and took my chances. I still like it, but we will see what will happen.

Bond Klayd 07.12.2022

Good broker, suitable for stock market trading. It is possible to start with a small deposit, which is ideal for beginners like me. I think this broker has no smell of fraud, but you have to decide for yourself.

Dzhordzh Rodni 08.12.2022

I liked the layout of the Forex website Lst-Ic . I liked the look of the site and found all the information I needed. I liked it very much.

Griffin Erl 09.12.2022

I have a great and deep knowledge of Forex Market and I am thankful for it. I thought that all our clients would feel comfortable and satisfied. I was happy with their service and I don't even think it is a scam.

Rayli Uilyam 10.12.2022

I have never been on the brokerage market before. I did a long research before I opened an account. I had my doubts, but it did not disappoint me. I am using it now.

Gibbs Malkolm 11.12.2022

At first I thought it was another scam, because everything looked so tempting. But it was really good, fully working service, which works without any pre-payment. The payment has not come yet, but the request is processed.

Mur Mark 12.12.2022

I have known Lst-Ic broker for a long time. It is the second company to which I have entrusted money and I have not regretted it. In a year of work there were no problems, I recommend it.

Griffit Dzherald 16.12.2022

I am not a crook, but I wish there were more assets. I am sure there is no problem with them, they are enough, but some contracts are missing.

Blek Tobi 17.12.2022

I am very impressed by the diversity of educational materials. Especially for beginners there is a lot of educational material. In addition, I was very impressed by the experts to whom I could ask for help. I took an online course and made up for all the gaps and realized what I was doing wrong. I understood what I was doing wrong.

Roberts Mervin 18.12.2022

The service is modern with instant trades, which is already good. I was informed of the risks immediately before signing the loan agreement, which already confirms that this is not another scam. I deposited my balance through the official payment system.

Bailey Emil 12.01.2023

I am SATISFied with Spreads at LST Inc. There are Accounts with Fixed and Floating Spreads. And also the is an ust Account that has a Spread from Zero. In Addition, LST Inc HAS A Promotion by Which Part of the Spread Is Returned.

Garrett Joshua 14.01.2023

Scalping Is My Tradegy for a Long Time. Although this is a nervous activity, I some! Like it More. And in this matter it is good the broker does not put sticks in the Wheels, But Helps to Trade. Which Broker to Choose? I Think Its Necessary to Trade with The Broker Has An Ecn Account. AFTER ALL, This Score Gives What Scalpira is Necessary, Instant Execution of Orders, Lack of Extension, and Spreads from 0 Points. My Choice is LST Inc, Which Just Has this Score. And there is Still Much Good to Him.

Atkinson Williamя 24.01.2023

I Decided to Trade a Crypt Here. The LST Inc HAS A Good CHOICE OF THEASE TOOLS. Now We have Launched Two More Cryptocurrencies: Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. And it is conveenient to trade. The Security Deposit of Transactions Is Reduced to 1 Percent, A Low Floating Spread and A Credit Shoulder 1: 100.

Harvey Moses 12.02.2023

Until Recently, Forex Market Was on the Level of Atomic Physics. Many Said that You Can Make Money, Even More - That You Can Lose Erything. I DID not risk it. BUT LAST AUTUMN Came to the FOREX ExHIBIVIBILIBION (Familiar, He Was a Trader with Experience, Brous Me). There was presented, as the Best Broker Was Told - LST Inc. The Girl Who Told Me a Little ABOUT FOREX AS A WHOLE, and the Offered to Just Try. Like, LST InC Has Many Opportunites to Bargain Without Investments. He Clarified with HIS FREEND WHETHER THIS SO at all, is the ANY POINT IN THE IGNORANT ALL to go theRE. He Said that it was Worth Trying, Suddenly It Will Work out. Actually, My Score Has Been Opened for More than Six Months, Initially i Still Spent a Month on a Demo. The Prospect of Opening aeal Account All Without Experience DID NOT ENTAIL ME. I Read a Lot of Books, Participated in Webinars a Couple of Times, Comrade Helped with Advice. The hedo deceded to open an Account, They Immedely Gave Me a No Deposit Bonus - A Little, Someting ABOUT $ 50 - A TRIFLE, BUT NICE. I Went Through All the Stages of Verification (In Fact, All this Bureaucracy with the Opening of the Account and Verification Passed QUICKY and WITHOUT NERVES). At first first i bargained on bonus, Later I Decided to Add it. AFTER 4 Months, I Accumulated Small Profits, SOME IMMEDIATELY WITHDREW. I can say right away that not everything is cloudless in my trade - of course I merged in the first months is decent, but I think this is my problem, like a beginner, I did not immediately react to changes in the market, but as For the LST InC Broker, Only Positive Emotions. I Hope Only it Will Be.

Peters Daniel 21.02.2023

When I Came to LST InC Four Years Ago, I Was Extremely Careful and Distrustful of the Entire Forex Market. Of Couurse, I Understood That Those Who Cold Earn Money, But Since Its A Completely Newcomer, Did Not Sedect Much on His Own. During All this Time, I, AS A TRADER, HAD MANY UPS and Falls, BUT THE LST Inc Broker EarNed My Respect by the Fact that Unpleasant Situates Helped to Figure IT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT) Once I Put An Application for Withdrawal of Funds, The Money Was Waritten Off From the Account, But They Vot Come To My Wallet. Of Course, I Was Nervous, The Amount Was Alread Decent, But It Turned out that it was a technical problem, and not the backer. They Helped to Solve, EVERYTHING CAME. There are no complaints ABOUT THE PLATFORM EITHER. Of Course, I Met Minor Slippers in Four Years, But this is the Spacificity of Trade for All Brokers, Somewhere More, and Somewhere Smaller, But it is. Otherwise, EVERYTHING IS Fine, The Lesson Is Quite Interesting and Fascinating. There is no reason to look for Another Broker, I Will Beter Already with The Proven, and Not Be Conducchedly Good Conditions of Broockers.

Stevenson David 25.02.2023

He began a year ago, DID not Indulge in Large Amounts, The Bonuses Tried To Use to the Maximum. I DRAined SOMETHING, If Profit, then Scanty. Only by 3-4 Months EVERYTHING SETLED A LITTLE, IT Became More Stable in Plus. IS SOMEHOW DIFFICult to Describe Specific Moments in Trade that Can Be Attributed to Positive. All that is good for the norm We Take! According to the General Indicators - a Spread, Conclusion, etc. EVERYTHING SUITS ME. Now I Trade on A Standard Dollar, I have not Replenined it for a Long Time. They Don’T Trade Gere on the News, So I Calmly Havy 2-3 Coupeles, Slowly Stuffing a Profit, I Take It Kiwi (I Don’t have Enough Webmani, of Course). The Conclusion is not Always Made at One Time, It Happens and Freezes for a Couple of Days, Somehow ASKED in SUPPORT-THEY THAT THEYTHEY THAT And I Also Read That They Have More than 2 Mil. Accounts. So Imagine How Many People Havy Chosen Instraction and Work, Well, It Cannot Be in that Eveld Be Happy For All 100, Basically the Trade winases me!

Edward Smith 04.03.2023

The platform is constantly updated by the latest functions, and the LST InC service team is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to answer any questions.

Daniel Patton 09.03.2023

The customer service team is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to answer any questions. I am very pleased with the experience with LST Inc

David White 18.03.2023

LST Inc provided me with excellent user experience, and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to open an account and start trade. I can also find all the information and resources

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