Part of the business went underground because of what?

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The share of the shadow economy in the Polish economy is 18.9 percent, which is 0.6 percentage points less. more than in 2021 — according to the latest data from the Institute of Economic Forecasts and Analysis. According to him, by the end of the year it may increase even to 19.4%.

Experts explain that the war in Ukraine and the sanctions imposed against Russia have seriously shaken economic relations in Europe. Poland's acceptance of a huge number of refugees means serious challenges for social policy and its financing. In addition, operating costs are rising due to increased costs for energy, raw materials and wages. - In addition to the tax and administrative burden, low legal transparency or the need to meet requirements, for example, related to environmental protection, these are factors that companies prefer to move their business underground. In order to look for savings," says Krzysztof Lapinski, vice president of IPAG.

We are also dealing with a slowdown in economic growth, as well as the ongoing negative impact of the pandemic, which is why services are focusing on eliminating its consequences, rather than checking the legality. All this contributes to the functioning of the shadow economy. - Companies see more benefits from staying in it than from legalizing business, even taking into account the degree of risk, - adds Jacek Fundovich, Vice President of IPAG

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