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In the current period, the forex currency market has already managed to become a rather important component of the economic world with cash flows estimated in trillions. The forex currency market itself is accessible to absolutely everyone, whether it is a businessman, a large monetary institution, or an ordinary student. For this purpose, brokers carry out training courses, webinars, trainings, etc., providing the opportunity to make a profit and earn their own capital on forex for absolutely anyone. In order to start earning, almost all young traders use different strategies and systems, which often are generally built on the use of different indicators. But the most experienced traders give preference to trading without indicators.

It is customary to consider that the price is a certain multifunctional indicator, which provides absolute information about the market. In addition, knowledge and the ability to apply all kinds of technical figures in the trade and analysis of the candles themselves increases the professionalism of the trader, and raises his trade to the newest level. What is indicatorless trading? The answer to this question is simple. First of all, this ability of a trader to correctly determine the levels of support and resistance. For this, the trader will not need practically any available resources or indicators.

Many traders believe that the use of different indicators in trading will enable them to profitably trade and predict the subsequent price movement. But this judgment is incorrect. We must not forget that first of all, in general, one should observe the behavior of the price and analyze the situation, revealing when and how the price behaved around one or another level of support or resistance.


The most common non-indicator strategies are:

1. Graphic, non-indicator strategies, which in most cases contain the creation of various channels, levels, figures;

2. Indicator-free systems in which the fundamental analysis is based;

3. Indicator-free strategies based on the behavior of price movements, as well as an adaptable risk management system.


It should be emphasized that indicatorless trading can seem rather complicated. Thus, trading without indicators using fractals, the system will require the construction of rather complex fractal patterns and the most complete analysis in order to establish accurate entries. However, despite all the initial difficulty of indicator-free systems, over time, the trader should take less time for a detailed analysis.

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