How the new infrastructure law affects the use of electric scooters

Overview of innovations for electric scooters 27 / 09 / 21 Kuantyay Sabaaymi Visitors: 311 Rating: ★★★★

The infrastructure law approved in recent days introduces several innovations for electric scooters, but the government has decided not to include the obligation of insurance for the owners of this vehicle, leaving the tax only for rental companies. Yet, among those who own a scooter, there are many who are inclined to protect themselves so much so that almost 1 in 3 drivers has already purchased insurance coverage.

Looking at the data from the survey commissioned by to the mUp Research and Norstat institutes, it emerges that 17.3% have coverage for any driving injuries, while 16% have a third party damage policy. But the percentages could rise soon, because 30.7% are considering signing up for coverage, while 1 in 5 responded to the survey saying they were unaware of these products.

How popular are Italy scooters? According to the survey, about 2.5 million Italians use the electric scooter today. The vehicle seems to have conquered everyone: men and women use it equally (7%), while if you look at the age of the driver it emerges that it is particularly widespread among young people aged 25-34 and 18-24. .

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