Security experts from Pediainvest: scam attacks have become more frequent

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Today we will learn how to determine who is a scammer. Pediainvest gives tips to learn how to identify dangerous signals.

According to brokers who work on Forex, cases of fraud have recently become very frequent on the Internet. This can be explained by the growing popularity. Access to trading - everything is easier (the minimum deposit can be only a few hundred euros). The situation was affected by the pandemic around the world, when many lost their jobs and began to look for alternative sources of income.

Fraudsters are constantly developing and improving their schemes. The main scheme is a company that does not exist takes money from customers for services that do not exist.

What Pediainvest told us about this: scammers target newcomers to the market because they do not have enough knowledge and experience. The company's experts provided us with the main recommendations - what to look for in order to calculate the fraudulent scheme in no time.

The broker will promise you a profit that will exceed the average market one at a time. If your account manager refuses to predict a drawdown in asset rates, this also does not inspire confidence. There cannot be large stable incomes in the Forex market, the value of shares, currencies and assets in the market is constantly changing.

Tips for traders from scam security team

Companies that do not have their own website should not be trusted. The presence of advertising is not a guarantee that the company is real. Maybe they are just trying to lure you out of money for the services of a company that does not exist.

If cooperation has not yet begun, do not agree to any advances from your company.

Scam Scam can be stopped: Any attempt to get your money before the contract is signed is most likely a scam. Scam can be stopped:

Do not do business with companies that are registered on the islands or in Latin American countries. European and American legal regulations are the most demanding and reliable in the field of finance. And the law works in such a way that companies are liable at the place of registration, and not at the place of residence of their clients. Scam check tip: Don't pay for the secrets of success.

If they are trying to sell you ready-made trading strategies with promises of accurate high results, most likely you are dealing with a scam company. The truth is that success in trading comes with learning and self-education, and of course with experience.

Pediainvest Scam check team warn: Ignore companies without their own trading platform.

This, first of all, indicates that the company has no resources (the intermediary cannot pay for the development of its own platform and cannot pay for the rent of MT5 or another terminal), as well as that you will need to pay for intermediary services. But in some cases, this also indicates a possible fraud, when the platform does not exist, the company is not a broker in fact, but only wants to get your money.

Do not trust brokers without a description of tariff plans and documents. An honest company will not hide its rates or talk about a "custom approach". Just as he will not hide the documentation on the security of confidential data, the user agreement, a warning about possible risks. Scam security protection: Avoid companies with hidden contact details. The broker is an important participant in trading, he provides both advice and technical capacity. Good companies allow their customers to stay in touch using various means (e-mail, phone, or a letter to the company's address).


Knowing the signs of fraudulent schemes, it is very easy to avoid fraud in the Forex market. Pediainvest scam check specialists warn that it is enough to recognize the signals that we indicated in the article in order to understand that you are faced with a scammer. If you follow the advice of professionals, you can keep your confidence and savings!

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Miles Robert 01.02.2022

Real account within 1 day of work, good broker and good support, definitely an alternative for all other account grounds

Hopkins Christopher 07.02.2022

Broker is very good. Trading platform is very profitable. There are many trading currency pairs to choose from. And the main thing is that they do not abandon the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, and this is the most common platform in the world. And there is a web terminal.

Bennett Jonas 21.02.2022

I really liked the broker. So far I can really give the maximum rating! The conditions are very good for both a beginner and an experienced trader. With the right approach and knowledge, it is quite possible to get a very good result.

Welch Tracy 24.02.2022

Good forex robot. I tried it for a month already, and it did not make me rich, but did not lose it all overnight. ;-) I think I will continue to try it at the moment

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