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⮞ Shift-Holdings Fact List

Trading Platforms MT4 Trading Platform
Legal Regulation Point      European Economic Area
Year of Establishment 2019


⮞ Is Shift-Holdings a good broker?

Shift-Holdings forex broker review is created in order to show you some strong and weak point of this company. They have just entered the industry and recommended themselves as a trustworthy and reliable partner. The organization was founded in 2019 and is based in the European Union. Since then Shift-Holdings forex broker has started to support traders and investors in their market endeavors, they provided high-end quality services. It gained the reputation of a quality broker. review

They do perform at a high pace and encourage traders from all over the globe in their market activities. Based on our research this broker, even still fresh and new in the industry, already has great recommendations and proved itself as a reliable partner, working on establishing long-lasting relationships with their clients.

⮞ Unique points about the broker and their advantages

Even though Shift-Holdings is a relatively new competitor in the industry their service has been indeed valued and they have been pretty active ever since. They offer their services to multiple levels of traders providing multiple options for the beginners as well as for advanced traders who have been in the market for quite a long period of time. It’s hard to tell now:

- First of all, it is important to mention that Shift-Holdings forex broker charges no commission. Reviewing their activities and steady performance we would like to outline that no commissions, especially hidden ones, are definitely a winning sales point for your customers. As a relatively new broker, Shift-Holdings is offering their service at zero commission to traders.

- Low spreads are also among the advantages that Shift-Holdings is offering to its clients. And it is quite beneficial. Genuinely a low spread means that the difference between the ask and the bid price is relatively small. And it’s always preferential to trade when the spreads are low.

- Leverage is provided for any account type. It gives the beginner traders an opportunity to have access to exactly the same resources as the more advanced traders have. It highly promotes the reliability of Shift-Holdings as a forex broker.

- Safe and speedy trading platform. Shift-Holdings uses one of the most popular and easy-going trading platforms. It is MT4 which stands for MetaTrader4. The platform is very user friendly. It works pretty much on any type of device, covers major operating systems, you can run it on your smartphone. Shift-Holdings is really making it easy for its customers and definitely very safe regardless whether you use it on your PC, laptop or phone.

- More than 140 trading tools are available at the service of the broker clients. It’s common knowledge that most of the beginner brokers are stuck h providing a variety of tools. Normally they have very limited choice and not all the commodities you would like to use in your market trading activities are available. Well, not in this case. The broker really took it seriously and supplied the customers with more than 140 active tools availability and keeps on increasing.

- 24/5 support. It’s vital to have for the broker nowadays. Traders are traveling around the work even with present-day restrictions. It’s definitely very important to cover all the time zones for the clients. Obviously, we are not using customer services and support every moment of our lives, however, it’s always better, when the service is available.

- Availability worldwide. The broker is welcoming traders of all levels from around the world. Of course, there are few countries that are blocked but there are just few, and it’s easily accessible from any point.

This was quite a brief overview of the advantages the Shift-Holdings broker gives to its clients, which helped it to build a good and reliable reputation within the industry in such a short term. Now we would like to point out a few things where the broker should definitely try to improve.

⮞ Areas for improvement

Despite the fact that the broker uses one of the most popular trading platforms and it works pretty well for the vast majority of traders, we would like to outline that there is not so much flexibility there. No other trading platforms are available and even though it may seem not as significant as it sounds it still lacks diversity for experienced traders. Even if it's safe, fast, and easy it would be still great if the traders could still have multiple options to choose from in regards to platforms.

Shift-Holdings broker review mentions a lot of respect providing stellar service for its customers. It’s not so easy to build a good reliable reputation in the market nowadays especially for newcomers. There are always concerns about safety and security.

However, we have found another area to improve here. The support system even though it is imposed as 24/5 does not offer a live chat, which is definitely an area to muscle up the game. Traders are scattered around the world and using multiple devices. Phone and email support are great but sometimes receiving speedy and quick support is vital for the trader.


⮞ Trading platforms pros and cons

Shift-Holdings broker uses MetaTrader4 as their one and only trading platform. It’s often referred to as the world’s number one or the world’s most popular platform. It is safe, fast, and reliable. It has been tested multiply and widely used by most reliable brokers within the industry. This is definitely a benefit for a new broker, trying to establish its reputation. The platform can be used on both Mac and Windows, which gives general flexibility for all users. Even if you don’t own a laptop or a PC you can still access it on your mobile phone, the platform supports iOS and Android. Even on the older devices, it is still operating smoothly. Shift-Holdings team is doing a great job using MetaTrader4 as a platform for their trading activities. A highly reliable system is very frequently the sign of trust and what is more important than the trust between the broker and the trader.

We still think that multiple platforms will be a good thing to do for the Shift-Holdings but as for the newcomer, who is establishing their credibility in the industry MT4 is definitely the best and the safest choice. It helps to gain a reliable reputation.

⮞ Trading Options and Tools

As we mentioned before Shift-Holdings broker review, even though they are relatively new in the market, they still provide you with a great variety of choices when it comes to trading options and tools. As we told before it’s more than 140 assets you can use for your trading activities. Commodities, currencies, energies, and shares - all of these are present in their trading kit. Supplying such a great variety of tools actually brings a lot of diversity in the choices and makes a huge difference for the traders. We would like to outline the major assets from their wide tool list to give you a general idea.

Shift-Holdings offers its traders and investors a variety of the biggest and worldly known companies stocks to trade with. We will list just a few names to give you a general idea but there are many many more. Among the most notable are Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Nike. You can find all the most famous companies over there.

⮞ Customer service and support

As we already mentioned customer service is spot on for the brand new broker. They offer two highly efficient ways to reach out of them offering 24/7 support services by phone or email. They however don’t provide live chat support which we honestly find quite unfortunate. But we are positive that the broker will definitely improve in that area and provide an additional way to reach out to them in case some help is necessary. Customer service and support provided in four main languages at the moment. English, Polish, Russian, and German - we are also looking forward to some improvements in this area and see more languages in terms of customer services and support as it will definitely enhance and improve the service provided by Shift-Holdings broker.

⮞ Shift-Holdings Licenses and regulations

Safety and security are definitely the most important in the industry. This is why we are always providing fair and objective reviews for the brokers trying to ensure the safety of the traders. So far there have been a lot of speculations in regards to scam and fraud among the brokers. The activities on the market are one thing however regulations and structural analysis are providing this safe feeling for the trader when they choose their broker.  So far Shift-Holdings review showed them as a reliable and competitive partner even though they are very new in the market, we have been observing their activities and growth. It’s definite that they are playing a very active role, which is a good sign and they have quite a rapid start. It’s really hard to find a broker nowadays who has never been involved in any fraudulent activities. As for the Shift-Holdings broker review, we could not identify any fraudulent or scam-related activities. Their papers, licenses, organizations, and structures seem to be in good and complete order. They follow the protocols and obey the rules, which is really great for the newcomer who is just making their first steps in the industry.

We do however encourage our traders to conduct their own research on any broker before they make any serious investments or decisions especially if they are related to financial activities, involving real money.

Shift-Holdings is a newcomer forex broker in the industry, this is why we do believe that some of their paperwork might be not fully available for reviews.

⮞ Shift-Holdings accounts variety

As an industry broker Shift-Holdings offers to their client  4 options in terms of accounts. They do provide a demo account on top of these, which is so important for beginners when they start making new steps in the industry. In general, we think that a demo account is definitely a good option to try regardless whether you are just a beginner trader or an experienced one looking for some change.

Shift-Holdings Broker Accounts

Shift-Holdings broker offers traders live accounts at a very decent price where the investment is normally below the average market range.

The accounts bear the names of the highly valued metals: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. As we mentioned before the broker has a very transparent and highly supportive set of accounts setting leverage up to 1:400 for all of the account types and making it equally available for all the traders.  The major difference lies in a significant advantage on how far the spreads can go but that’s basically the only thing that is important to know for the trader. For instance, for the bronze ones spreads go from 2.8 pips and Platinum ones have 0.1 pips. Overall account type review shows that the broker is highly determined to encourage and support their clients’ market activities regardless of what account type they might choose.


⮞ Summary

Shift-Holdings has a huge potential as a broker and even as a newcomer, they have serious credibility, and it’s growing. We do already see through their activities how helpful and reliable they are, especially for beginners. They provide a great safe and reliable trading platform which is very to use. The conditions they offer across their account plan summaries that their prices are below average compared to others in the market and you don’t need to invest huge amounts of money in order to get a great experience. They do have certain areas to improve in, however, we believe that overall they are a great reliable broker, who can give amazing support and help to learn especially for beginners as they provide everything that is needed for the great start at the market without making a huge investment.

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