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A broker is your most important ally in online trading. The success of your investment depends on the quality of the broker's service. What are the benefits you get from cooperation with the company? Consider the example of MSP Limited - reviews of the company can be easily found on Google.

MSP Limited scam?

Forex broker MSP Limited

The broker started its work in 2012. The company was registered in Zurich, Switzerland. Contacts of the main office area on the broker's website.

How to start cooperation Msp Limited review on registration

The broker offers many technical options to start cooperation. For this, the particular web software has been developed; in the case of MSP Limited it allows you to execute orders on the forex market, buy and sell assets, use leverage, and work with price difference contracts.

The MSP Limited trading platform provides 24/7 trading opportunities in the market. You can install the terminal using the link on the broker's website.

To start working with the company's terminal, you first need to become its client:
You must register and wait for a call from the manager with further instructions on how to proceed.

Then choose one of the broker's accounts packages. For beginners, the initial fee is small (welcome bonus of 30%):

You are passing the verification procedure. This is a procedure for confirming the identity and solvency provided by European legislation (AML, KYC). For verification, you need to verify your identity, provide a photo of your documents and a photo with a bank card, without specifying confidential data:

Next, open an account with the company, the details for replenishment will be provided to you by the personal manager of the company.

Isaac Cooperman, a 39-year-old shop owner from Edinburgh:

“It took me no more than three days to open a brokerage account with the company. I immediately had access to trading after opening an account. The broker has a wonderful system with trading signals that help me greatly. Managers send out the right signals and do their job perfectly. Overall, the company is very different from its competitors and has never let me down yet.”

Trading conditions with a broker, MSP Limited reviews

Opportunities for clients in working with the company:

Before starting cooperation, you need to study the conditions that are freely available on the company's website

Get support from a support service that works around the clock. The company offers a quick response to all customer inquiries. Support Contacts:

Then you can get training in trading, even without having basic knowledge. Training programs are partially included in different account plans, but you can order additional training services.

Dan Baker, a 37-year-old realtor from Belfast:

“I have many opportunities to make money with this broker. Assets are everything the market has to offer. Referral programs are popular: for example, I have already had my fifth referral in a few years. Account plans are profitable and convenient for customers. The main thing for me is that the broker is reliable; he has many years of experience and good guarantors from among eminent European banks.”


Talking advantages, reviews highlight such qualities there: professional support service, brilliant reputation, highly functional trading platform, low spreads, good conditions for new traders to the market.

Comments (36)
Collins Blaise 01.04.2022

How good that I read the reviews about ! this company is really the best! I can say this is the best company where I have invested and earned a lot of profit.

Blair Jack 21.04.2022

Plus Msp limited for replenishment through MTS. The commission is absent, the money comes to the account immediately. And it is convenient that the terminals of MTS are now everywhere, you do not need to go far. But the conclusion without a commission only on electronic wallets ... I would like to be on the card.

Higgins Piers 22.04.2022

I began to trade in Msp limited as a beginner three years ago. I trade here and still, because they offer many opportunities and excellent conditions for profitable trade. There is an option to start without a risk for a deposit on a demo or a wolk-bonus, as well as a lot of training materials and webinars.

Short Donald 27.04.2022

My friend and I took turns registering in different companies and compared the work of brokers. He doesn’t care where to trade in the midst, but I liked to scalp at Msp limited, the spreads are good, although not to admit all the tools. With the conclusion generally super, often I get on auto -workers, it would always be so.

Hancock Conrad 28.04.2022

For a long time he traded in Msp limited for a year and a half, then a friend knocked out to go to another broker. And recently I decided to try to return. Msp limited Changed beyond recognition. Even the site is different.) The operation of orders is even better, as is the conclusion. If earlier he was simply fast, now even authorship appeared. And he returned because of the new shares trading service. This is interesting, I have long wanted.

Norton Alban 29.04.2022

My friend and I opened accounts in Msp limited. While students decided to learn to trade and invest. They got well into the platform. It’s good that there is a mobile platform - when we learn to make transactions, to watch the market. I sharply choose tools, follow statistics, enter only clear transactions, I have been looking for a suitable moment for a long time.

Richard Stevens 02.05.2022

Once you begin to understand how the trading works in general, the understanding of importance of working with a decent broker like Msp limiteds will surely come along.

Earl Jones 15.05.2022

Yeah, if you want to think about entering the trading business, Grand Union can be a real revelation for you. They've got NO commission, and to me such things matter the most.

Randall Brown 27.05.2022

Msp limiteds experience can vary a lot from one trader to another, but I dont think a lot of people would put them ahead of the class. They're okay, that's it.

Rodney Lawson 30.05.2022

Had about four months of cooperation with this broker and those were best four months of my trading career. Didn't become extremely rich, but my profitability was skyrocketing and there are some even better prospects in the nearest future.

Martin Green 01.06.2022

I'm looking to develop my trading activities further, need a strong broker in order to do that... was thinking about this company here. What do you know about them, guys? Are they any good? I don't need any too sophisticated brokers, just a basic solid company to work with.

Robert Moore 13.06.2022

The platform U Broker msp limited, although she hangs, rarely, turned into support, they understand and accept complaints about consideration. According to reviews, I read that the conclusion lasts a long time. Yes, it really happens on the card longer, on email. The wallet is faster.

William Valdez 22.06.2022

No wonder Broker msp limited for so many years is one of the top brokers. I am a supporter of foreign exchange trade, someone prefers the stock exchange, but in any case, you can be sure of the reliability and transparency of transactions. Quotes always correspond to valid, and no one throws money for money. And although ideal brokers do not exist in principle, but Broker msp limited confidently strives for this level, IMHO

Frank Sullivan 23.06.2022

The best broker of all with whom I had a chance to work .. They just have gold specialists, how many times I have had, these are all people who are fully carried away by their business and specialists in the financial sphere. I work with Broker msp limited by auto -examination, because herself is still a noob, but I am very happy with them

Ronald McLaughlin 25.06.2022

I can say this about Broker msp limited - the first among equals. I know for sure that without studying their analysts, few of the professional traders open their trading day, once rotated in these circles. Through Broker msp limited the sea is available, choose what you want. And Broker msp limited always pays money, this is already by default everyone knows.

Lloyd Cooper 29.06.2022

For 3 years of work, there were claims, but everything was decided peacefully and in a short time. For any large company, we will assume a certain percentage of errors. This is the human factor. I trade myself on Russian actions. Of course there were losses, but I do not blame anyone except personal inexperience. Over the years, such troubles were less and less.

Howard Bell 09.07.2022

Recently stumbled upon this site. And very pleased. Without any difficulties, I can transfer and drive money. And most importantly to justify them

Lee Anderson 11.07.2022

I became interested in trading from a friend, he earned well in this matter, so he wanted to. Around then with Msp limited and met. I was pleased that the platform is directly sharpened for beginners, there is easy to understand the interface and there is training in the auction. At first I invested a little, it turned out quickly. Now I am actively working with a broker, I am pleased that he is reliable and gives out bonuses to the conclusion. In general, I am satisfied, I will continue to trade!

Herman Bishop 12.07.2022

I tried Msp limited, as they offer free Forex signals, and so far I have acquired benefits from the daily growth of points and 85 + % success, which is strongly recommended for high -quality FX signals.

Javier Griffin 17.07.2022

Zero pips, as a rule, are best suited for market scalping. It is also an incentive for daytime trade. Trade conditions are in order. The graphs do not break and do not hang, as I experienced in some places. The customer support service is also responding well.

Lonnie Price 19.07.2022

This is not the first time I have been contacting this wonderful brokerage company and while everything is very happy with everything.

Thomas Moore 03.08.2022

One of the most important things for profit in trade is the choice of a broker, Msp limited offers a high -quality brokerage site that will always influence traders and trade positively. The registration process is not restless and I must say that the deposit process is in order.

Rafael Bowman 11.08.2022

One of the few Forex companies, which has 10,000% transparency and will actually make you profitable

Daniel Smith 25.08.2022

Broker is normal if you know how to trade and your head on your shoulders can be earned, and stably. Everyone who complains about the drain, their hands are growing out of the wrong place, he was convinced of this repeatedly when he watched the trading of students.

Roland Carson 27.08.2022

I opened a demo to try what the essence of trading is. In fact, simple and understandable things were hiding behind complex words, and thanks to the training system Msp limited, it was not difficult to deal with everything. Now I opened a real account and wait for the first profit. Wish me good luck!)

Ernest Phelps 30.08.2022

I have been selling this broker for more than a month. The new office therefore opened a minimum deposit of $ 250. This amount does not allow trading full -fledged lots. But the broker provides the opportunity for a trading with the shoulder. I carefully use this strategy I mainly hedge the risk of a stop loss in the amount of five percent of the amount. I am not in a hurry with the withdrawal of funds.

Gibson Frank 06.09.2022

Not so long ago, he finally reached a truly worthy stable income. I will not say that this is completely my merit, since the broker’s staff tormented me)). There were many practical recommendations on their part about the investment portfolio. But it really worked

Jones Harry 07.09.2022

I have been working with a broker for about 4 years. Quite good conditions for spreads. Support is responsive. I also like that you can choose the option of executing orders. As I trade in a robot, it suits me very much.

Hodge Stewart 16.09.2022

Great technical support for the broker. I ran into the first time because the terminal flew out because of my own mistake, and with it the entire infa is personal. Directly step by step did everything directly with me. Everything was restored, for which many thanks. The service, of course, is really cool here, everything is very solid

Short Robert 16.09.2022

Several times I had to contact the technical support - Lagal terminal, so then everything was quickly repaired. And I also note such a steep chip as gift certificates for shares, now the head does not hurt when choosing presentations to the authorities or relatives.

Mason Donald 17.09.2022

I trade with Msp limited a couple of months, I used to trade with another broker, but he fell under sanctions, and the capabilities there were sharply reduced. Therefore, I had to cross. For a couple of months I appreciated the partnership with Msp limited.

Andre Romero 03.10.2022

You can contact the company's experts on almost any topic at any time. With Msp limited I feel confident, this is a fundamental feeling when working with a braking company.

Ernest Johnson 10.10.2022

Msp limited does not give reasons to be nervous. There are no lags in the terminal, internal translations are available, the spread does not burn the deposit, they are quickly executed according to the assets of different markets, which means the broker does not save on liquidity suppliers.

Robert Davidson 13.10.2022

Somehow I didn’t want to invest in my own and manage all this, now I’m better to spend time with my family than to sit and pour over the graphs and worry about any insignificant news. The brother was more versed in this topic and immediately said to go to Msp limited for advice on trust management.

James Hudson 15.10.2022

She opened a brokerage account in Msp limited, and therefore decided to start a card, which is very happy. I really like this broker. I trust him

Felix Montgomery 23.10.2022

Only recently I decided to invest my own money. It always seemed that this was a confusing and incomprehensible business, especially for such humanities as I did. But the Msp limited has well -composed webinars, after viewing everything became a little clearer. It seems to me that this not only increases financial literacy, but also destroys myths about "black" investment.

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