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A reliable forex broker is usually chosen from a large number of companies. This is a demanding task, because the success of the market depends in no small measure on the reliability and honesty of the partner. Therefore, when choosing a brokerage company, pay attention to its history, location and the regulation used. This article will describe in detail Stocks Wide, one of the most reliable brokers.

Stocks Wide items

Stocks Wide is a broker with more than 5 years of experience and a large product range. Stocks Wide offers its clients the opportunity to trade currencies, indices, precious metals, cryptocurrencies and commodities and is constantly expanding and improving its product range. Traders can conveniently choose the type of Stocks Wide account that best suits the type of assets they are interested in.

Stocks Wide accounts and their features

On rare occasions, demo accounts are available for beginners so that they can learn how to trade. With Stocks Wide, however, anything is possible. If you're already experienced at it, you'll love the wide range and variety of accounts to suit all tastes. Trading starts at $500 and goes up to $250,000, where a full range of services is available.

The current Stocks Wide account types are as follows:

For all account types, there is 24/7 support available, free of charge. A session with an analyst is provided for the basic account, and a permanent financial analyst is given for the following accounts. The top account types are provided with weekly analytics and various bonuses.

There are also Managed Account Types:

Regardless of the price, remember that you are paying for services, not empty words and promises. And it is worth it! Experienced and competent financial advisors will continually monitor your progress and create tailor-made portfolios, with which your funds will certainly be safe.

The trading platform and website Stocks Wide

The Stocks Wide websiteattracts users by its design, convenience and clear interface. The rich knowledge base available to all traders is particularly attractive. The broker's trading platform is based on the time-tested MetaTrader 4 platform. This platform is the best in its business. Despite the large number of users, the website and the trading platform work stably without any glitches. So the platform allows efficient trading in scalping mode and other strategies, which require stability and reliability.

According to Andreas Schmidt, who is technical director of the website the website and trading platform are available almost continuously. In the history of the site, only a few times has the site been unavailable due to force majeure. All updates are on time and prepared on mirror servers, switching is instantaneous, which is an advantage of this site.

Market spreads Stocks Wide

First of all, the Stocks Wide spread is the difference between the maximum price of the buyer and the minimum price of the seller of the asset. This difference can be floating (i.e. determined by the market situation) and fixed. This implies that the Stocks Wide market spread is an extremely important indicator, which directly affects the profitability of trading at each particular broker. Spreads in some jurisdictions are controlled by financial authorities. But you should not rely entirely on anonymous officials. We recommend that you recheck and make yourself a Stocks Wide spread review.

Disadvantages of Stocks Wide

Everything has its flaws, nothing in this world is perfect. However, the Stocks Wide strategy manager review didn't find many of the shortcomings of this broker. Dissatisfaction with the support service. Many people complain about incompetence in foreign language skills. Because of this, support is slower than it should be.

In addition, the tools for withdrawal of profits are not as wide. However, there are rumors that the developers are already working on it. Withdrawal in cryptocurrency is not possible at the moment. This is due to legal restrictions imposed on a legal broker.

Reviews about Stocks Wide

A Stocks Wide review trustpilot leaves a favorable impression. The comments are weighted, which adds confidence in the trustworthiness of the broker. It's also worth listening to the reddit website. A Stocks Wide review Reddit leaves a favorable impression. The comments are weighted, which adds confidence in the trustworthiness of the broker. Despite such a wide consumer base, the network concentrates a lot of knowledge on any issue, which is what is valuable. But in future monitoring, we recommend giving preference to Stocks Wide Review trustpilot, because Reddit moderators do not always have time to remove black PR, spam and slander.

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Butler Spencer 13.11.2022

I trust Stocks wide, I have been trading for about a year and a half, it works like a clock, the most important thing is to learn to understand the market trends. Nor outstands or slippage in Real Time came across, I also like it that a very scurrious analytics.

Cannon Brian 16.11.2022

I asked for help in solving problems with connecting to a program that is connected with Stocks wide. Technician Stocks wide helped me solve the problem immediately.

Arnold Donald 20.11.2022

I can always rely on Stocks wide to get the best interest rate for my reliable investment. They perfectly help me fill out the necessary documents for transferring money, opening and closing bills. They remove a great load from me due to their attention to the details.

Watts Edward 22.11.2022

Excellent step -by -step instructions in another way of investing. The training is not only informative, but also fascinating. I doubted whether it was worth inviting, but Stocks wide I gave me everything I needed so that I could slowly begin to invest at my own pace, increasing my confidence at every step. Both the site and the application are very convenient for the user. Stocks wide I did not disappoint, I strongly recommend that everyone who is just starting or has already begun to invest.

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