How do I know that a broker works honestly? Let's take the example of Morris Capitals

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There are many companies on the Forex market which deceive their clients. Due to ignorance and inexperience, some traders encounter fraudsters, losing their money. They offer unprofitable conditions, charging additional fees not specified in the contract.

Morris Capitals is not a scammer. This is a stable trading platform that provides quality services. Works legally, has a full set of documents. There is no pressure from the employees. The team consists of professional financiers and managers who have enough knowledge to select a suitable investment product and account management.

The company has many positive reviews, indicating honesty, reliability, openness. It is trusted by traders with different capital and experience.

No one promises instant profits here, but there is detailed information about the risks. The broker has a clear site with a mobile version and a convenient application. The online terminal is also offered for trading. It has all types of orders and quite extended functionality.

Morris Capitals workswith SWIFT and a number of other payment systems. This is one of the best, safest intermediaries to work in Forex. No debts to clients, taxes are paid. Bonuses are rewarded for registration and bringing friends.

Does Morris Capitals work honestly?

Financial reliability is confirmed by audits. They also indicate compliance with the law, risk management systems, client protection and regulatory compliance. Morris Capitals is not a scammer, that's what points to the integrity of its work:

Morris Capitals is not a scam. The broker has free training, clear conditions, and the protection of client accounts is ensured through the use of advanced technology. Everyone receives a payout.

Unscrupulous middlemen. Morris Capitals is not one of them?

Fraud in Forex has long been a widespread phenomenon, causing serious financial damage to traders. Swindlers use different methods to deceive victims, but most often it all starts with false promises of profit. They invent fictitious schemes, forge documents, websites, which allows them to gain access to accounts and personal data.

Scammers have a lot of false trading signals, which they actively impose, as well as aggressive advertising. There is no secure connection, nor is there any information about risks.

Here are the signs that indicate an unscrupulous broker:

Scammers can open positions, buy assets, etc. without the trader's knowledge. They impose dubious strategies, call outside business hours, and make false promises.

Morris Capitals is not a scam,because there is no correspondence with the designated characteristics, and the legality of the activity is confirmed by documentation. Plus, there is control by the regulator. The broker cares about its customers, so it has a 24-hour support service, which can be contacted by phone and through the form on the website.


It is considered one of the best platforms. There are bonuses, free training, honest payouts. The company has a good reputation, high rating, many positive reviews. Morris Capitals pays taxes, does not cheat traders, so it is worth trusting.


Question: - May I see the statements?

Answer: - Yes. It's all in the public domain.

Question: - Have you sued the broker?                                           

Answer: - No.

Question: - Can I call Morris Capitalsonly on certain days?

Answer: - Calls are accepted around the clock.

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