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Would you like to trade in currencies, stocks, metals, indices and earn on it? Then the CapitalHall broker is the company that you need. The company began active operations only in 2017, but has already won the trust of experienced traders. The offices of CapitalHall operate in the UK and Germany.

Proven in practice – Capital Hall – not scam

Appearing on the market not so long ago, CapitalHall broker immediately offered potential customers a wide range of services.
Up to this date, the list includes:
1. Open positions on the Forex. CapitalHall are not scammers, and therefore this company offers to conduct trading using the advanced and proven MetaTrader4 trading terminal. MT4 is the most suitable program for working on the financial exchanges. It eliminates the possibility of sagging the system and allows you to maximize the trading volume. Another advantage of MetaTrader4 is the protection of user personal data. Representatives of Capital Hall regularly conduct system maintenance to make the work of their customers even more comfortable and effective.
2. Basic training of trading. If you have never worked in this field before and you know about Forex only theoretically, you still can benefit from cooperation and trading at CapitalHall. Testimonials of the beginners claim that the company provides quality training in working with the MetaTrader4 platform. Newcomers can get the desired result from the operations, and company provides each client with the advice of technical specialists.
3. Affiliate program. Each client can connect other traders to CapitalHall and receive payments from the results of their activities. Detailed conditions for payments under the Capital Hall affiliate program can be discussed in an individual format, as they depend on the partner’s activity and the type of account.
4. Technical support. For increasing the efficiency of clients’ work, CapitalHall provides round-the-clock technical support. Experienced specialists of CapitalHall help to solve all types of issues. Another proof that CapitalHall are not scammers is an accelerated withdrawal of funds and a facilitated system of personal accounts. The company has created all the conditions to make the withdrawal of customer funds as fast as possible.

Great opportunities for large-scale earnings

The CapitalHall brokerage company has a large number of tools for working on the currency, stock and commodities exchanges. Each client can take the opportunity that suites him better:
1. Trade the CFDs, contracts for difference. It is a kind of exchange trades, when traders of CapitalHall do not earn on the buying or selling of a certain group of goods itself, but only on the difference in buying and selling price. Assets list for such trades can include precious and non-precious metals, energy (oil, gas, coal) and raw materials (cacao, coffee, etc.)
2. Currency pairs trading. CapitalHall allows you to earn with 50+ currency pairs, the correct choice of which brings traders large fortunes. Experts at CapitalHall can get important clues about working with currency pairs as a part of training for beginner traders.
3. The ability to trade commodities. Those assets can include platinum, coffee beans or oil. Thanks to CapitalHall’s leverage, traders can buy and resell commodities in very large quantities.
Unexperienced traders do not have to use all the listed symbols. In order to study how the Forex market works, seems better to start with a single trading category. It is important to take into account that CapitalHall are not scammers and therefore company works with the limited number of cryptocurrency assets – they do not promise you all the tokens for trading at once, having only the proven ones.

CapitalHall types of accounts

Each client decides which account to open at Capital Hall. Reviews from traders prove that the terms of cooperation are equally beneficial regardless the chosen type of the account:
1. Advanced. To create such an account, the client must deposit at least $ 2,000. Spreads range up to 2.5 pips.
2. Pro. The most popular type of account among traders, which requires a deposit of $ 10,000, but it reduces spreads to 1.5 pips.
3. Expert. It requires a large investment of money – starting at $ 50,000, but this deposit allows customers to reduce spreads to 0.1 pips.
No matter which account type is chosen by the trader, the size of the leverage is the same – 1: 300. Thanks to this, each partner of CapitalHall gets the opportunity to use the trading volume 300 times more than he had deposited. Other advantages of opening an account and working with CapitalHall include the following:
• open large positions up to 50 lots;
• open unlimited number of positions;
• use scalping;
• open risk-free trades guaranteed by the CapitalHall;
• receive additional bonuses when opening an account.
Another proof of the fact that CapitalHall is not a scam is the Stop Out level which is equal to 5%.
Do you want to work on Forex with the help of CapitalHall specialists? Feel free to contact the managers of the company for technical advices. This will allow you to start trading with maximum confidence and get good monetary results.

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  1. Ben 09.07.2018 #
    A week ago I opened an account in Capital Hall. Now I share impressions. If objectively, the broker as a broker, he is normal, with real deals, not the kitchen. Well, young, well, just showed up. But if you do not know this (and do not know that in fact, old brokers are not that old either !!!), then no doubt at all. Execution of transactions is fast, spreads are not large, lower than many. The withdrawal tried once, for the sake of test. I withdrew 10 bucks, filled one form, the money came to the card somewhere in 40 minutes. There is no rate for withdrawal, only a percentage of my bank was. While of course there is no insurance for the insurance accounts, no other extra services. Well, the packages are not enough, it’s weird immediately to climb into the VIPs. I would like of course that there was a greater choice. Yes, and some bonuses for topping would not hurt.
    1. Gordon 16.07.2018 #
      I thought to open an account in TeleTrade. But I estimated that for independent trade this is not even an option, and commissions are too high. So, purely upon spreads and commissions I chose the Capital Hall broker, here I trade a little more than a month. It seems kind of profitable. Previously, I had a stable plus only on demo accounts, on ordinary could down into negative, and a good profit was to be honest only due to luck. But now I seriously began to learn and try to work clearly on the strategies. With Capital Hall throug low spreads it is convenient. True, not without drawbacks. But managers if you need will help and more or less explain how to place orders to go to zero or at least not a big minus. The fact that there is no native demo account in Capital Hall is certainly a drawback, but if you have a basic knowledge, then you will already learn it, I think.
      1. Jeremy 21.07.2018 #
        I’ve registered in Capital Hall, put Meta Trader 4, threw three hundred to begin with, loaded the documents. Trade opened automatically, then the manager called back to clarify and offer some additional stuffs, but in general everything worked. Glad for this speed. For a week more or less everything was tested, and I can tell. Orders are really executed quickly. Opening in a second, closing a little slower. And consequently while the gap is mad, time can increase to five or seven seconds. In the medium term, in principle, trading is normal. I would not dare to scalp on such a gap, not enough experience. Input is without commission, withdrawal is to the card, there is also no commission. But in case of card, then there can be a commission of the bank itself.
        1. Riko 30.07.2018 #
          In Capital Hall I have my first real deposit, before there were only demo accounts. Of course, the demo eventually came to life, but it’s unrealistic deals, so they will not profit from them. In general, the conditions here are all ok. Spreads here are static, fixed, in themselves very sane, so you do not lose the deposit. Well, the analyst here is worthwhile, so I try to trade on it, as long as it turns out. The profit though not great, but there is.
          1. Vevo 02.08.2018 #
            I left Alpari when they began to swell the spreads much. Approximately after the new year, I opened an account with the broker Capital Hall. Before that to be honest I heard very little about it, but in general the web reviews about Capital Hall convinced me. What can I say. Input and output are fast, they count the current rate of the bank, withdraw is without commission. Orders are executed clearly and with no requotes. Tech support … It’s not too bad, but of course I would like see greater number of staff.
            1. Andre 06.08.2018 #
              I have been working with Capital Hall since February 1, and still I did not face more or less serious problems. At least orders are processed quickly and clearly and the broker does not open strange left trades on my account (yes it happens). Quotations in principle in the market. And the spreads were static, do not jump when the market was jumping. Support answers rather quickly, but only by phone and mail. I would like to see a chat or for example in the viber.
              1. Sam 09.08.2018 #
                I fell for a share of Veltreyd in honor of the decade, there were distributed bonuses. But quickly realized that the rest of the conditions there are not very satisfing. Therefore, I withdrew the money and opened at Capital Hall. There spreads are lower and no commission for withdrawal. And, it seems to me, money is being withdrawn faster. For example, yesterday I put the money on the card, and it came to me within an hour. It’s happening faster, in principle. Input is also quick, within 10 minutes. True, there are no bonuses and no contests.
                1. Milo 15.08.2018 #
                  A couple of months as I trade from the account of Capital Hall. In general, there were no global ambushes, everything worked fine. Once, the order was stuck, I contacted the consultant, he transferred to the technical department, all rather quick was decided. In general, I think that here one of the most normal conditions for commissions, and on quotations, and on spreads. True, there is no demo account as such, if someone starts from scratch, it will be quite difficult.
                  1. Angel 19.08.2018 #
                    I began to work with Capital Hall recently, basically broker as a broker. For me, it was important to have a normal analyst and to call from a not very large amount. Well, and that the broker was not a kitchen, and that the transactions in the outside go, and not just the deposit merged))) Of those that I reviewed, Capital Hall had fairly low and static spreads, firstly, and the platform Meta Trader, version 4 to which I’m used, secondly. Withdrawal seems kind of normal, in an hour or two after filling out a bid.
                    1. Alex 31.08.2018 #
                      CapitalHall is a quite good broker, processes orders quickly, spreads are adequate, no requotes. But of course you should take some company’s and managers’ words with a grain of salt. For instance, the site states that money is withdrawn at once. In fact it takes from half an hour to a couple of days. Not a week like at other brokers’, but I felt nervous. By the way, there’s no fee. And money was deposited at once and also with no fee charge.
                      1. Karter 03.09.2018 #
                        The first month with CapitalHall account has passed, so I’ll share my impressions. The company is all-in-all O.K., everything functions consistently, orders are processed fast. As for requotes – I didn’t have such cases, I trade in the medium term. Sometimes I place limit orders, they are processed straightway. The company’s gaps – not enough additional services and only MetaTraider terminal for work. That aside, everything is fine.
                        1. Filom 08.09.2018 #
                          I fell for Finam advertisement which declared they fully secure investments from the negative balance. Well, I am a newbie, you can’t blame me. I didn’t like it there, so I came over to CapitalHall. There is the same security here, plus spreads are lower, at least for main currencies. I like the withdrawal procedure, it’s quick and clear. Although I don’t like that the company has no similar additional services, and also no webinars, they would be very useful for newbies.
                          1. Kate 14.09.2018 #
                            I needed a broker holding in with scalpers. I already had the experience of working with some companies, and it wasn’t that good. For example, LiteForex and RoboForex often dragged feet and cancelled several pips transactions or requoted. I read forums and decided upon CapitalHall broker, due to its being complimented on its speed, and also because it had a good Yen spread. So I opened an account within 5 minutes, deposited a couple hundred and started trading. Spreads are static and not steep. All transactions are executed, no cancellations. I don’t remember any terminal disconnections. The only draw back in my view is the support working by the phone (and not always you can get through on the first try), I think it would be better for them to work in a chat or by Viber.
                            1. Kity 20.09.2018 #
                              When I opened an account with Capital Hall three months ago, I did not even provide any documents. As I remember, the opening was quick and easy. I did not scan my papers, and did not need any help from the bank. Everything was online, simple and convenient. Before that, I spent some time talking with the manager to understand the details. The one thing that even bribed me – the guy honestly said that I should not hope for a wide range of services. The company recently entered the market and much is simply not available, such as demos or webinars for traders. But from what exactly is already available, he called an excellent team of analysts and the speed of the system. And he did not deceive me! Orders do not really hang in the office, the processing takes a few seconds. Well, and there is no requotes, respectively. I tried to trade with the help of native analysts. No complaints, although of course I looked at the indicators for safety. There is a clear lack of financial instruments, for example, a package for scalping, after all, the metatrader must be upgraded. But in general, the broker is stable, you can trade, I am satisfied.
                              1. Zorc 26.09.2018 #
                                I did not even expect to see so many reviews about Capital Hall. In early May, when I just opened an account here, there were very few feedbacks. Judging by the fact that for 4 months the number of reviews has grown so much, the people have already understood that the broker is quite fit, offers trading conditions and can work with it. I will not hide, there are jambs on trifles, well, and who does not have a disconnection or slippage? generally I do not know such brokers. Moreover, this happens here only a couple of times a month. But it’s cool, that there are no problems with the withdrawal, a maximum of an hour, and your money is already in your wallet, or even in a half an hour. Input is similar, for a couple of moments, and there is no commission for input and output, generally pleases. For a beginner it will be difficult for the first time, Capital Hall does not have any training webinars and demo / micro accounts too. Well, I think so, although I himself began with five hundred and everything is ok now.
                                1. Victor 01.10.2018 #
                                  I am writing hot on the trail. Two days ago I opened an account in Capital Hall. Listen, it’s for the first time, that there are no usual song and dance. I threw in three hundred at once and trade opened automatically. In conditions there is a leverage of 1: 300, and no matter what your acc, at least vip, even the base one. Spreads are also the same, both there and there, static and rather low. There is something to compare, and I saw higher. Excellent, that there is no commission for withdrawal. Until I tested it, it’s clear that you need to wait for the first profit first. There is no commission for input too, and they consider the current rate of the bank at the moment. Platform Meta Trader 4 on the base package gives not a lot of tools, as I already figured out, but for starters it is quite good. Already managed to communicate twice with support, tested them)). The first time I got through at once, and in the second for the experiment I put on a dial-up and the tube was uped somewhere about in a minute.
                                  1. Nick 04.10.2018 #
                                    There is a great working experience with BCS Broker, I was satisfied with almost everything there. But then all of a sudden some not so much necessary options and were added paid functions, which are provided in decent companies for free. For example, everyone was forced into the use of SMS-informing service. I calculated that the profit decreased against the background of constant infusions. I’ve gave up, read reviews and went to Capital Hall, and still no complaints. Tech assist pleases, I usually dial up from the first time. Consultants are thoughtful and it feels that they are experienced, of the loop, always advise on the case. The functionality itself is not as advanced as I would like, but on the other hand there are low spreads and an operative output to a card or wallet.
                                    1. John 09.10.2018 #
                                      It became uncomfortable to work with Forex Finance, they began to inflate the spreads and I had to look for a new broker. Was told to try Capital Hall. Although a young broker, but it seemed to had a chance to prove themselves. Reputation is still gaining, but reviews are positive mostly. Yes, the spreads are actually encouraging, static, do not jump in the stormy days. And in general, they are not high. Still it is pleasant, that there is no commission for input-output. Plus, you can fill your hand at work with the cryptocurrency, there is such an opportunity. At the very beginning, only one thing that bothered me, they work with one platform, and I have no experience with Meta Trader. While I was thinking it up, until I’ve dealt with it, I spent some time anyway. There is a lack of terminals’ choice, I mean it.
                                      1. julia 13.10.2018 #
                                        Well, what can I say. I have not experienced much yet, I opened the account at Capital Hall only three weeks ago. Okay, I got out of the minus and made the first withdrawal. Only 20 bucks, but they are mine, in addition, I did it quickly, in only half an hour. Excellent, that there is no commission for the withdrawal, there is only a bank fee. I can not say that I became a specialist, but I am quite satisfied with the work with the broker. Let’s see how it will be. Transactions open very quickly, close in 2-3 seconds, maybe faster. Here everything depends on the volatility. Norm spreads, static. Compare, of course, here is lower than many brokers from the top. But what was uncomfortable, there are no training webinars and micro accounts. Although on reall money you will learn how to work faster than with demos.
                                        1. Maximus 19.10.2018 #
                                          It’s all clear. Register on Capital Hall, put the Meta Trader terminal 4, throw the amount and load the documents. I poured three hundred bucks to start. Trade started automatically, and then the manager called to clarify what to do. The speed is excellent, I checked everything in one week, tested it. Orders fly, there’s a couple of seconds here, well, maybe in the gap, the efficiency drops to five seven seconds. I still not risk to scalp, I do not have much experience, but in the mid-term trading it is normal. There is no commission for withdrawing, and to input too. When you withdraw funds to the card, only the bank interest goes and that’s it.
                                          1. Zeng 21.10.2018 #
                                            I’ve been working with Capital Hall for about a year. There is a lot to talk over. Orders are executed quickly, almost instantly, but it happens that they might slow down while the volatility. Do not had requotes, to be honest, there were no great problems with the system at all. Spreads are low, static, not jump dashingly into the storm. With the withdrawal there are no snags at all. You only must be verified before this. I firstly wanted simply to withdraw, and then with the help of support I was looking for my money. By the way, support has never failed.
                                            1. Nikolas 23.10.2018 #
                                              It will be a year soon as I work with Capital Hall. It was a long time to figure out what’s what. There were no force majeure, large problems or controversial situations with support during this time. Stable fast execution of orders, one or two seconds. There are moments in the period of volatility, when it may take more time, but not critical. During my medium term, I never got into requotes. The traditional wish for scalpers is to be attentive and careful, regardless of the broker you are trading with. Regarding the spreads, I can say that I work mainly with CHF, and there it is generally lower when compared with the market. In addition, they do not jump, because they are static. For output, it is enough to pass the verification once, before the first time. True, I did not see this information anywhere, I just sent money, and then for a long time I couldn’t understand where they went. I had to deal with the support, but they did it, and the withdrawal itself was already quick.
                                              1. Angelika 27.10.2018 #
                                                Three months ago I opened an account with broker Capital Hall. The procedure itself was simple, did not scan any documents and did not need any references. All is done through the Internet, transparent, convenient. Before this, with the help of support, I studied all the doubt and figured out. The manager immediately warned that the company entered the market not so long ago, therefore, so far, it cannot please us with a wide range of services. For example, there are no webinars, demo accounts, promotions or bonuses. But at the same time, the bet was made on strengthening the team of analysts and speed of execution. Everything is just like that. The processing of orders takes a minimum of time, a couple of seconds, and that’s all, nothing hangs in minutes. Well, there is no requote. I tried to trade with my own analytics, I liked it, I just have to look at the indicators for security. I’m waiting for add tools, such as a special package for scalping. In general, the impressions are pleasant, a stable broker, no essentially complaints for system.
                                                1. Feriki 31.10.2018 #
                                                  Recently I got into the network to read feedbacks about the Capital hall. When I opened an account here at the beginning of the year, there were practically no reviews, and now there are not so many. Maybe someone will come in handy my opinion. Over the six months of work, I realized that I had not lost the decision to trade here. Broker is adequate, good trading conditions, you can work and get profit. Some small bugs happen, in a way, but to be honest, I’m skeptical that someone does not have slips or breakages. This, if it happens here, well, maybe two or three times a month while active trading. There were no requotes. Trouble-free withdrawal, half an hour or an hour of everything, and the money is already coming. Input is also fast, and there is no commission for input-output either. Yes, do not wait, demos, micro accounts and training webinars are not here. It did not strain me. I immediately started with five hundred and I sit in profit.
                                                  1. Hannah 02.11.2018 #
                                                    Here is hot review about working with the broker Capital hall. I registered only the day before yesterday. I quickly checked in, replenished the account, poured in three hundred bucks and the trading started automatically. Terminal MetaTrader 4. Initially, there are not so many tools, there are no great stuff, but for a newer, it’s just what he needs. As for the conditions of a broker, a leverage of 1: 300 is the same for VIP packages and basic ones. And spreads are equally static everywhere, by the way, lower than many have. No commission for withdrawal. The withdrawing itself has not yet been tested, of course. Input similarly is without interest and at the current rate of the bank. I had a chance to check the work of support ))) I communicated a couple of times, initially I got through at the first attempt, and the next time I set up redial, but I was less lucky, I had to hang on the line a minute.
                                                    1. Jillian 05.11.2018 #
                                                      There was a good experience with BKS Broker, until they began to embed paid functions and take money for some trifles, such as SMS information, that is, in principle, should work for free. I thought that here I would lose faster than I would find. I started up in the Capital Hall, and still satisfied. I must say that there are fewer functions than we would like. But here is a fast withdrawal on a wallet or a card, and low spreads. By the way, as for the withdrawal to a bank account, I do not recommend it. The money will come, but it can take a long time, up to 3 days, the banks work in this way. Support pleases me, I think, at Capital Hall it is more adequate. Dialing is fast, though not always on the first attempt, but the employees are competent. It feels like managers are collected by their experience, and they are practicing trading, they do not advise too much and at the same time they give all the necessary info.
                                                      1. Martin 09.11.2018 #
                                                        The last couple of weeks I went into trading with Capital Hall. The first impression is quite positive. The broker does not put a commission on withdrawal, only the bank. Quick opening of deals, closing in a couple of seconds. There is a dependence on volatility, not without it. Spreads are low and static. So far, I may not have received the full picture in that time, but I got out of the minus and took the first cream, my first twenty))) and in just half an hour. It is a pity that there is no training, demos and micro accounts. But on the other hand, working in real mode with real transactions there is a chance to get more necessary experience.
                                                        1. Karl 11.11.2018 #
                                                          On my list are gold and oil. If the conditions of the broker do not suit me, I calmly part with it. I leaved Forex Finance when they decided to inflate spreads. Now trading with broker Capital Hall. Yes, the reputation has not been gained yet, still young. I liked feedbacks, it is clear that they were written by real and experienced people. The first contact did not disappoint me. Spreads are really adequate, as it was presented. They are fixed, do not jump with the market in a storm, and on average in the market lower compared with alternative options. It’s nice that there is no commission for input and withdrawal. I was also curious to play with cryptocurrency, it turns out that the broker has such an opportunity. That’s what upset me a little, so is the terminal. I did not work with MetaTrader 4 before, it took time to study. I did it, but it would be nice to have a choice of terminals.
                                                          1. Raffael 16.11.2018 #
                                                            I will not lie, It is impossible to affirm that Capital Hall is the best broker in the market. Normal and stable, that’s for sure. And still young, so do not expect a huge list of services, entertainment and all sorts of things. No demos and micro accounts, by the way. I poured three hundred to start. If there were demo, I’d play around with them to perfect my line. But I heard that a company with demos and micro accounts can be a kitchen that does not give real money. Static spreads are adequate. If you compare with equivalents in the market, it is even lower. What I looked it were AUD and NZD, and the yen too. Money is withdrawing quickly, an hour or two, no more. There was no standard brokerage commission for card withdrawal, cool, only bank interest is taken if it by default. Yes, introducing the means is also quick and by the current rate. So decide for yourself who is the best for you.
                                                            1. Fill 20.11.2018 #
                                                              I said goodbye to that much-vaunted Robo Forex, we got off on the wrong foot. In my currencies, the spreads were bloated and overpriced. Moved to Capital Hall because of much lower spreads, besides fixed. Static spreads provide an opportunity to plan a strategy even when the entire market shakes. Conveniently. In addition, there is no commission for withdrawal. Earn and withdraw at least every day. Also, I’m used to the traders’ tournaments, I don’t have enough of it here, there’s no entertainment like holiday promotions or bonuses for cash injections. And it would be good to add webinars.
                                                              1. Oleg 28.11.2018 #
                                                                An excellent choice for connoisseurs and connoisseurs of scalping! So far, I think that Capital Hall has the most operational and stable system, everything is clear, nothing flies out nowhere, deals are completed in seconds, there are no requotes. Regardless of the amount, enrollment is fast, especially from the card and webmoney. So far, I made withdrawal only on the webmoney, it took about an hour for everything. And there was no commission.
                                                                1. Zork 04.12.2018 #
                                                                  If we evaluate on a ten-point scale, then I would bet “a seven” to Capital Hall broker. Disadvantages: you can not get through from the first time, only few ways to contact support, there is no choice of terminals, and the one (MetaTrader) that is – not the most convenient, IMHO. No webinars, contests and promotions. Advantages: the support is always ready to help and prompt, full information is given on all questions, orders have not been canceled even once, there were no unpleasant surprises, static spreads are kept at the level while the whole market is in a fever, quotes correspond to the market.
                                                                  1. Timmy 07.12.2018 #
                                                                    For six months of trading with this broker, I did not have a single point of misunderstanding, from registration and to this point. I opened the account in a minute, immediately called back from the support team, told in detail how the system works, answered all the questions, suggested where to look for spreads and what positions they are now. They also explained the mechanism of withdrawal, which commissions are there. They gave a short briefing on the Meta Trader 4 terminal, and also sent a link to the instruction for mandatory reading. Put on the account of three hundred dollars (currency is introduced by the way at the current rate of the bank). Immediately automatically started trading. Month passed, the flight was normal. While I was settling in, I got out of the first minus to profit and keep the course, I work with its native analytics. I did not have requotes and cancellations, as well as disconnects. Sometimes I get irritated by the dial tone, the lines are often busy, it would be more convenient to communicate with the support online. I hope the chat window on the site will soon be screwed.
                                                                    1. Kirk 10.12.2018 #
                                                                      When I changed the broker, the question arose about switching to another terminal. Before Capital Hall, I never worked with the Meta Trader platform at all. But I decided that, for the sake of broker conditions, I was ready to master the new system, moreover, to be honest, this is the worst thing I could expect after leaving Ci Trader))) By the way, Capital Hall has no commission for input-output. Before registering, I talked quite tightly on the phone with technical support. The managers said that despite some differences in work, the logic of actions for all terminals is the same. They reassured by the fact that there is the most detailed instruction, besides, the support is always ready to enter the position of a beginner, they will prompt and support with advice. I weighed everything and decided to open an account, for a start I poured 300 dollars. After a couple of months of confident and stable work I raised to a thousand. Most often I put a pending order, there have never been failures, everything is executed quickly and clearly. With the withdrawal of money, there are no problems at all, the request takes about 15 minutes, and about half an hour is spent on the withdrawal itself. Once there was a short-term failure, but very quickly brought the system back to life.
                                                                      1. Leonid 14.12.2018 #
                                                                        It is clear that I had doubts when I opened an account in Capital Hall. Broker is little known, information on the Internet does not come across in easy way, if you are not looking specifically. But I do not regret taking the risk. For three months, the broker has never thrown and did not disappoint. I think that although Capital Hall and recently brought to the market, very experienced traders are involved in the organization of the company, and they are far from being newcomers to exchange trading. This can be seen even by the high level of competence of support team. All processes are maximally optimized, employees act promptly, ready to prompt and support in any situation. To be honest, of all my calls to support, every third was a test one, just wanted to check the level)))). It is a pity that there are no other platforms except MetaTrader, it lacks indexes as for me. In addition, it would be worthwhile to add contests of various levels of complexity. But there are no complaints about the conditions, and low fixed spreads make me happy all the time.
                                                                        1. George 15.12.2018 #
                                                                          Before Capital Hall, I got the experience of trading with the Opening broker. There everything became bad with time-limits. I could still understand the withdrawal in 2-3 days, but to input in a day or two, this is, excuse me, an unacceptable practice for working with operational information. What kind of profit can you dream about when the market is in a fever and you have no chance to rise on volatility? Moved to Capital Hall. It’s just a holiday of some kind, money input is almost instant, in minutes. The system recalculates the rate when exchanging rubles to dollars at the current rate of the bank, everything is transparent and predictable, you can calculate in advance. The same fast withdrawal. I understand that it is best to withdraw to an electronic wallet, but with a bank card you have to wait a little longer. The withdrawal to the bank account can take 1-2 days, it depends on the bank itself. A definite plus that there is no brokerage commission for withdrawal. Under the terms of work, there is a small complaint, only one terminal is provided, Meta Trader, and I lack the tools for more accurate market analysis. For beginners it is completely enough, but if you already have a lot of experience, then the basic settings are few.
                                                                          1. Enri 18.12.2018 #
                                                                            I had a bitter experience with Veltrade. In honor of the decade there handed out welcome bonuses, for which I trapped, was bought into advertising promises. It’s good that I decided to leave quickly enough, the main trading conditions there were not good. I withdrew the funds and, following the advice of a friend, came to Capital Hall. There are low spreads, no withdrawal fee. The terms of arrival and withdrawal are much less. If I pour in 10-15 minutes, then it take less than an hour to output. It’s funny, there are no bonuses here, in general, no))) there are no stocks or any unreal things. Come and take your profit, that’s all.
                                                                            1. Hovard 21.12.2018 #
                                                                              Capital Hall is an excellent broker for scalp lovers. Efficiency and clarity of the system, no refusals on transactions, orders are executed almost instantly, neither requotes nor disconnects. Replenishment is quick with any amount, from webmoney or from a card. Withdraw on webmoney, quickly enough and there is no commission. The recommended deposit in the amount of $ 300 is enough to start a serious trading to get profit.
                                                                              1. Werner 24.12.2018 #
                                                                                Tried to trade with the broker Robo Forex, he has a good reputation. But for my currencies there were not the best conditions, and because of the spreads I flew into an unpredictable penny. Now I try trading with the new broker Capital Hall. Pre-read all the conditions, it turned out that in my currencies spreads are much lower there, and fixed. A very convenient option gives you confidence, the possibility of a more accurate forecast and allows you to stick to a particular strategy. Another plus, there is no commission for withdrawal. It’s a pity, there are no tournaments and contests, and other entertainment content. So far, Capital Hall does not even have training videos and materials for beginners.
                                                                                1. Hiks 30.12.2018 #
                                                                                  Never had such a thing and here again … I took the bait from Weltrade, there were handing out bonuses in honor of the first anniversary. Opened the account, started trading and realized my mistake. Conditions did not suit me at all. I withdrew input and moved to Capital Hall. Here, the spreads were already lower, + there is no commission for I / O. And the conclusion itself is much more operational. For example, the other day I was withdrawing money to the card, everything had gone in 45 minutes. And it sometimes quicker. Replenishment comes in 10-15 minutes. That’s what’s not here so these are tournaments, contests, and any bonuses.
                                                                                  1. Kantik 02.01.2019 #
                                                                                    In my opinion, the work of Capital Hall broker can be assessed on seven on a 10-point scale. I bring the advantages: quick execution, there are no failures for transactions, competent support, no commission for input / output, fixed spreads. What comes to minuses: there is no choice of terminals, from among the offered ones is the MetaTrader4, not the most convenient, there are no webinars, contests, demos, intertrading tournaments, and it is not always possible to quickly get through to support.
                                                                                    1. Sabrina 06.01.2019 #
                                                                                      Had to close an account with the “Otkritie”. I often hear that some brokers are not able to withdraw money quickly. But here there was another surprising situation, after replenishment the money went to the account for a day or two! This situation cuts off all the wings and does not allow to launch transactions quickly, to receive a profit on volatility from them. Extremely uncomfortable! Gone to the Capital Hall. Hallelujah, funds are entered in minutes, besides according to the current rate of the bank. Everything is completely transparent and is calculated in advance. As for the withdrawal there is no problem too, it is fast. By experience, I can say that the quickest way is to reach an e-wallet, then to a bank card, but in order to withdraw to a bank account, it may take a day or two. It already depends on the bank itself. The broker does not set their commissions; only bank interest can be withdrawn. I lack the choice of platforms, MetaTrader alone is not enough. At the basic level, it seems to be enough. But as soon as you upgrade your personal experience, you immediately realize that you need more tools for more accurate market analysis.
                                                                                      1. Markus 10.01.2019 #
                                                                                        I had some kind of doubts before opening an account with broker Capital Hall. I am very glad that it took me only three months to get rid of them completely and not create new ones. Broker did not fail even once. There is a feeling that the company was created by experienced traders or those who are know the stock practice inside out. The company entered the market recently, but by the level of personnel training it is obviously that there is clearly not freshly selected contingent working there. All processes are strictly streamlined, optimized, in any situation employees are ready to react quickly, cohesively. Always help and prompt. I didn’t have any particularly important questions, I decided to call support a couple of times just to check the combat readiness)))) It’s a pity that MetaTrader is the only terminal, I hope the managers are reading our reviews. Please make a selection of terminals and add contests!
                                                                                        1. Nicky 12.01.2019 #
                                                                                          I have never worked with the Meta Trader platform. But when I saw the trading conditions of the broker Capital Hall, I decided for myself that for them I was ready to switch to a new terminal. And there is no commission for replenishment and withdrawal. Before registering, I talked for a long time with support. Sufficiently competent team, by the way. Managers calmed me with arguments. According to them, the logic of all terminals is the same. And the differences are described thoroughly in the detailed instructions. So I just have to download it, read it carefully and if necessary call support with questions. I decided to start with the basic requirements, deposited 300 dollars. And when I had already gained experience, then I replenished the deposit to 1000. Ordering is quick, I mostly work with pending orders, and no failures have ever arrived. Withdrawal requests are processed very quickly, and the withdrawal itself takes an hour and a half. For all the time there was one technical failure, but very quickly the system was put in order and everything was restored.
                                                                                          1. Martinos 15.01.2019 #
                                                                                            From the very moment of registration and so far I have no complaints against the broker Capital Hall. I quickly got an account, the managers described in detail the process of trading and the intricacies of the MetaTrader 4 terminal, advised me to download detailed instructions for it, gave a link for it. They told where to look at the spreads and what they are in what positions, explained what commissions can be, + a mechanism for withdrawing from the platform. They told me not to be embarrassed to contact them if, nevertheless, after such a full guidance, any questions arise. Then I replenished the account for $ 300, at the current rate of the bank at that time. Trade began automatically at once. And I have been trading for the second month, without cancellations and requotes. It is a bit annoying that if you still need to call technical support, you have to “enjoy” beeps or music, the managers do not immediately respond, apparently there are not enough people.
                                                                                            1. Ramid 18.01.2019 #
                                                                                              An excellent scalping broker. Capital Hall works on the MetaTrader 4 platform. Clear secure system, no failures, fast ordering, there are no cancellations for transactions, requotes are minimized as well as slippage. Enrollment is quick, a couple of seconds, no matter what the amount. With webmoney and cards is almost instantly. The withdrawal is also operational, half an hour, without commission.
                                                                                              1. Panda 22.01.2019 #
                                                                                                I put the broker eight out of ten. The advantages of Capital Hall include: the use of a multi-market platform MetaTrader 4, more than 50 popular currency pairs, the ability to trade in raw materials, food, precious metals and energy resources, and also cryptocurrency, reliable analytics, data transfer security, experienced technical support team, personal manager, affiliate program, leverage 1: 300, static spreads, fast withdrawal of any amount, no commission. Disadvantages: lack of webinars and training materials (not counting a small FAQ and a glossary of terms on the site), inter-trading tournaments, lack of financial tools and insurance at a basic level, there are several emails and only one phone number to communicate with the support!!!
                                                                                                1. Carter 30.01.2019 #
                                                                                                  The previous broker RoboForex disappointed me with not cheap spreads. Although in general, we were very comfortable working. Here the spreads are much lower, fixed and do not jump in the storm. I read the reviews last year, it seems that now Capital Hall broker has developed. At least I see some changes for the better. What is good. I will not even comment super platform MetaTrader 4, it is so ingenious; more than 50 key currency pairs, you can trade in raw materials, food and even energy, leverage 1: 300, all the conditions for scalping, protection and security, round-the-clock technical support and, by the way, competent, real professionals.
                                                                                                  1. Frenk 01.02.2019 #
                                                                                                    At the beginning of last year, I came to Weltrade for a holiday bonus. A little pampered, but expectations were not justified. After that, I tried a couple more brokers. In general, all plus / minus is the same everywhere, but there are nuances, it is necessary to select trading conditions for you. Good thing there is a choice. Now I trade with young forex broker Capital Hall. I like it. Spreads are lower, static, there are no commissions. Operative execution of orders, the output is also fast. Yesterday, I deduced 50 bucks on the card, they came in within an hour. There is an affiliate program. It seems that some bonuses are announced, but have not yet seen. There are no tournaments and contests, webinars too.
                                                                                                    1. Jacky 03.02.2019 #
                                                                                                      I had no problems with a broker all the way. From the moment I opened the account to this day. Registering at Capital Hall is a matter of minutes. If necessary, you can talk with support. I needed a consultation. The manager told me in detail everything about the work process, where to look for spreads, whether there are any commissions, how to withdraw money and how to pass account verification before the first withdrawal. They also gave a brief consultation on the MetaTrader trading platform, and sent me a link to the manual, advised me to download it and study carefully. And then call back with questions if they arise. Then I deposite three hundred dollars, by the way, they put at the current rate of the bank. Trading started automatically. Trades go without disconnects, and due to the correct setting of the terminal, it turns out to avoid requotes and slippings. For three months I have already reached a stable plus, so everything works clear and precise. There is a claim. If at the beginning of work I could communicate with technical support in a measured and unhurried manner, now I would like to have emergency operational assistance and there is no time to wait for a connection. I really hope that there will be the possibility of online communication in a chat or any instant messenger.
                                                                                                      1. Ingrid 04.02.2019 #
                                                                                                        Before Capital Hall, I traded with another broker for quite a while. Then something incomprehensible for customers happened, and the system became unrealistically slow down. No one understood why, but the money began not only to be withdrawn for several days, but also to come to the account within a day or two. Began to feel like a turtle. It is clear that, for example, while volatility you cannot do anything with such speeds. I went to this young broker. Judging by the reviews here with the speed of the entire processing is a complete cool. So it turned out, input is without a fee in minutes and at the current rate. You can calculate the amount in advance. Withdrawal is also without broker interest, quickly, regardless of the amount. All calculations are transparent. I recommend to withdraw in the fastest way to an e-wallet, it’s almost instant. The withdrawal to the card takes a little longer, about half an hour or an hour, and there may be bank interest. If you withdraw to a bank account, such an operation can take up to three days. So far, I just have enough on the basic tariff plan. The entrance threshold is just $ 250 by the way. But maybe someone would like to add another one or two trading platforms, only to have a choice. So far there is only MetaTrader 4, I consider it’s the best terminal, you can configure it for all of your wishes.
                                                                                                        1. Lizi 05.02.2019 #
                                                                                                          Three months ago, I registered with the broker Capital Hall. Was full of conflicting thoughts. The company is young, the reputation has not yet been developed, reviews in the internet do not give a complete picture. In general, I doubted and was ready to leave at any time. In the end, calmed down when I talked with technical support and realized that the promised trading conditions really work. It turned out that despite being young, the company was assembled by competent financiers with extensive exchange business experience. All processes are optimized, the MetaTrader terminal is generally tested over the years and the experience of many traders. In any situation, employees act as a single organism, help and support with advices. I have my personal manager, to whom I appeal if necessary. Entertainment content is almost absent, but not everyone needs it. But here are low static spreads, the ability to choose the direction of trade, all key currency pairs. Now I am trading for my pleasure and admiring the growing profit.
                                                                                                          1. Diana 07.02.2019 #
                                                                                                            I have never worked with MetaTrader before. The only reason why I decided to open an account with Capital Hall broker is more favorable trading conditions than I had in CiTrader. I discussed my experiences with the manager, and he reassured me. It turns out that all trading platforms have the same logic. Of course, there are differences, but all the nuances are described in detail in the instructions for the terminal. The main thing is, even if you are a complete noob, you just need to read manual a bit and enable trading bots to work for you. In an extreme case, you can always call support and get competent advice. To stsrt, I replenished three hundred dollars. When I have already mastered it, I topped up to 1000. They input without a commission on the current rate of the bank. Orders are executed clearly, without cancellations. I mainly work with deferred orders. Withdrawal is quick and without commission, it takes 30-45 minutes to do everything together with the processing of the bid. Once, there was a failure, I did not even have time to get scared, they restored everything quickly.
                                                                                                            1. Nikola 08.02.2019 #
                                                                                                              Excellent platform for effective scalping, there are all the tools and super speed. Capital Hall works with the MetaTrader 4 terminal, there is no other choice here. The system is well-established, clear, safe, with fast execution. There are slippings, sometimes requotes. Managers behave politely and tactfully, do not interfere in the work of the account, do not rearrange transactions. Replenishment takes 10-20 minutes, withdrawal up to two hours. Opening / closing transactions takes place in seconds. No demo and macro accounts.
                                                                                                              1. Jannet 09.02.2019 #
                                                                                                                Ready to put good marks on all indicators. To the clear advantages of Capital Hall I will take: working with mega convenient platform MetaTrader 4, about 50 key currency pairs, the ability to trade cryptocurrency, precious metals, energy resources, raw materials and food, successful analytics, the theory and practice savvy tech support team, a personal manager, friendly affiliate program, leverage 1: 300, fixed spreads, operational commission-free withdrawal and, of course, data transfer security. In the minuses I see: there are no webinars, training videos and text materials (not counting the glossary of terms and a small FAK on the site itself), there are no tournaments and competitions, few financial instruments and no insurance at the basic rate. And what is the most annoying: in order to contact a support, you need to write a letter to an electronic or sit and wait for a connection with the operator. And this is at such an advanced time!!!
                                                                                                                1. L`uis 12.02.2019 #
                                                                                                                  No problems with the broker Capital Hall from the start. Registration is simple and takes a couple of minutes. If you want, you can immediately start calling technical support for consultation. The manager gave me detailed answers to all my questions and doubts, suggested where to find the necessary settings, told about commissions, money withdrawal and account verification. Then there was a short consultation on the installation of the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, after which they sent a link to the detailed instructions. I should have downloaded, studied, and then, if I had questions, I should call my manager. After that, I put 300 dollars on deposit, at the exchange rate at that time, by the way. Automatically started trading. Disconnects do not happen, slippages occur and rarely requotes. Already a couple of months I work in plus, everything is transparent and clear. Only one thing. While at first I dealt with everything, I could call for a long time in support and not hurry anywhere. And now I need to call only on very operational issues of assistance and there is no time and patience to hang 10 minutes on the line. Right, you really need to add more communication channels with support. Any instant messenger, skype or chat right on the site.
                                                                                                                  1. Criss 13.02.2019 #
                                                                                                                    At some point, I did not see any other way out than to go from SiTrader to Forex broker Capital Hall. I needed to change trading conditions for more profitable ones. But I have never traded with the MetaTrader platform before. I called technical support to discuss possible difficulties. The manager calmed me down. He said that all trading platforms operate on the same logic. And the differences between them are more designer than conceptual. In addition, all possible difficulties and questions are described in detail in the instructions for the terminal. The most inexperienced person after reading the manual will be able to work with the terminal. Even understanding of trading bots functionality will be enough to get the first profit. And of course you can always call support for competent advice. I put three hundred dollars on the bill to begin with. After a while topped up more. Replenishment at the current bank rate. The order execution is almost instantaneous, there were no cancellations. Once there was a very short failure without consequences. I prefer to work with pending orders. Withdrawal is also without interest, and generally takes about an hour.
                                                                                                                    1. Martin 15.02.2019 #
                                                                                                                      In October, I opened an account with broker Capital Hall. There were a lot of doubts about this decision because of the youth of the company. The reviews are generally positive, but the reputation as such is not yet stable, there is no complete understanding. I decided for myself that I would leave at any time when I wanted. Why did I decide to come here at al, in reviews wrote about the stable technical side, favorable conditions and decent analytics in reviews. I specifically called technical support several times and did not calm down until I received competent answers to all my questions. The system works well, and the MetaTrader platform can be customized for the client as it will be convenient for him. All employees are literate, in trend, work politely, give advice. There is a personal manager to whom you can call if necessary. There is no entertainment on the site. In trade conditions are low static spreads, the choice of trading direction, 50 key currency pairs. I enjoy and admire the growing profits.
                                                                                                                      1. Herry 18.02.2019 #
                                                                                                                        Most recently, I changed a broker to which I was very accustomed in two years. Began technical failures and the system began to slow down. Money withdrawn for several days. And even replenish quickly became impossible. There is nothing to do on volatility at such a rate. Therefore, I temporarily switched to an alternative option, now I am trading with the young Forex broker Capital Hall. A month later, I thought that maybe I would stay here. The execution is very fast, opening / closing in seconds, and replenishment / withdrawal is also quite operative. There is no commission, top-up at the current rate and you can calculate the full amount in advance. There is also no percentage for withdrawal, it takes about 30-45 minutes. The quickest way is to withdraw funds to the card or wallet. A withdrawal to a bank account can take up to 3 days. I started with the basic tariff package, it costs $ 250. Sorry, there is only one trading platform, MetaTrader 4, but it is very well configured as it should be.
                                                                                                                        1. Gimly 21.02.2019 #
                                                                                                                          More than a year ago, I registered with Weltrade. I came there for a bonus in honor of the New Year holiday, but the expectations were not fulfilled. Gone, tried a few more options. I stopped at 2-3 brokers and already simply compared trading conditions. It turned out that they have the same plus / minus, but thanks to a couple of different nuances, I still chose Capital Hall broker. I like the fact that here there are fixed spreads, not higher than the market ones, the quotes are not raised, there are no hidden fees. High execution speed, stable system. I withdrew recently a profit part not for the first time already, and again everything took about 45 minutes. There is a loyalty program for friends, and there seems to be even some bonuses soon. There are no tournaments or competitions yet. Only one platform.
                                                                                                                          1. Fargo 24.02.2019 #
                                                                                                                            I was disappointed in RoboForex because of high spreads. I had to look for a replacement. I work with Capital Hall, here the spreads are fixed, they do not jump during storm periods. Judging by the reviews for the last year, the broker is working on its growth, it seems that there are some changes for the better. And so, all trading conditions do not change from the very beginning. The MetaTrader 4 platform works. You can trade in raw materials, food, energy, cryptocurrency, and 50 key currency pairs. Leverage 1: 300, excellent conditions for scalping, safety and reliability of the system, twenty-four-hour competent support.