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Forex trading may seem something very complex but only unless you start trading yourself. There are lots of technical tools designed to make your trading easier, and they actually do. Whether it is hard to master them all, whether you need them all to start trading and can be Stocks Wide called the best broker for beginners in this regard? Please find answers to these and other questions in our review of Stocks Wide as of 2022.

The start stage is not complex at all, at least when you review Stocks Wide website. Terms and conditions, markets, classes of assets – these things are explained really simply and as thorough as it is possible. If you need further details on any particular issue – there is a whole section of educational materials at your disposal.

The details regarding account types is also quite clear. Deposit of just EUR100 gives you 9 major currencies, personal account manager, 3 insured deals and fixed/floating spreads. This is absolutely enough to start with. Even more, the starter kit contains Get Started section to review Stocks Wide trading platform, to learn about its features and to train to use them.

But then you finally start trading (after your account is registered and the Forex broker reviews it, of course). And then come all these tools to deal with. How do we know what is more and less useful, or whether 25 tools you get with Beginner account is enough? Should we use all of them or just some? We couldn’t help using this opportunity and asked Stocks Wide broker CTO Andreas Schmidt these and other questions. Hopefully it would be a useful addition to the review of Stocks Wide as of 2022.

Question: These 25 tools with Beginner account, how did you selected them? Are they all important? Do you have data on their usage – how many people use them all?

Andreas Schmidt: It was not the random selection, of course. After the thorough review of Stocks Wide tools, we sorted out the basic set, how we saw it, there were more tools in it initially. Then we tested them with the focus group, there was a testing stage. And you see the result of this testing – these 25 tools. Nothing extraordinary, just basics. And yes, there were users at the testing stages and there are clients of Forex broker Stocks Wide now who use them all. Tools are never enough, you know.

Q: They must be talking about the experienced traders with bigger volumes, aren’t they?

AS: Not really. You see, from the only beginning our goal was to become the best broker for low-cost trading. Deep pockets are welcome everywhere, but we are glad to see any client, that’s Forex broker Stocks Wide philosophy. If you check the investment reviews of Stocks Wide you won’t find anything regarding discrimination of smaller clients. We are trying to attract them and to keep them. And, regarding the figure you have mentioned – there are people with minimal deposits who use as many tools as possible and ask for more, seriously.

Q: And you give them more?

AS: Within the limits of their accounts, of course. Stocks Wide reviews the packages provided with certain account types, improves or adds something, but it is not happening every week, of course. We are working in two key directions – improving our platform and providing new possibilities to learn and to grow for our clients. And there is demand for that. When we at Stocks Wide review our key usage metrics we see it clearly. Our online webinars where our experts analyze market trends and their summaries of market highlights are very popular.

Q You mentioned invest reviews of Stocks Wide – what is the most typical complaint? And what is Stocks Wide reaction?

AS: I browse reviews about Stocks Wide, and issues mentioned by our users is the top priority of our department. The most typical issue as for me is breaches of accounts safety, that’s typical for the whole industry. Stocks Wide reviews its safety policies every quarter at least and pays enough attention to safety issues. But they appear on the side of a client as well, that’s the problem.

There are people who don’t understand, for example, why deals on the platform are executed immediately, but the funds withdrawal may take up to 2 days. But this is also explained by safety concerns. We must be completely sure that the funds are going to the client, and not to somebody else, who hijacked their account. We at Stocks Wide review everything, doublecheck any pattern or detail we found suspicious to make sure that everything is OK, and this may take some time.


Comments (20)
Bond Williamя 22.11.2022

After failure in two enterprises, I found at Forex and in Stocks wide what I really like, thanks for leaving us copies of your profitable signals, I am very grateful.

Cobb Charles 23.11.2022

Trading C Stocks wide is legal, it gives free signals in his Telegram, and I follow them with complete confidence and eventually make a profit. My new favorite is its scalping strategy for 1 min, which I try to master.

Atkins Joseph 27.11.2022

My representative has prepared an annuet for me very well. He gave excellent recommendations throughout the process. The funds were transferred, and the annuity was configured effectively and timely. I would very recommend Stocks wide to everyone who wants to arrange an annuity.

Neal Edward 30.11.2022

Representatives Stocks wide were constantly responsive, useful and patient with a client who needed a small education regarding the process and products. Clear and timely answers were given to all questions and problems. Professionally and at the same time cordially. I was sure that their services and tips were at the highest level.

Poole Leslie 09.12.2022

If you trade wisely, then there will be no questions to the Stocks Wide broker. Personally, at Stocks Wide, everything suits me. The conditions are normal, no fraud and hidden commissions, all transactions are made at those prices at which you open or close them.

Butler Oliver 17.12.2022

Brought up his first hundred earned on Stocks Wide! I received the money after 4 days. The request was made in th, today entered the map. My bank took a commission, I am going to change either a bank or card. So far I understand the conditions.

Price Nicholas 18.12.2022

I decided that Stocks Wide scammers (it cannot be otherwise) and wanted to check them. He quarreled with an analyst and requested all the grandmas from the account for the withdrawal. And what do you think? When the money fell on the card, I did not even immediately understand where they were.

Watkins Alban 19.12.2022

My Stocks Wide analyst is not eager to work with me because of one story (I wrote about it a little earlier), and I am actually really pleased with its abilities. Now I am forced to reap when he deigns to accept me back.

Hensley Simon 09.01.2023

The only Stocks Wide broker, with which I had no problems with the withdrawal of money. This moment captivates the most. Although for other capabilities they are clearly also not inferior.

Cox Ernest 11.01.2023

I write a review by the results of the year of work with Stocks Wide. I am 90% satisfied with their service. If you are important to a normal attitude to the client, then you are here. Everything works stably.

Chandler Michael 15.01.2023

I do not have special knowledge, but this does not prevent me from receiving a profit at the Stocks Wide site. The secret is that I copy other people's transactions (copying tool).

Jacobs Elwin 26.01.2023

Always, when I leave reviews, I rely only on facts. And now they are all in favor of the Stocks Wide broker. The broker showed himself perfectly during the last year and at the beginning of the current one. I recorded a regular account immediately after the New Year.

Terry Jared 2/7/2023

On Stocks Wide came on a “tip” of a garage neighbor. He said that he has been earned here for a long time and abandoned hack. He believed, authorized here through classmates and verified immediately. Somehow I missed the moment that there is a demo account, I immediately replenished the 30 green depp to 30 green and began to work. I was surprised when at the end of the day I had +10 in the account, the next still was the same. Great site! The company pleases with its service and attitude to customers. I also note that here the system works almost without problems, there are small sags, but this does not particularly affect work. I would very much like this review to be useful to someone, since I myself have been looking for a good broker for a very long time and understand how it happens. Trading alerts can be tuned to help you determine when the shares reach a level at which you would like to buy or sell. Beginning investors will useful a wide range of educational materials. Videos are available about everything, from how to place an optional transaction, to a review of marginal accounts. In addition to the possibility of trading using a desktop platform, users will also be able to trade through a simple application of the broker’s mobile application. You can quickly place trading orders for promotions, and orders can be quickly changed or canceled in the application.

Edwards Hubert 2/17/2023

I was looking for some kind of part-time job on the Internet when I lost my main work. I did not think that you could fully earn online. Now even 300 bucks according to the results of the week for me on Stocks Wide Dust. In the best days I have so much per day and I know for sure that this is only the beginning. I get a buzz from the process, I love to work with the candle graph, I train a sensation and already do a good job with long -term forecasts. I use their platform, and this is one smooth, well-structured platform, which also allows the use of trailing-stop on the server. You automatically have several commissions if you start with medium or something like that and sell it moderately, you will be automatically moved to the next group-pay less commission for the transaction. When I paid funds, they asked me about the origin of my funds and constantly asked every time I added more money to my own expense. They are obliged to monitor the traders so that they do not engage in trading debt obligations and do not put all their personal condition into the account.

Manning Michael 2/19/2023

I won a free tournament, rejected the amount. Then he brought her out. The conclusion was almost instantly judging by the type of accounts. Then he increased the status by making a deposit and dispersed the deposit to $ 2,000. Applications for the conclusion hung for 2 days, then canceled. They requested the verification of the wallet, which I did, but it was necessary to immediately go through all the procedures. Stocks Wide safe and reliable trading platform includes, in my opinion, everything that is necessary for a typical retail trader for successful trade. Market orders and many variations of conditional orders that allow you to act as an internal liquidity supplier and receive more favorable prices. A comprehensive and adjustable package of graphs, which is supplied with many indicators, some very useful plugins to manage orders and even scanner of pricing patterns. If you are a little familiar with Java, you can start creating everything you can imagine using simple and well documented, or seek help from one of the external programmers.

Townsend Richard 2/25/2023

Forex broker Stocks Wide with a decent platform for trading. Honestly withdraw money and quickly. It can be taken to a crypto -coolant. Transactions open without delay, the schedule does not inhibit at all. Good profitability, there is a fixed percentage on EUR/USD and GBP/USD, dayly 82%during the day. Easy to use, a good interface. I use a platform that is reliable and constantly improved. When I have a technical question, I get a well -thought -out answer ... The only problem is to open an account first of all, expect me to create a dossier with detailed information, but even this encourages. They are not intended for accounts of 500 euros, but if you trade for 5,000 euros, it is definitely recommended. A comprehensive and customizable package of graphs, which is supplied with many indicators, some very useful plugins to manage orders. In conclusion, a really great broker. I really liked their services, and they were completely reliable. If you do not plan to put anything on Stocks Wide above what you have in your pocket, then this is the best broker.

Bernard Grant 16.03.2023

Stocks Wide broker is experienced, responsible and widespread. The company has earned its reputation at the international level due to low spreads (which allows you to easily trade with a small score) and reliability. Broker offers the best trade conditions in Forex and CFD markets with all the main tools. A wide selection of assets and advanced analysts, technical analysis tools, friendly customer support and the best methods for replenishing/withdrawing funds: credit/debit cards, bank transfers, Skrill and WebMoney.

Gilbert Davis 22.03.2023

Forex-Broker Stocks Wide with the highest rating that helps beginner traders take reasonable steps in the market. His reliable trade software and support marked by the awards provide us with all opportunities to achieve success. The broker offers a convenient platform, the lack of capital restrictions and unsurpassed trading instruments. The best place for beginner traders who want to start trading in a simple way, thanks to reliable trade software and a support team aimed at starting to work quickly. There are no restrictions on a minimum deposit, unlike some other brokers.

Bryan Smith 31.03.2023

I would like to thank the Stocks Wide Forex Broker for providing an excellent service for my first deal. Customer service was very attentive, and the tariffs of brokers were the best of all that I saw on the market.

Steven Miller 31.03.2023

The transactions of the Stocks Wide broker are held quickly and smoothly, technical support works around the clock and quickly responds to requests. The broker’s commission is quite small, the transfer of funds to trading accounts and back does not take much time. Excellent market pricing! I really liked working with Stocks Wide.

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