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Before you start investing, you need to determine your main goals. To do this, you need to think about what type of trade you are planning and what conditions are important for you when choosing a broker for cooperation. In this article, we will look at the main criteria that should be considered when choosing a broker that suits you, using the example of SwissUnion.

SwissUnion is a young player in the Forex market, but this did not prevent the company from taking a place among the stable and respectable organizations in this area.

The broker's activities are transparent and controlled by the local regulator.

SwissUnion supports its clients and communicates with them using different communication channels. They can email or call tech support.

SwissUnion reviews about the broker: On weekdays, the support service is available around the clock. Many investors love to stay connected during the breaks on the exchanges or switch between currency trading sessions around the world.

The main thing is to determine what is important for you when choosing services. Full-service brokers provide access to a broader range of financial products and services, including alternative asset classes, proprietary research, and sophisticated money management tools. In return, you must maintain a minimum account, pay higher trading fees, and pay an account management fee. reviews about the broker: the comments indicate that the main asset should be currency (and this is available at a rate for beginners).

How to find the most suitable broker.

If you have decided on the market, asset and have chosen a broker for yourself, you need to choose suitable trading conditions:

SwissUnion review: How not to waste money starting a trading career?

For traders looking for a new broker, registering a small account can be a quick and risk-free method of checking if the broker's trading platform meets your requirements before opening a real account. Likewise, traders who have never used a trading platform to trade real money can use a demo account as a foundation to start their trading career. reviews on how to register an account:

SwissUnion broker review trading account options

After choosing a real or demo account, decide which trading account is right for you.


Binary options for stocks, currencies, indices, metals

Minimum contribution

$ 5000




от 2.8

Minimum spread


Minimum lot




Trust management






What do they offer?

50 currency pairs, 45+ CFD

Account currency



no reviews: What traders say

“I have been working with the company for a year now. I like the interface of the site itself and the high-level technical support. There are no particular problems with the withdrawal of earned money. The spread is not minimal, but quite low, in my opinion. I am generally satisfied with the experience of working with SwissUnion, there are no significant complaints. "

“I have a positive impression of the company. What I liked about them is the fast operation of the terminal without any risky transactions, as well as quick profit payments. The site is perfectly composed, the personal account is convenient. "

“This is a very advanced broker, at the moment, now has a very large base of trading instruments. I really liked the fact that you can contact technical support for each question. They work quickly and will always help with questions about the site. "

Comments (15)
Berry Peter 18.11.2021

I worked with Swissunion the last two to three weeks and was excited about the experience. Your support is very fast, I also like conditions and the payout time is also okay, overall very good broker.

Blankenship Mark 19.11.2021

Unexpectedly Swissunion has become my best earnings source, lol. I have never presented myself as a Forex dealer.

Reeves Albert 24.11.2021

Of course, Swissunion could use something better conditions for cooperation, but in all other aspects, they are simply great. Good ride, people.

Newton Robert 28.12.2021

For several years now I have been actively studying the market and follow it. So I decided to try to trade cryptocurrencies. swissunion Consultants is the perfect broker for this. All as possible adapted to such a type of trade, the conditions are most comfortable as possible. I recommend everyone who wants to work with crypt.

Fletcher Moses 01.01.2022

Recently, trade has become not as profitable as before. But there are no hopeless situations. To correct your financial position, I decided to do investments. In today's conditions, a good alternative. This broker just makes it possible to make money on it.

Gregory Jacob 25.01.2022

There are a lot of subjective opinions about working with swissunion Consultants. I will try to express the most objectively. swissunion Consultants - a broker with history, on the market for more than 7 years, has a license, all information about the broker on the site corresponds to reality. Input and output occupy a standard time interval for most. The discovery and closing of the transactions goes quickly and without difficulty. The deposits here are higher than others, but this is quite justified, because the platform has proven itself as a leader, and therefore cannot be cheap.

White Jack 08.02.2022

I opened a standard forex account here, because my trade style is simple, and I also needed a broker with the lowest trading costs. There is also no commission for the withdrawal of funds, and simply mention that there is also a welcome bonus in the amount of 100%.

Hensley Bernard 15.02.2022

Fast registration. I was able to open an account within a few minutes. Check did not occupy time; It was also not difficult. Until now, the trading conditions were in order. I did not notice any failures when trading here

Marsh Nicholas 18.02.2022

swissunion It has really interesting conditions for trade EA. You can connect both your robot, and request it from a broker.

Hubbard Christopher 03.03.2022

Ctrader and MetaTrader, I also use the swissunion web terminal. Fast platform with less lag than other options.

Warren Edgar 06.03.2022

2 months have passed that I trading on swissunion, I started from $ 200 now I have 6K

Dalton Morris 21.03.2022

Stunning broker!

Taylor Peter 30.03.2022

A pretty good broker pleased the presence of convenient output systems. Not all European brokers have them. In terms of trade, as well as training, they are also quite nothing.

Haynes Steven 07.04.2022

Of course, there are brokers with lower deposits, spreads and minimal depots, but the guarantees that you will normally withdraw your money, I prefer to work with a fix. In addition, it is possible to work on Ctrader.

Daniel Harry 30.04.2022

The conditions for me are acceptable to the wave, there was no loss of communication of the server, without delay. Do not set excessive obsessive support for support. In short, I am quite satisfied.

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