Withdrawal of funds from Forex broker by the example of Stocks Wide

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Forex is an ideal place for trading. Everyone can earn here. The main thing is to choose the right broker and to close the deals successfully. The funds are credited to the account. The money is withdrawn through the payment systems. There are no complications at first glance. The only thing is that each exchange has its own conditions, which differ from each other. This can confuse even an experienced player, not to mention a beginner. Available nuances will be discussed at Stocks Wide.

How long does it take to withdraw funds from Stocks Wide?

The broker does not violate applicable laws. Plus, its activities are limited to the available security protocols. This does not allow for instant withdrawal. No matter how much one would like it, the money will not come in a few minutes. But, there are still fast payouts here.

Stocks Wide processes the request in a couple of days. In general, the decision is taken in 1-3 days. This is several times faster than the competition. After the money is sent to the bank, you should expect to receive it in 1-5 days. It all depends on how long the interbank payment will take. Stocks Wide does not affect it in any way.

To find the best financial institution, independently study the available options. Choose one where you have to wait less. Plus, pay attention to the fee.

Cybersecurity rules determine how long it takes to process an application. No one wants to fall victim to fraudsters, so any client transaction is thoroughly checked. A legal broker does not break the law. It works for the benefit of its users, taking care, first of all, of the safety of their accounts.

Withdrawal of funds may also depend on the requested amount, type of deposit and even on holidays, weekends.

How the withdrawal goes

Money can be withdrawn only after consideration of the request. Otherwise broker Stocks Wide does not work

Consistently, the procedure looks like this:

If SWIFT is available, you can expect faster crediting. Minor delays can also occur due to non-working days.

Consider the minimum amount of the request. It is directly related to the type of account. A small amount is not always possible to request. Commissions also matter. The balance depends on what tools the trader will be able to use.

Brokerage commission   

All rewards are determined by the tariff. Stocks Wide offers several, which makes it possible to choose the one that suits you best. The commission is also determined by the withdrawal method and its size. Company clients can take advantage of two free requests, subject to bank transfer.

Minimum withdrawal amount  

Once again, it all depends on the plan and type of account opened. There are peculiarities, conditions, nuances. It also forms the broker's commission. The basic Stocks Wide account has a rather low balance. Therefore it is not reasonable to withdraw the minimum amount of funds. Everything will go to pay fees.

Problems that may arise

A bank can block a transaction. This happens only when finmonitoring checks the legitimacy of funds. The solution is simple. Bring evidence to the bank confirming that the money was earned on the exchange. After that, everything will be restored. In this case, no one arrests your personal funds, just suspends a particular transfer.

The transaction may be slowed down because of a possible hacker threat. There are no shortage of malefactors. The company is not ready to risk its clients' finances, so it does everything possible to protect them.

Incorrectly entered details also become a problem. The issue can be resolved through the bank (in case the money is not in a non-refundable jurisdiction).

Why Stocks Wide may refuse?

The broker can block if:

A brokerage account is not designed for interpersonal transfers. This means that you cannot send money to another user of the system. If a withdrawal is made to a third party, the account will be blocked as a punishment. Errors, incorrectly entered data during registration will also be a reason to reject Stocks Wide


Stocks Wide commission depends on the type of account. The activity is legal, which is confirmed by documents. The broker processes the application within several days. Delays happen, but not regularly.

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Joseph Oliver 16.11.2022

One of the best brokers in the current financial market. I have been working with Stocks wide for half a year and during this time there were no complaints. Payments are always timely, very high interest rate plus a huge range of trading tools. A great way to establish your financial situation.

Underwood Gerald 20.11.2022

Conducting business with Stocks wide is easy, trouble -free and individually. To date, doing business with your company has been pleasant and useful experience. The exchange of information occurs exactly, your electronic signature system is easy to use, and our questions always answer quickly. All these factors strengthen our trust in your company. Thank you!

Johnson Barnaby 22.11.2022

I was very pleased with the purchase of two different annuities. The process was convenient because it was remote and appointed for a convenient time. The agent previously filled out the application, which made the purchase effective and made it possible to focus only on important decisions. The agent was professional, well aware and it was very easy to work with him. I had no problems with the transfer of funds, and I was informed about each step throughout the process. If you are in the Annuite market, Stocks wide should become your first and only choice.

Sullivan Bruce 23.11.2022

Stocks wide had a great influence on how I invest. The idea of investing in enterprises, which, in your opinion, have the best effect on the world, is of great importance for me. When investing, I feel like a business owner, and Stocks wide gave me the opportunity to learn more about various enterprises and entrepreneurs!

Cooper Hubert 02.12.2022

At first I shouted that Stocks Wide scammers, but could not scream for a long time, because I am a lively example of the fact that everything turned out with even hands. I have never had a single misfire in a year,

Evans Matthew 12.12.2022

Stocks Wide is normal, and the trader is relied on an automated process and other people's brains, it should at least be a little more attentive and assiduous. And then everything will be!

Eaton Junior 21.12.2022

It is extremely glad that my friends advised me by Stocks Wide Broker! At first I doubted, I thought the next office. Now I am satisfied with no words! Not only does nothing lag, but there are many more options for the winding, conclusion! And this is all in our difficult time. I really like Stocks Wide. Thank you and wish all the best to the broker!

Day Brian 27.12.2022

In addition, when the bustle began with the closing of exchanges on the market, I practically did not worry with freezing of papers, because in fact, the Stocks Wide broker is reliable and abroad.

Scott Claude 06.01.2023

With the Forex broker Stocks Wide, I started my way. The broker is not bad, it’s comfortable for me to work with it. While there is no thought to look for something else, you need to get used to it. So far I can highlight that Stocks Wide has good analytics, no failures and freezes in the application. In general, it's nice to work!

Lyons Robert 23.01.2023

Market execution, removal, everything works, critical nothing, and do not play Stocks Wide on the feelings of customers, have not yet seen that in support they are asked to be replenished or something else alarming.

Gibson Mark 24.01.2023

I traded through Stocks Wide. Quite successful. In my opinion, many brokers are inferior to him. There are a lot of interesting chips. A convenient thing is a single account for promotions and currency. Not every company can afford this. I’ll say more, I have not met such a chip with other brokers.

Berry Peter 26.01.2023

Fulfillment is good, they do not flirt with quotes. Technical support works quickly, people are pleasant. In short, I would say that Stocks Wide Broker is worthy. Minuses are not noticed after them.

Howard Terence 2/3/2023

I came to Stocks Wide only two months ago. I decided to start with social trading. This really does not require effort, and you get earnings here and now. Yes, in parallel you can practice on a demo account. Understand and enter the course of business in trade. And completely without risks for your own wallet. Here are the really thanks to the forex for the broker for the human approach and the absence of hidden motives. I will recommend friends. The experience is small, notice, but so far I can not celebrate serious drawbacks. It was easy to open an account, even given a somewhat tedious identification process. But again, you get an account and not just an account, but a warranty and reliable, so that the efforts are worth it. I have not withdrawn money from a trading account yet, so I can’t comment on this side of things. I like a broker, it is visually pleasant and intuitive to use. In any case, the journal of activity could be better. Otherwise, he provides you with everything you need. You can also keep abreast of the market news and set alerts so as not to miss a single key information until you are on the way.

Elliott Matthew 2/6/2023

Good afternoon I trade here recently, no problems arose. The platform interface is very convenient, the execution of transactions instant, the list of assets is decent, the withdrawal of funds, on average, from 10 minutes. up to 1 hour and without commissions. Large amounts, however, have not yet withdrawn, but I hope that there is still ahead. Of the minuses, in my opinion, only floating profitability by assets, but in EUR/USD and GBP/USD it is fixed in the daytime. In general, a pretty decent broker, I can recommend without a twinge of conscience! The company pleases with its service and attitude to customers. I also note that here the system works almost without problems, there are small sags, but this does not particularly affect work. I would very much like this review to be useful to someone, since I myself have been looking for a good broker for a very long time and understand how it happens. In addition to the possibility of trading using a desktop platform, users will also be able to trade through a simple application of the broker’s mobile application. You can quickly place trading orders for promotions, and orders can be quickly changed or canceled in the application. You can also keep abreast of the market news.

Daniels Edward 2/7/2023

The simplest and most understandable terminal of everything I know is Stocks Wide! There really is everything and even more! 20 strategies for beginners and advanced, indicators are more than a dozen, different graphs and, of course, the educational account. I didn’t spend time on the demo account, but I have experience, I advise beginners to test the platform without risk and then only start to trade in real life. Yes, by the way, the money is withdrawn a day a day! Videos are available about everything, from how to place an optional transaction, to a review of marginal accounts. In addition to the possibility of trading using a desktop platform, users will also be able to trade through a simple application of the broker’s mobile application. You can quickly place trading orders for promotions, and orders can be quickly changed or canceled in the application. You can also keep abreast of the market news and set alerts so as not to miss a single key information until you are on the way. In the mobile application, tools for research and construction of graphs are also available, which gives you the opportunity to study investment ideas at any time.

Robbins Ira 2/8/2023

High profitability, quick payment and entry of funds, a convenient interface and cool technical support. I have been working with Stocks Wide by a broker for about a year. The interface is so convenient and simple that even the child will figure it out. A complete set of tools for work has been provided. Operational work of the Support Service. With the replenishment and withdrawal of funds, there have never been problems. Initially, you might think that this is another bench (but for those who do not understand the market, trade and price behavior). I like the platform, and I'm not going to leave it. Of the minuses: unfortunately there is no application on iOS. The education section is the key to good transactions and this broker is interested in the help of beginners. There is a lot of free information on how to find dozens of templates on tools. There are no complaints about the broker. I never had complaints about the performance of the platform as a hand trader. I think that the execution of Stocks Wide transactions is a first -class because I get very decent entrances and outputs even with high volatility. Their agent is also quite punctual in answers to emails.

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