The price of gold fell below $ 1,800 an ounce

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The price of gold in the middle of the city is slowly declining after a two-day increase, according to data from today's trade. The newspaper expects important statistics on Friday - the data on unemployment in the United States.

The value of the April gold scaffolding in New York reduced Somex by $ 3.35, or 0.19%, to $ 1,798.15 per trio.

At the same time, the price of maple fuchsia futures increased by 0.27% to $ 22,657 per capita.

Over the past two days, gold has fallen on the background of the weakening dollar, which traditionally supports the price of precious metal. During this time, our price will increase by a total of 0.8%, while the index of the dollar (the exchange rate will be the same as the currency of six countries per day). The dollar index fell by another 0.1%.

Investors are waiting for the data on unemployment in the United States in January, which will be published on Friday. Analysts believe that unemployment has remained at the December level of 3.9%, and that the number of unemployed in the non-agricultural sector has reached 150 per cent. The Statistics on Unemployment is an important economic indicator, which is taken into account by the Federal Special System of the United States.

"o-clab from the ochaĸvanoto doĸlad mozhe ea ppedizviĸa ĸypyvane na zlato since ĸato otclabva peshimoctta na Fed ea povishi lixvenite ppotsenti, maĸap and camo leĸo" ĸazvat analizatopi from the DaіluFH.som, tsitipani from the Wall Ѕtreet Јournal.

According to SME Group, almost 90% of the analysts expect the Fed to increase the interest rate in May to 0.25-0.5%, the rest expect an increase to 0.5-0.75%. At the same time, one-third of the analysts predict that by the end of the year the rate on the base interest rate in the US will reach 1.25-1.5%.

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