Momax Q. Power Plug Review

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Prepared a review of the Momax Q. Power Plug charger with wireless charging and built-in PowerBank. The perfect travel charger! The charger is already an integral part of our life. Agree, it doesn't matter where we go: to work, just to walk with friends or on a long trip - we definitely need to put a charger for our favorite device in our bag. It often happens that you take PowerBank with you, and you also need a charging cable to it, and a charging unit to the cable (to charge the same PowerBank). Given the dimensions of all this, in this case, you will have to take with you a whole bag set aside for chargers.

And that's just for one device. In order to simplify our life and save us from having to carry several chargers with us, Momax decided to make a "knight's move" and release its almost universal Momax Q.Power Plug charger with wireless charging and PowerBank. And we, in turn, did a full review on it in order to tell you in more detail about this device, its benefits and disadvantages. Package Contents and Design The Momax Q. Power Plug charger comes in a small box with a minimum configuration. In addition to the device itself and several attachments for integration for different sockets, there is a small user manual and a catalog from Momax. Since the Momax Q.Power Plug charger is intended for travel, it was logical that the company would provide for the possibility of different plugs in different countries.

Momax Q. Power Plug Review

That's why Momax put 4 attachments in the box at once, which will help you charge your MacBook, iPad or any other device with a USB-C connector anywhere in the world. The kit includes an adapter for: China standard plug (CN), European plug (EU), Australian plug (AU), and English plug (UK). The adapter replacement mechanism is very simple. You just need to attach the adapter to the standard plug of the charger. In order to do this, simply close the mechanism and install the adapter on the metal holder with one movement. Holds very securely. If you have already used an iPhone charger with a Chinese or American plug for which you need an adapter, you understand how much headache a simple charge can cause.

Either the adapter came off, the plug fell out, then you accidentally pulled on the wire and the charging is already on the floor - forget about it with Momax Q. Power Plug. The charger itself is made of plastic, but very high quality. The dimensions of Momax Q.Power Plug are very compact - 8.5 x 8.5 x 2.8 cm.The weight is also pleasing - only 245 grams. The company thought of everything and even the wireless charging stand - so that the body of your iPhone or Android device is not injured, they made a special silicone layer. The case has a built-in USB-C charging cable, as well as 2 additional USB-C and USB connectors. I must note that the built-in cable is very short (no more than 10 cm), so if you want to charge your MacBook and work, it won't work, you have to wait. The PowerBank can be turned on using a small button on the side of the charger. There is a charge indicator that shows how charged the device is.


First of all, I would like to highlight the capacity of the built-in battery, it is as much as 6700 mAh. For a device with such functionality and dimensions, these are impressive numbers. Further, the charging power should be noted: for the built-in Type-C cable with PD support, it is 12V = 1.5A, for wireless charging also 9V = 1A, for the USB-C connector and USB with support for Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 (provided that the appropriate cable is used ) up to 12V = 1.5 A. Experience of using Testil with an adapter to a standard European outlet. Charges with built-in USB-C cable very fast (up to 50% in 30 minutes). It is inconvenient to charge due to the fact that the cable is very short, but it is tolerable. If you already really need a longer cable, just take the original one and use it. As for wireless charging, I have comments here. Obviously, you need to position the device exactly in such a way that charging starts. Exactly in the middle - not a centimeter to the left or to the right. If you move it a little - charging is no longer going and it is a little annoying.

How is the Q. Power Plug charger charged? Simply plug the charger into an outlet and it will start charging. To use the Momax Q.Power Plug charger as a PowerBank, you do not need to charge it overnight. It took me 2 hours to fully charge the battery. The big drawback is the lack of built-in Lightning. Yes, I admit it, Momax viewed this device as a power supply to which a Lightning cable can be connected, but Android users can charge their device right away. 

The experience of using Momax Q. Power Plug if you have an iPhone 7 or lower will be a little unpleasant, because there is no way to use wireless charging. We'll have to continue to carry the cable with us.

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