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What is the best way to invest money? It’s important to estimate market situation and quickly respond to it. But that’s not all. If you don’t protect yourself against swindlers in advance, you may go bust with investments, whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader.

Danger of great losses: why not every broker is appropriate? Key Markets scam?


Can you find a good forex broker, like Key Markets, on the first try and without preparations? Swindlers make this chance minimal. Lots of fake companies are tailored to attract and cheat as many traders as possible. And some forex brokers, for example FXCM, start abusing clients’ confidence over the course of time. One should take care of safety and make preliminary preparations, not to give money to swindlers on own accord. You also need to check reviews, Kay Markets reviews are only positive.

In 2016, swindlers caused losses of over 15 billion dollars! It’s easy for them to stay anonymous on the Internet, and many traders even don’t lodge complaints against shady companies. Sometimes the problem can be solved with the help of regulators, but such organizations don’t always succeed to respond to violation of “the game rules”. Moreover, in many instances they cannot help to make amends, though sometimes, as in the case of WinderFX, amends can be sued out.

Swindling among forex brokers: how to distinguish and avoid it. Key Markets reviews.


For “good” forex brokers, like Key Markets, cheating, impairment of rights and diddling clients out of money are unacceptable. However “bad” brokers often can:


To preserve money and time instead of trying to solve such problems, do business with proven brokers – such as Key Markets broker.

Trying to attract new traders, swindlers usually turn to three main instruments:

 Key Markets broker

It is important to keep in mind that bonuses and promotions not always denote a shady trader. Some companies also use additional methods of clients acquisition, but best brokers take their course thanks to a high quality of services. 

Key Markets scam or a favourable partner? Reliability check


How to understand quickly whether it’s worth starting work with a company? Pay your attention to three main points of effective exclusion of most of swindlers:


Studying of a site allows you to put your finger on whether it’ll be comfortable for you to work with a chosen broker and whether it’s worth starting partnership with it at all. It’s not recommended to consider sites which are characterized by:


Intuition plays an important role in the broker’s reliability check. Look at the site, and if it raises suspicions, there is a major risk to come across a swindler.

But the absence of strongly pronounced faults doesn’t release from some danger. “Bad” brokers can successfully disguise as “good” ones – creating user-friendly and confidence inspiring sites, rent actual offices, organizing technical support, etc.

When it comes to technical support, many scammers show their own incompetence right away. Unscrupulous companies are not interested in supporting their own website and terminal - as a rule, they try to collect money from clients as soon as possible and disappear. Reliable companies, building their business together with regular customers, are interested in long-term cooperation, so they try to solve all problems as quickly as possible and not hinder the work of the client. As it can be seen from Key Markets reviews, their customers appreciate the level of technical support of the company. The company solves the main issues of consulting either by phone or by e-mail.

Key Markets forex broker of high reliability

Who to trust if risks cannot be eliminated completely? You can preserve time and money and also trade efficiently with the help of an experienced broker working for a long time and only within the legal framework.

Advantages of Key Markets broker for traders:


Key Markets forex broker which wants its services to be easy, profitable and convenient for you. The company makes every effort to provide reliability and transparency of processes and clients’ comfort – no cheating, hindrances or limitations. Study the company’s offers – you can start partnership right now.

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  1. Jim 07.11.2018 #
    Moved from CiTrader to Key Markets just because of more convenient spreads. But I was embarrassed by the need to deal with the new platform, I had never worked with MetaTrader before. The manager explained to me that this kind of terminals are based on the same principle and logic of work. This information calmed me down. In addition, support gives you the opportunity to download a detailed guide and is always ready to answer any questions on the topic. So, even a noob like me could master a new technology without problems. In order not to confuse anything, for a start, you can just get the bots to work. I replenished the account with three hundred dollars, and after a while I refilled another 700. They enter at the current rate always and without commissions. There were no cancellations on orders, everything is executed promptly. Withdrawal with the bid takes an hour and a half, often even less. One time system crashed, but I just blinked, and everything was working again.
    1. Rei 13.11.2018 #
      Ordinary middle broker, without bragging, but not any gray mouse. Trading conditions fulfills as promised. I know for sure that Key Markets company was created by traders with great experience, therefore there can not be some uncalculated nonsense or similar lags. Maybe not all the options you need are in stock. For example, there are no demo and macro. But very competent support. Only four tariffs, but with a low threshold at the starting level. The technical side works perfectly, quickly, there are no disconnects. Ordering is instant, static spreads, no I / O commission. I think that in the process of work there will be updates on the site, and something completely new will appear. Hopefully, the issue with dialing in support will be resolved. Expand staff or add new channels for communication.
      1. Faust 22.11.2018 #
        I chose Key Markets broker because of the relatively low and static spreads. While everything suits me here. The competent support service has repeatedly saved from the drawdown, for the last time in general got off with a slight fright and a tiny minus. Once rescued from the lock. I then so unpleasantly stuck and did not understand what to do next. As elsewhere, there are some nuances. But for two months of work, the impressions are the most pleasant. The company seems to me reliable, the profit grows and when I need it, it is quickly displayed.
        1. Ferri 29.11.2018 #
          Found a great solution for scalping. Although I needed a little more) young Key Markets broker works with a custom MetaTrader 4 terminal. There are no failures, no disconnects, the system is clear and secure, all orders are executed in seconds, no cancellation of transactions, requotes and slippage are minimized. Fast enrollment and withdrawal. Full technical support and suitable trading conditions. Why look for something else?
          1. Genri 01.12.2018 #
            When I started, I got cought on signals. Remember, a few years ago signal servives were very popular. I had to repay my debts then. Simply speaking, the more disturbing the rumors and the more accurate signals the company promises – the worse. Now I’m okay. I checked everything about Key Markets, all reviews, and started trading. Eight years, everything seems good.
            1. Lebovski 05.12.2018 #
              I found out that a broker schemed with spreads to scoop up a piece of my money. I couldn’t make it to the court… I got tired of waiting for results and came here.
              1. Lucas 09.12.2018 #
                The most pleasant reviews about the new broker Key Markets. I am even ready to deliver the solid four))) Broker’s advantages: MetaTrader 4 customized multi-market platform, 50 key currency pairs, reliable analytics, a large selection of trading points (raw materials, food, precious metals, energy resources), safe data transfer, a team of experts around the clock support, affiliate program for friends, personal manager, 1: 300 leverage, static spreads, quick withdrawal of any amount without commission. Disadvantages: there are no training materials, webinars, videos, there are no inter-trading tournaments, competitions, contests, promotions, there are not enough communication channels with support, financial instruments at a basic level and insurance.
                1. Linsi 15.12.2018 #
                  In November, I registered at a new Key Markets broker. I decided for myself that at any moment I can drop everything and leave. But when I settled down, I realized that my fears were in vain. All promised trading conditions are fulfilled by the broker. Technical support competent, the system is adjusted and works accurately. Each trader has his own personal manager. It is a pity, it is not always possible to get through the first attempt. No entertainment items like promotions or tournaments. But there are low static spreads, many areas of trade, including 50 key currency pairs. MetaTrader 4 is stable trading platform. All that remains is to enjoy trading and watch your depot grow
                  1. Si Key 18.12.2018 #
                    Now trading with a broker Key Markets. As it turned out, an unknown broker can become the most convenient and promising assistant. The company is founded by skilled professionals, and is already beginning to gain positive fame. Support is very savvy in all stock exchange issues. Equally polite to all customers, despite the level of user tariff. Trading conditions fully fit me while I am sitting at the starting level. Spreads are static and relatively low market. I have been trading for 4 months, calmly. A couple of times withdrew on the card, without commission. The output is fast, without delay. Now I want to save money.
                    1. Rihter 24.12.2018 #
                      In recent days, I have been very carefully studying the Key Markets broker’s PRO account with an initial deposit of 10,000 bucks. I really like spreads there. Imagine how quickly profit will start to grow. He is here, at the base, I have. As a nice addition to the main income, but still as a supplement. The broker has only one trading platform, with no options, but MetaTrader 4 is enough for me. The most convenient terminal, including options for the full automation of the bidding process. Sensitive analytics with a large percentage of hits. Absolutely for all packages, scalping is included, news trading, 1: 300 leverage, a large list of traded goods and about 50 key currency pairs
                      1. Alfred 30.12.2018 #
                        Went to Key Markets broker from SiTrader in search of more comfortable spreads. True, I had to get used to the new platform, before that I did not work with MetaTrader. I was reassured by a support worker. As he said, this kind of terminals work typically, based on the same logic and principle of operation. He advised me to download the detailed manual and figure it out for myself. And if needed, call back with questions. Well, nothing terrible happened, I was able to get comfortable without problems. In order not to fly into the minus for want of practice, you can set up trading bots and just enjoy the growing profit, periodically adjusting the process. I filled up the account with three hundred bucks, after a while I toped up five hundred more. Replenishment is at the current rate, without commissions. There were no transfers or cancellations of transactions, execution is instant. The withdrawal with the bid takes an hour or two.
                        1. Ann 03.01.2019 #
                          In the middle of autumn, I was drawn to the experiments and I checked in with a very young broker Key Markets. Immediately decided that I could get out at any time and leave if something goes wrong. But the broker surprised me, my fears were in vain. All promises are fulfilled, decent technical support, reliable and clear work system. I have my own personal manager. However, it is sometimes easier to write an email than to hang on the line and wait for the connection. The broker works with the most necessary package of tools, so there is no entertainment here. But on the other hand, there are many areas of trade, including 50 key currency pairs, a stable MetaTrader 4 terminal, low static spreads and mid-market quotes. Trading is simple and interesting.
                          1. Jim 13.01.2019 #
                            I did not think when I registered that an unknown broker would be the most stable option among the mass of proposals. Key Markets is founded by experienced financiers and is gaining momentum as a promising player. Ready to participate in the dissemination of positive information. Technical support is highly competent in the stock exchange topic, polite, patient, even if you are with a minimum package. Trading conditions quite fit me. Fixed spreads relative to the market are low. Easy trading the fifth month. Withdrew three times on the card, without commission and delays. Set a goal now to accumulate a depot.
                            1. Fenics 17.01.2019 #
                              I did not think when I registered that an unknown broker would be the most stable option among the mass of proposals. Key Markets is founded by experienced financiers and is gaining momentum as a promising player. Ready to participate in the dissemination of positive information. Technical support is highly competent in the stock exchange topic, polite, patient, even if you are with a minimum package. Trading conditions quite fit me. Fixed spreads relative to the market are low. Easy trading the fifth month. Withdrew three times on the card, without commission and delays. Set a goal now to accumulate a depot.
                              1. Ulia 20.01.2019 #
                                I look closely at the capabilities of the Key Markets broker's PRO account with an initial deposit of 10,000 bucks. I like the spreads at this level. I am sure that the profit will grow by leaps and bounds. At the basic level I got up pretty well. While trading here for me is like a very good piece of additional income, but I want more. The broker works only with one MetaTrader 4 trading platform, but this is enough for me. The terminal is highly customizable up to full automation. Detailed market analytics is updated daily, working with it very effectively, I have a large percentage of hits. Scalping, leverage 1: 300, a large list of traded goods, about 50 key currency pairs and news trading are available for all tariff plans.
                                1. Gared 05.02.2019 #
                                  At some point, the previous broker stopped controlling spreads, allowed them to set too high and refused to be responsible for the drained deposit. Apparently, the policy of the companies has changed, I don’t know. Initially promised stability, but some chaos developed and I began to lose money, and at the same time patience. At first I was indignant, tried to swear, then I just took off the leftovers and left. Following a friend’s link, I opened an account with new Key Markets broker. Here, the spreads are static, and it is very beneficial even in stormy days. I like scalping, there is everything you need for this. Super speed performance. On small transactions, I raise profit even with a greater effect than that of the past broker. Conveniently, there are no commissions for withdrawal and deposit. Honestly, quite pleased, I will trade here.
                                  1. Jack 12.02.2019 #
                                    Before choosing a broker, always carefully study the company's capabilities and trading conditions. There is a risk to plunge into the kitchen and drain deposit on local deals. I had this kind of fear before opening an account with a young broker Key Markets. Even positive reviews in the network did not reassure. If it were not for the recommendation of a friend, I would not risk it. Only a month later I was able to relax. And at first, I was always tense, constantly calling technical support for any reason. Later it became clear that all the transactions were real, no one was winding up my funds on the local servers, the managers in the account did not move or draw anything. I've been trading with this broker for 5 months already. Withdrawals without problems, profit is impressive, good income for a family. The system works reliably, stably, here is terminal MT 4. There are difficulties with dialing to support, although the managers themselves are just super masters. I like the conditions, I trade AUD / NZD pair, low spreads for it. I hope that the leadership will add online chat or other ways to contact support.
                                    1. Fillip 20.02.2019 #
                                      There is an opinion that Key Markets broker offered tariff plans should be well placed a little differently. As for me, here it is worth adding at least two more custom packages. Now, starting costs 250 dollars, and then there is a big gap and the following tariffs cost $ 2,000, $ 10,000 and $ 50,000, respectively. Well, you see, a couple of sentences will be very convenient to lay down neatly between the first and second packages. I would immediately open an account on the second level. Well, or very quickly would have moved from the base one. Here I have already learned everything, it becomes boring, but so far there is little money for further transition. I want more analytical tools, more features. And a house on the ocean, but at the base level it can not be earned.
                                      1. This comment was deleted.