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Forex brokers (like Trendsmacro broker) are intermediaries in the sale and purchase of currencies. And this activity in their main source of income, which is formed due to the spread, or the difference between buying and selling currency, or direct payment for a completed trade. Therefore, Forex dealing centers are interested in the activity of clients, so that they carry out as many transactions as possible and receive profit from them.

Forex - things you need to know

Such characteristics of the forex market as a significant volume of turnover, volatility and global structure contributed to the rise of its popularity among investors. This market has a high level of liquidity, that’s why investors can open and close very large orders without affecting the exchange rate. Large-scale positions are available to traders due to margin requirements in the industry.

Forex offers the investor more opportunities to make big money, however, the risks are much higher than, for example, in trading stocks. One of the key features of Forex is the level of leverage. Due to the high liquidity of forex, margin requirements are low and leverage is high. It is simply impossible to find such low collateral requirements in the stock markets; in order to buy shares it is necessary for trader's account to have at least 50% of their value, while to buy currency only 1% is needed. For example, having $ 1,000 on his account, a trader can control the capital of $ 100,000 - the rest of the money is lent by the broker. Super-high leverage means huge profits turn into losses in no time if the market moves in a different direction. You can lose all your capital in a few minutes. It is extremely important for beginners to understand, as well as the fact that the foreign exchange market - due to the huge amount of money and players - actively reacts to new information, which leads to sharp movements in currency pairs.

There is often a interruptions in the stock markets activity. For those moments volumes are falling, trading activity is decreasing. As a result, it can be difficult to open and close positions at the right time. In addition, not all investors are able to make money on falling stocks.

On the other hand, in Forex, you can make money both on growth and on a fall, since in each transaction a trader simultaneously sells one and buys another currency. In other words, short selling is part of every trade. Due to the high liquidity of the foreign exchange market, there is no need to wait for a price increase before opening a short position (as opposed to the stock). Trendsmacro review

Trendsmacro forex broker about:

Broker Type: CFD

Country: Republic of the Marshall Islands

Operating since year: 2020

Address: Republic of the Marshall Islands

Broker status: Active


Customer Service

Languages: English

Availability: 24/5



Trading platforms: MT4

The Trading platform Time zone: GMT +2

Demo account: No

Mobile trading: Yes

Web-based trading: Yes

Bonuses: No

Other trading instruments: Yes

Minimum deposit ($): $250

Maximal leverage: 1:300

Spread: Variable

Scalping allowed: YES


Main tariffs:









Is Trendsmacro scam or a trustworthy broker?

Verification shows that scammers will not be able to register at Trendsmacro forex and sell through the platform. To combat money laundering and fraudulent transactions, a control procedure is necessary for each client and is conducted through the verification of each client. To pass it, you will need screenshots of documents (receipts from a bank, passport), a client's photo (on request) and other papers. For more information, please check the KYC support page of the site, and you’ll find out what documents the security service can ask for.

Broker wants to offer most compatible trading conditions and the best client service. That’s why it has different account types for different level of traders. Also Trendsmacro forex broker system works hard to connect with major financial services of the region. So up to the moment, Trendsmacro broker has established secure connections with major European liquidity suppliers.


A Trendsmacro broker has entered the market and has not darkened its reputation in any way. The company is no stranger to stock trading as it has worked with European clients for many years. Traders' reviews most often positively characterize trading with this broker.

Among the advantages of the company, there are ways to withdraw funds, good support, online training and favorable trading conditions.


Comments (21)
Robert York 28.02.2021

Is this already the tenth broker you are considering to start trading? Stop. Everything is clean here. See how many users are leaving good reviews. But of course, do your analysis!

Wood hill 15.03.2021

Choosing between variable and fixed spread broker is a matter of choice mostly. Only after a serious amount of practice will you be able to make a concious decision. To me, the way it all works here is the best, but I can't be sure that it won't change in the foreseeable future.

Austina Bartrum 17.03.2021

In the absence of experience, you will have to try a lot of trading strategy options. Besides, mistakes are inevitable! Trade and learn new things every day, very soon you will have your own conclusions. It makes sense to start with this broker.

David 19.03.2021

I like the spreads here, for me this trading option is the most acceptable. I have only recently started to practice it and already see progress towards increasing my earnings.

Adam 21.03.2021

How do you determine which type of spread will bring you more? It seems to me that everyone has their own truth. It all depends on your experience and your temperament, ready to adapt, whether you know how to be flexible. Your strategy can also change all the time, this is a sign of an experienced trader, I think.

Loise 22.03.2021

What do you like best about this broker? Spreads, right? If this type of trading suits you, what prevents you from opening an account and taking minimal risk?

Fred 22.03.2021

All that epidemic stuff has really set me back in terms of trading... good thing I have it all here, with this company. Looks like the best place to wait out them hard times. I wasn't sitting on my ass too, made some researches, but still.

Aizek 24.03.2021

For me, cooperation with this company is a way to save my money and even increase it. The epidemic makes the market unstable, and the behavior of certain groups of traders turns into a panic rush. Rumors and speculation, this is what the market is like now ... If you succumb to provocations, you can lose.

Tombson 25.03.2021

I don't want to give up ... My past experience with another broker was very disappointing. And here everything is attractive, I want to start right now. Perhaps I can catch up and bring back what I have lost ...

Fillip 29.03.2021

I found a broker who helps me cope with the crisis. I even started making money again. It seemed that the market was sinking almost every day ... How good that there is an island of stability in the middle of this covid tragedy

Fred 04.04.2021

Who managed to make good money on trading with this broker during the pandemic? After all, this is surprising considering that there are consistently low spreads. What good rates!

Matthews Harrison 10.04.2021

I decided to sit out the crisis and pandemic on this site. Trades are held as if no one is going to panic. This is a good broker. In just a few months, it has proven its reliability to me.

Ricardo 24.04.2021

I had never traded before, but then I received a call two weeks ago and plunged into financial transactions for the first time in my life. As for the work of the company, I shall note their support service, the trading terminal, although I don't think I use all its capabilities, and the speed of orders processing.

Shmith Shweiz 28.04.2021

I like that I can trade at night and still use support services when I need them. I don't have the opportunity to trade during the day, because in the daytime I work in different sphere, but right now it's a good source of additional income and I don't want to lose it.

Joseph Fisher 11.05.2021

I'm trading the old fashioned way - currencies and gold. I don’t poke into instruments unfamiliar to me like cryptocurrencies, I have enough activity without them. Overall, satisfied. There is nothing to complain about for six months of trading here, in any case, I do not recall the problems and conflicts. As a client, I did not feel a thing about all the recent perturbations with Covid.

Tim 24.05.2021

For me, the reliability and consistency of this company is not in doubt, because for a year and a half of our cooperation I have not had any complaints! There is a lot of tools for trading - you can choose from currency to even platinum! Trade is very fast, you can be anywhere and conduct operations. Also, I have repeatedly withdrawn funds - everything is done quickly, although there is control. So, I'm happy and I advise everyone only this broker.

Robert York 29.05.2021

I would like to mention a broker who provides its clients with the best trading conditions. At the same time, the main thing is that I earn, and this is very good. I never thought that I would be engaged in such a business, but it turned out - it is very profitable. I advise everyone.

Leslie 01.06.2021

The need to build up and increase capital prompted me to cooperate with a broker. I made the choice of a broker deliberately, went to the official website, looked through the information, made sure that the necessary permits and licenses to conduct business were available, revised trading conditions, methods of depositing and withdrawing money. Having put a few questions to technical support, I received an answer and began to cooperate. I am satisfied with the service.

Keith Moore 08.06.2021

I like activity and dynamic here, it allows me to make three and more trades a day. Terms are good, didn’t encountered any issues.

John Bailey 12.06.2021

When I was trying to learn how to trade, I just drowned in all the stuff I googled. It was impossible to make sense of. I’m glad this company helped me to figure it all out. Another thing I like here is the spreads.

Edward Roberts 26.06.2021

I like tariffs and terms in general here. Also, consultants are very professional and helpful.

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