Checking the Forex broker Stocks Wide. Why is not a scam?

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It is no secret that among the companies operating in the Forex market, you can find scammers. To be precise, they do not work in the Forex market, but hide behind this name, but their victims are not relieved of this. The editorial staff decided to study one of them and check Stocks Wide swindlers or not?

How honest brokers work?

Journalists, unfortunately, are not all-powerful; we cannot look into a person's soul and know exactly whether he is lying or not. But we can analyze how honest companies work, and how crooks work. And draw conclusions.

First and foremost - honest brokers earn on service to their customers. They do not promise mountains of gold, do not offer "ironclad" schemes and do not advertise the sale of insider information. Stocks Wide, according to its Web site, is betting on just that. Stocks Wide charges a fee for the service of transactions, as honestly warns in the terms and conditions.

The second is that honest financial companies invest in quality. At a good company that cares about its reputation, they are rare. In the few weeks of our observation of Stocks Wide their site and trading platform worked consistently without glitches, we found no complaints about Stocks Wide not working.

Third, honest companies do not put obstacles in the withdrawal of funds. Imposes some outrageous commissions, blocks the withdrawal for technical reasons, impose penalties and the like. We checked Stocks Wide pay or not pay - several times withdraw money from the deposit, close the deposit and open a new one. Everything worked like clockwork. Money was deducted from the deposit in my personal cabinet and credited to the account within a reasonable time.

And fourth, honest brokers do not lie. There are certain limits to what Forex brokers' employees can tell their clients and how. As we've already noted, they don't make unrealistic promises and guarantees. Exchange trading is always a risk.

Of course, we haven't listed all the qualities inherent in honest financial companies. These are just the basic ones that must be there. And now let's move on to what should not be there in any case.

What are the signs of a Forex scammer

It was important to check whether Stocks Wide has signs of fraud, as we did. Fortunately the information about how to behave scammers - enough.

The first - the presence of a license. It is strange, but you can still find some Forex dealers, who offer their services without a license. You, as a client, need this country to protect your rights in case of a negative outcome. Stocks Wide indicates the license on its website. And it can be easily checked.

Second - scammers always want as much money as possible. Pay attention to them, they will constantly offer under any pretext to increase the deposit, expand it, to pour more and more money. Stocks Wide offers clients to start trading from the smallest amount and does not twist the hands of clients.

The third is poor technical service. Because scammers don't aim to develop trading, their software, applications and websites tend to be "lame.

The fourth is the limited ways to withdraw money. Swindlers do not want to show their face and offer limited tools for withdrawing money. They simply can't obtain the necessary accreditations and provide withdrawal, for example, via SWIFT.

SWIFT is a time-proven, although old, system of interbank payments, only trustworthy companies have access to it. By the way, Stocks Wide has this method of withdrawal.

Fifth - scammers do not evolve. A fraud scheme has a beginning and an end, and the whole point of a con artist is to follow the road map from beginning to end and escape with the stolen items in time.

And the sixth, albeit small, but important thing is that swindlers avoid communication with real people. They use virtual offices, they have no landlines, but only virtual lines, rented numbers through third hands.


We made sure that Stocks Wide works and shows no signs of closing down, makes normal payments and does not make inflated promises. Stocks Wide has no scandals with the tax authorities, it has a clearly working technical support service and customer service. The company has a real physical address, fixed contacts and a license.

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Greer Augustus 02.11.2022

My experience with the company Stocks wide is currently great. I do not have problems. The response time is excellent. The rules are very clear, and in general, the team, in my opinion, is excellent.

Shelton Peter 13.11.2022

Working with Stocks wide, I found them straight, honest, conscientious and responsive. I believe that they worked well, taking care of my interests.

Bennett Baldwin 16.11.2022

I have been an investor Stocks wide for several months and so far satisfied. Their profitability is higher than anywhere else with a similar risk. Their site and the application are easy to use. So far, everything is fine!

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