Sanremo Festival 2022: how much artists and Rai earn

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The 72nd Sanremo Italian Song Festival opens tonight, February 1, 2022, with 26 singing talents performing on the Ariston stage bringing an unpublished song.
How much does each of them earn for participation and what is the prize of the first classified?

Festival in Sanremo, earnings of artists

The secret of the Festival is always discussed and causes a lot of controversy. Starting with the conductor Amadeus, there are no official figures, but the artistic director and conductor are rumored to be remunerated around 600,000 euros.

As for the remuneration of the co-hosts, it has always been rumored that Ornella Muti, Drusilla Foer, Sabrina Ferilli, Maria Chiara Giannetta and Lorena Cesarini could take with them about 25 thousand euros each.
The maximum reserve is also for the cachet of guest artists, from Cecco Zalone to last year's winners, Maneskin, to Laura Pausini.

And the artists in the race? For them, it is not about compensation, but about reimbursement of expenses. What they receive is compensation in the form of reimbursement of expenses, which will amount to about 48,000 euros. No update on new proposals.

How much does Rai earn?

Surely the Sanremo festival is a godsend for Rai's treasury, which in 2020, between Tim's sponsorship, aired commercials and no side events, raised 38 million euros, a million more than last year, and spent 18 million, so that the dry profit of 20 million.

In 2020, the Sanremo Festival generated €37.1 million in revenue, including outdoor events that were not available in 2021 due to the health emergency related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The other income that comes from the income side comes from the audience in the hall. Tickets to visit the festival in Sanremo live, on the first four evenings, cost from 100 euros to the gallery to 180 spectators. For the final, you will spend 320 euros in the gallery and 660 euros in the newsstands, and finally, for a five-day subscription, you will need 672 euros in the gallery and 1,290 euros in the newsstands.

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