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Trendsmacro forex broker
Trendsmacro scam

Even new broker can become a reliable partner when it comes to trading. And that’s the part where Trendsmacro reviews can show us if this company is worth your trust or not. We focus on the quality of service provided by Trendsmacro. Since this broker appeared in 2020 and offers to start trading, it is important to understand how good the trading conditions are.

Let's start with the basics: website, trading platform and documents. – scam or not? What can we find about it?

Even if the broker appeared just a year ago, it is not necessarily a scam project. Especially in this case.

At first glance, we are dealing with a standard platform with better-than-average conditions and a number of positive points. 
Website of the company has all the info about the trading conditions, registration, and company details. This Trendsmacro review is built partly on information from the open sources – social networks, other websites and forums, and the other part of information was taken directly from

What is known about this broker:

Trendsmacro review

Broker’s headquarters are located at the Marshall Islands, regulated by local regulators. It has been on the market a little more than a year.

Trading conditions for cooperation - review

The company offers favorable conditions with low spreads and trading bonuses. In addition, it attracts new traders with an extended support policy (training, signals providing, webinars, trading sessions with an analyst). Top traders have an option to score really big with Platinum account and special terms of trading.

Feedback on how clients are guided by Trendsmacro' managers is mostly positive. Consulting and technical support is active 24/5, as the exchanges do, that is, the staff has days off.

The company reserves the right to freeze the account if it is suspected of conducting fraudulent trading activities or money laundering. The security service of tries to catch scam at the initial stage.

If for some other reason the account was closed (the client decided to stop trading, for example), the funds will be returned to the card or bank account within seven days. But Trendsmacro reviews show that it is a rare decision of a trader.

The broker offers all types of currency trading, with an emphasis on buying and selling currencies in the forex market. All types of orders are available to clients, including trailing stop and others. There is margin trading with the leverage of 1:300.

Registration and verification: reviews

The company requires mandatory verification, for which you will have to send to the broker's technical service (on request):

Account types Trendsmacro reviews





















Personal management





All accounts have same package of services with major differences in the terms of spreads and additional options. The more you invest, the more functions you get for your maximum profits.


It is obvious that the quality of service offered by the Trendsmacro can be considered high. This conclusion is confirmed by the reviews of English-speaking clients, which can be found on websites like Trustpilot and others review websites over the Internet. They note the good work of the terminal and the responsiveness of the technical service.

Jacob Whitehead, Belfast, 23, student


With all those strange comments about random broker companies it might be hard to notice this Trendsmacro, which is a shame, cause I love them. Honestly, I haven't seen a better broker for a long, long time.

Christian Holtzer, Berlin, designer, 33


This broker company really helped me a lot when I was just a green beginner, couple of years ago... they introduced to me the world of trading and I'm grateful for that to this day. Not currently working with only because my activities have shifted from trading, otherwise I would be among their clients for sure.

Mary Sommer, Munich, 30, QA



Comments (21)
Gordon 27.02.2021

I need just such a stable company that is not afraid of the challenges of the time. The world market regularly experiences crisis moments, because politicians always have something to scare us all with. Does this mean that trading will stop? Of course not. We do not lose our presence of mind!

Cody 28.02.2021

Does anyone know, is there a way to set a trailing stop here? I'm not that proficient in local principles, so some advice would be appreciated. Or should I call support instead? I've heard that they are quite fast in responding

Nathan 01.03.2021

I have questions about some features that I have not dealt with before. For example, stop loss management. Not enough experience, I admit. Will the local support answer such amateurish questions?

George 08.03.2021

Attention, I am looking for comments from users who have already studied all the client features. It is desirable, like me, that they be beginners, but have already been working with this broker for at least a few weeks.

Trevor 10.03.2021

How to set a trailing stop here? I heard that this is a good algorithm, but it is supposedly only accessible from the client terminal. Who knows the details, please respond, guys ... Or with this question only directly to the broker?

Piter 15.03.2021

I have a demo account. Can I use the functionality described on the site? How about pending orders?

Nicholas 21.03.2021

I live in the US but prefer to trade GBP/USD... the most notorious problem for me was that I can't watch trades all night. But hey, this thing isn't connected with the broker itself, I suppose, so dont think I'm trying to blame them for my hardships or anything. They are quite good, actually

Sigismund 23.03.2021

No problem with this broker, despite the fact that not every trading platform is open to Americans like me. The reason is in our laws ... you know ... They protect us from all kinds of fraud, putting forward strict requirements for any broker. Fortunately, there are no problems with this service, I can trade here as much as I want. Everything suits me.

Luce 24.03.2021

You see, they are often sent to technical support in the comments. I confirm that cool pros work there. They helped me a lot, I feel much more confident and I am already making a profit

Kenneth Skinner 10.04.2021

The most popular currency pairs are available on this internet site. I`m especially pleased with the local trading rules. This broker can teach you a lot, even if you are no longer a beginner.

danie 10.04.2021

I did not have time to follow the trades, because during the night sessions I have to work (I live in the USA). Luckily, I was advised a mobile app from this site. Now I can trade much more actively and successfully.

Malcolm 18.04.2021

Only here I decided to deviate from my rule to trade in only one pair and began to experiment. My strategy hasn't hurt my finances yet. Of course, consult a broker. You've noticed that very innovative strategies are sometimes used here, but they pay off!

Ethan 19.04.2021

Are there any US residents on this chat? Have you had any problems with withdrawing income to your personal account? I opened a demo, I want to be ready for the unexpected, just in case

Vincent Ball 27.04.2021

Tried almost all their account types. Now on Gold one. It has great spreads for scalping.

Edwin Dalton 05.05.2021

I liked it. Will stay here for a while.

Steven Lawrence 11.05.2021

Conditions are above the average. Surely not the best on the market. But you should take into account the other options.

Melvin Foster 13.05.2021

I have been working for more than 2 years. The company is excellent, customer-oriented, all my questions are always resolved on time, without any problems. Good conditions are offered.

Emil 21.05.2021

The company is one of the best brokers I have worked with. Throughout my life, I have tried trading different assets in different markets and trying to find the best for myself. It is clear that each broker strives to earn as much money as possible on turnovers and corresponding spreads, but at the same time this company helps clients also earn money - with loyal conditions and free analytics. I recommend this broker to everyone.

Nathan 22.05.2021

I have been working for three years. I want to say that the broker has a powerful analytical base, which I often use in my trading. Also very specific and relevant are the comments and recommendations of the experts of the broker's analytical department. As for the functionality of the trading terminal, everything is simple, even a beginner will understand. Recommend.

Glen Huff 01.06.2021

I don’t know a lot about trading yet, so I had to choose broker by looking at reviews and ratings. I’m satisfied for now, there weren’t any issues and consultants were helpful.

Robert Thompson 15.06.2021

I prefer scalping to usual stock trading and I was really glad to find the platform without restrictions on that point. And there’s almost no delay when making transactions.

Charles Clark 19.06.2021

Nice spreads here, and good conditions in general. Nothing special, but the platform runs smoothly and without issues. I’ve been here for two months, planning to stay.

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