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On stock exchanges, there are enough of those who work illegally. Forex broker scams come up with sophisticated schemes, but it is possible to figure them out. Before starting to work with a company, learn the reviews of forex brokers. This will help to make the right decision and save money.

Swissstand is not a broker forex scammer. The largest broker working with European banks. It has a license. It works 24 hours a day. It has no debts to clients. The service is used by players all over the world.

Positive reviews make it clear that the platform can be trusted. All payments are verified. There are no dubious schemes. Training is provided for all traders. Transfers between users are prohibited. All the benefits of the platform are available after registration. It is simple and consists of a few steps.

All staff members are competent. The support team is monitored by the quality department. Hidden payments are not applied.

Swissstand legit and does not work with unreliable terminals. Proven products are available for download. There is an official website and a mobile app.

Does a broker scam list matter?

Such anti-ratings can hardly be called objective because they are mostly compiled by competitors. Therefore it is better not to trust them. But they do exist, and they include those who prefer to run a dishonest game by deceiving clients.

Swissstand is a good broker. It is a decent broker who works openly. Cooperating with company it is possible to count on transparency. It provides quality services, and uses secure connections, and verified Forex tools.

The three components of fraud

The intruders in stock exchanges are consequential. Their operations consist of the following steps:

If the trick is successful, the victim loses money.

Fraudsters may pose as employees of well-known companies, or even mimic them. They copy names, and websites, use professional terms and offer prototypes of investment products.

They also like to intimidate. Psychological pressure is one of their popular tricks. They act aggressively, not forgetting to be tactful.

Here are a few signs of brokerage scams:

Scammers have no support service.

Is Swissstand scam? Definitely not because the company makes no empty promises and is not indebted to clients.

How to understand if a broker is honest?

All proven companies have documented everything. Doubtful schemes are not applied, and all strategies are agreed upon before working out. Clients' money on separate accounts, free training, and practice account.

Swissstand legit broker with fixed commissions. Offers several pricing plans to choose from. The support team process requests within half an hour, providing feedback.

The broker has trading approvals and several licenses. This is why it can be trusted:

Access to the personal account is available 24 hours a day.

The broker and its interaction with clients

It is possible to call Swissstand or contact the support team via online chat. The broker works with official Forex tools. It is suitable for trading on the stock exchange. A practice account can be used for one month.

The attitude to clients is loyal. There are bonuses, compensations, and promotions. All payments are accounted for. The payments are fixed and depend on the tariff. The agreement is strictly adhered to.

Swissstand is not a fraud, as its clients always get what they have earned.


What are the conclusions of this Swissstand scam review? The company works officially. Activity is confirmed by documents. There are no hidden payments. The broker offers favorable terms and is not a scammer.


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Jose Wood 21.12.2022

About six months ago, I registered in swiss standand quite quickly and without any problems and nuances. I was superficially familiar with Forex, so I decided to look around, read articles, watch a video library on their website. As soon as he mastered it, he switched to webinars. No one there rushed there with smart words, everything in an accessible language and explained everything in detail. Somewhere at the beginning of the year I replenished by 500 bucks, I was very worried because the amount for me is not small. I opened a mini account, I set the credit shoulder 1: 100, while I trade in two EURUSD and USDCHF currency pairs. After two months, I will add some other currency pair. I withdrew the money three times, for the first time 100 bucks, then twice - 150 and 200 bucks. I had an input and conclusion on the card. There were no violations in terms of terms. So far, everything goes well. You can perform risky foreign exchange operations, while the swiss standand broker does everything possible to conduct them at the best prices as possible. The model avoids conflict of interests, i.e. situations when the responsibilities and interests of the company do not coincide.

Roger Adkins 23.12.2022

Maybe someone will be interesting to someone, but someone is obvious. swiss standand is my first broker. I will miss the stage of studying the market and trade on the demo account, although do not forget about this possibility and if necessary, then use, leave only experience in the real account. The opening of the personal account and verification did not cause problems. Replenishment from the card has passed instantly and without unnecessary commissions. The trade process itself was no different from when I studied. A large shoulder and good processing of requests for trading. I did not reveal any delays and gaps. The first profit was displayed on the card. In a short time, the money is already in the wallet. Once I had to contact the support chat on cashback. Almost immediately they connected with me and explained everything. The company offers services that are able to protect funds and make profit at times more expectations. As a result, I can say that the trading for me is the opportunity to take care of my savings, and the Forex Broker swiss standand has provided the most comfortable trading.

Alfredo Walker 27.12.2022

I am a pensioner, a middle -aged man and not rich. With swiss standand I have been since the spring of 2018. I play almost every day, only in the summer I leave for the country and do not play. I earn a sufficient increase in my modest pension. I get excitement, adrenaline, and income. Quite satisfied. Although not always everything was fine. About a year and a half or two years ago, interruptions in communications began, the system began to hang, and once I lost the money, not having time to close the deal. He got angry, withdrew the money and went to another broker. But I did not like the attitude of another broker at all, it seemed to me that I was not at all happy there. I was completely superfluous in their luxurious offices. I indulged a little, I didn’t work there and returned back to the broker swiss standand. You just need to learn how to play in such a way as not to lose money regularly, but to earn. I did not work out immediately - the first year was more unprofitable. I play carefully, on my own, but now almost always in a plus. This year there was not a single losing month - always in a plus. Yes, I understand that I will not become a millionaire, but still I earn steady and confidently. The system is understandable and convenient, I am not interested in analytics, although I listen to the morning web seminars and read information that is enough and it is quite accessible to average minds.

David Stone 29.12.2022

Whatever I read reviews about swiss standand, my opinion will be unchanged. Firstly, this is a universal broker. No need to run around companies if you want to trade on stock and forex. Access to all markets for the broker has been for several years. Even whiter is important - access to international markets. Again, I do not need to be a resident of the States to trade with them. Through the American daughter, you can easily invest in almost all sites in the United States. And then the huge infrastructure of the entire company. There is everything. But, in order to be objective, I am not satisfied with limited access to support. There are always difficulties and they should be solved instantly. In swiss standand will have to wait on the line or a day to get an answer to the mail. Although, this is a kind of payment for the quality of other products. But for me this is not a problem, you can close your eyes for it. The main thing is that everything goes as it should, you can not worry about your capital and for having withdrawing money you will definitely receive it, albeit in a couple of days. I can safely advise this broker if you want to receive, not give it.

Jason Gibson 29.12.2022

The purpose of the broker is to create a high -tech trading platform with affordable pricing. Breakthrough pricing models and their own technologies, to date have made the swiss standand broker its largest exchange macler in terms of active retail customers. Every day, through a powerful ecosystem of the broker investment platforms, more than 2+ million customers place millions of applications. The broker is regulated by the largest regulator. Clients can choose from many market tools. The commissions are relatively low, the swiss standand broker provides tools for research and training, and also provides excellent customer support for beginners and experienced traders. Some companies provide their own patented platform, while others prefer well -known platforms. If you have a choice, the trader needs to remember what exactly he would like to trade. The advantages of this broker: the broker is adjustable, is under the strict control of the regulators; A full range of services; international presence; direct access to markets; low commission; Instant execution and maximum liquidity and this is all for convenient and effective earnings.

Henry Morgan 15.01.2023

For me, Swiss Stand is such a broker - which causes a reliable and tested broker with a good reputation. In my opinion, if you open an account in such a risky business as trading on Forex, then only with this broker and nothing else. I installed a mobile application on my phone and now with great pleasure I often work in it anywhere. A huge number of traders around the world trust the broker. Broker is a sponsor of many sporting events. One of the key features of the Swiss Stand broker is multiple regulation. Moreover, I really appreciate the fact that I can choose a trading platform that I like best. The choice is really good, and I can choose a platform of several or their own. I know that many people prefer autonomous platforms. But it’s easier for me to work in a browser, because I always have several tabs at once: current news, several schedules and separate graphs for technical analysis, which I do in my free minutes. There are many timeframes, starting from a minute period. I use strategies with clear input signals, so it is important to me.

Scott Gibson 28.01.2023

I wanted to write a review, I thought, decided, but then I was distracted, but my hands did not reach ... And I started, as probably, almost everything with a 30% bonus for replenishment. I was looking for a broker with normal conditions and bonuses and switched to the Swiss Stand of the broker. If you want a company with a fixed spread and a normal service, then in SWISS Stand you will not be disappointed. I went through a lot in trade, I even tried to quarrel with the Sport, when I had a failure and I entered the deepest drawdown, but it was my fault: I had to put the feet competently and, as it turned out, my provider, not a broker. You know even then it became a shame that I went to the supporters, but then that you couldn’t do a hot head, the guys managed to put me on the right course of thoughts. But what is there to remember the past, my main thing is to know how right now it works, but right now everything is cool. If someone is worried about the conclusions, then you can calm down, the maximum delays are 2 days (I have it so for sure), and so the removal passes in an hour or two. My opinion is this - one cannot treat this as a casino.

Dale Stokes 30.01.2023

Personally, I spent a lot of time in search to meet the very person who would be much smarter than me about trading. And I found him. One of the analysts Swiss Stand was able to minimize my risks, and I believe that such brilliant work needs to be paid well. Although I offered him to move to me and work with me 50 to 50, he remained faithful to his company. But I'm glad that even so he leads me along such a capricious path. On the exchange, as in any other business, you need to understand what you are doing and why. You can’t take a negligent and easy to relate to this type of activity, then everything will come out sideways. It is necessary to study strategies, not at all at once, but choose a narrow direction for yourself and analyze economic events in it. But, also do not forget that the market is a market, so even the best strategy may not work at a certain moment. In order to avoid this or minimize such situations, you should enlist the support of a specialist. Light has divorced pseudo-analysts too much.

Todd Bryant 13.01.2023

At the Swiss Stand, at first, at first only thanks to advertising. Therefore, I want to say a few words about the Swiss Stand broker. I am a beginner in the field of trading, so my review is more subjective. I decided to try my hand in trading on Forex, studied the conditions of many brokers, read reviews. Naturally, almost everything became incomprehensible to me. First of all, I was pleased with the clear section "for beginners", thanks to which everything in my head decomposed on the shelves and then a demo account, a little practice would not hurt. Naturally, I understood that not everything is as cloudless as it was drawn in theory, so I climbed into the forum. Of course, I talked with consultants, support service, studied standards, but as you understand the opinion of traders with experience, is another thing. Now I opened a real account, threw $ 300, received a welcoming bonus and trade neatly and with wide eyes! I feel the soil so to speak. To date, understanding all the risks and having learned this craft, I can say that for me Swiss Stand is the only and so far indispensable company with ideal (at least not experienced me) conditions of trade and training.

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