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How to protect yourself and your family from financial frauds, TrendsTurbo scam tips

Withdrawing money from an account without the owner's knowledge, stealing passwords and PIN codes, making easy money on the Internet are all the common types of financial fraud. Criminals will speculate on your feelings, promise mountains of gold, disguise themselves as bank employees or government agencies to defraud money. How to recognize a fraudster and what to do if you still managed to deceive? scam check will tell you how to avoid scam on the web.

Anyone can become a victim of criminals, and it doesn't matter if he uses a bank card or prefers to pay in cash. TrendsTurbo scam department warns: scammers know how to lure money online, using calls and SMS, in social networks. How do they do it? scam check tips: Bankcard fraud

To use your card for their purposes, fraudsters need to find out its number, owner's name, expiration date, CVC or CVV number. They can install a skimmer on an ATM (a special device that is placed on a card receiver in an ATM) and a video camera above the keyboard – but in case of website they’ll just create the one which is similar to your usual service provider and will steal details during transaction.

It is enough to use such a website once and not check if you got the service on time - and your money can be withdrawn, transferred to several accounts and cashed out. Even in case of double verification (with SMS approval), your card details can be stolen if you once allow this fake service to process the payment.

How to protect yourself - scam detection tips

Use direct link to your broker’s website to deposit money or add it manually to the address bar. Avoid using search results, especially if you have any doubts. Contact your manager and ask him/her to provide you the correct link.

Connect your mobile bank and SMS notifications.

If you make purchases via the Internet, do not tell anyone the secret code for confirming transactions, which you receive via SMS.

Try to never lose sight of your card.

Also, there’s another problem: you shall never enter details of your trading account on some devices that are not yours, especially in some public places, at work, or at any computer that can be accessed by a lot of other people. Every time when you do that, you lease those details available for fraudsters. It may turn into a major problem, once someone can access your account. scam check tips: Cyber fraud

Let's say you always withdraw money only at the bank's cash desk and don't pay with a card at all. You feel safe. Or, in case of trading account, you always use your own computer, never enter your logion details at any random places. Suddenly you receive an SMS or an email supposedly from a bank/broker with a link, a request to call back at an unknown number or with a notification of an unexpectedly bonus. Maybe they call on behalf of the bank/broker and ask for personal data, PIN-code from the card or SMS-confirmation number. Or they write on social networks on behalf of relatives or friends who suddenly got into trouble (got into the police, hit a car, stole a bag) and ask to transfer a certain amount of money to an unknown account. TrendsTurbo warns: in 99.9% of cases, you are dealing with scammers. Especially if they try to convince you that they need your login and password to your trading account, now, immediately, because of some serious risk or issue.

How to protect yourself - scam detection tips

Do not follow unknown links, do not call back on dubious numbers. Even if the link seems to be reliable, and the phone number is correct, always check the addresses with the domain names of the official websites of the organizations, and check the numbers in the official directories.

If you receive an SMS about the transfer of funds (and the message looks like a familiar bank notification), and then someone calls you and say that he’s mistakenly credited you with money and asks for a refund, do not rush to return anything. Same thing happens when you get information about sudden margin call with a link to instant funding of the account. This situation is more like a fraudulent scheme: most likely, all your money are safe, and you didn’t get any additional incomes or losses, the SMS was not from your bank or broker. TrendsTurbo scam detection team advice: check your account balance, order an online bank statement, or call the bank/broker support before transferring money to someone.

If you receive a notification "Confirm purchase" and a code, and then a call from an some person who says that he mistakenly indicated your phone number and asks to dictate the code to him, in no case do this. Scammers are trying to deceive you with a code to write off money from your account or subscribe you to an unnecessary paid service. Especially please notice that no broker employee will ever ask for card information or your login/password.

TrendsTurbo scam preventing tips:

Do not give your data to anyone, let alone passwords and codes. Bank or broker employees do not need them, and fraudsters will open access to your money.

Do not store credit card data on a computer or smartphone.

Check information. If you are told that you won something or that money was accidentally debited from your card and you need to give your data to stop the operation, end the conversation and call the bank at the phone number indicated on the back of your card. If you get the info about the possible margin call, instantly access your account and check what’s going on there – from a safe and reliable computer or your own smartphone.

Install an antivirus on your computer – actually, to any computer that you’re using for financial operations and trading.

Trendsturbo scam detection team advice: Explain these simple rules to older relatives and teenagers to protect them. And stay safe at all your trading activities as well as in other moments of your life.

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Comments (25)
Brian 10.05.2021

I am fully satisfied with the conditions that I've got here, including zero commissions. Don't know if there are any others with same terms on a market.

Darcy 12.05.2021

The company has solid trading conditions, quite low deposit terms and I personally like how the managers work with client consultations.

Ned 14.05.2021

I find this company recently and was not going to delve into details, but became interested. I have been working on the project for only 4 months and have already started to receive commissions and it makes me happy. I am thinking of switching to this broker as my main one and increasing my income.

danie 21.05.2021

Good day. I have been working with the broker not so long ago, a little over a year, but I can say that the broker is good. Orders are opened quickly, technical support always meets the client expectations and quickly responds to requests.

Richard Guzman 10.06.2021

At first I was trying to trade like I was taught at online courses, but advice from support turned to be so much better. Wish I consulted them right away.

Frank Jackson 17.06.2021

My first experience with forex trading - I was afraid to try, frankly, but it's been good so far. If you don't understand something, you can always turn to support for help.

Jose Long 24.06.2021

I picked this company, because I wanted to use a well-known, reliable terminal. Pleased with my choice, there are good charts and everything is processed really quickly.

Hutchinson Lesley 08.07.2021

I've been with TrendsTurbo for a long time, probably more than a year. I am satisfied, everything is good enough for me. Normal spreads, static, you can trade almost any volume within the deposit. Trouble-free withdrawing for in an hour, with no commission. But what caused the inconvenience - the metatrader 4 did not want to be installed normally on the MacBook, it was necessary to adapt to the work with the emulator, which is somehow strange and not very comfortable. MT itself does not brake or even glitching up. I would not abandon the web terminal for just in case.

Willis Clinton 14.07.2021

My account at the TrendsTurbo broker is just under a year. In short, everything that promised for trading conditions corresponds to reality. Before the first withdrawal, it is necessary to go through the verification process carefully, fill in the papers, this is all done in order to comply with the safety standards. And the rest is already clear and simple. As well as read in the reviews, spreads all the time are static, within the declared limits, do not skip when the market fluctuates and do not bury suddenly in a storm. The withdrawing is easy and quick. In a pinch, experienced consultants are always on the line. To be honest, I think they themselves trade, so clearly they are always aware of all trends.

Randall Maximillian 14.07.2021

Disconnects are driving me crazy, I've had a bit of experience with different brokers. The colleague advised to try TrendsTurbo, not particularly well-known in a wide range of brokers. It's strange that there is so little information about it, although TrendsTurbo has been on the market for three years already. So far, for six months I have been trading on forex, no traps, everything is quite transparent. I have never seen traces of intervention by managers in the terminal, there were no false candles. I would like to see more options for withdrawal, some Kiwi for example.

Banks Ezra 15.07.2021

I left Alpari like many other after they began to inflate the spreads. About 9 months ago, I opened an account with the broker TrendsTurbo. I can not say that the broker is in a fix, but I was impressed by the constructive feedbacks on the web. Not disappointed. Input on the current exchange rate is fast, the output is a bit slower, but without commission. Requests are not present, execution is quicker. Technical support is not short-staffed, but all work clearly and quickly.

Fleming Rudolf 20.07.2021

In TrendsTurbo passed about a couple of months ago. I did not go with the previous broker, conditions changed for the worse. Here, everything suits. Only three packages, for a start there is enough. I work with the average tariff. Standards analyst, and managers are sane. I / O is fast, with no problems. The terminal is the only one, and not my favorite, MT, had to get used to.

Benson Kristian 21.07.2021

A colleague from the past work is trading at TrendsTurbo for a year already. Have advised me to open an account here, until everybody ran to the broker, because now there are excellent conditions for scalping. And I understand, if scalping does not slip, then the broker is generally reliable. Give me two))))) Friend did not disappoint, everything flies - orders, input-output, statistics. Input is on the current exchange rate, there is no commission for withdrawal, everything is clear.

Hunt Byron 07.09.2021

What a sweet team that you can work with. I like everything you do: how they communicate which advice they give what conditions this broker has. We work very very well. There are no disadvantages!

Ryan John 10.09.2021

I would like to thank the Support Team for how she solved my problem yesterday. Thanks! You are the best! I am used to the contact with the support - days of waiting, correspondence with geeks, vague answers and promise means one day to solve everything. "That's in development ..." "Our specialists are currently busy ...". If you are even answers. If you immediately receive an answer and hear a clear, concrete formulation, this is invaluable. In addition, all here are polite, which is also important for good user experience.

Caldwell Collin 11.09.2021

If you just start, this is the right place for you. For beginners, there are many advantages compared to other similar brokers. You will teach, show how to set a starting position on how to see emerging trends. For market veterans, this broker offers more interesting spreads and functions.

Price John 13.09.2021

I have read reviews about delays when taking off money. I did not have. Other brokers always delay, that's right. But everything works very well here. If you saw the answer of a specialist from the company's support, he wrote there: not more than 12 hours. Although delays happen, they are rare and short duration. I have never got over.

Kennedy Jacob 16.09.2021

Should I start when there is such a question, much depends on the broker. At first glance, everything seems easy, but I had to lose a lot to realize that I need normal, adequate advice. It is not enough to trust my intuition, I have to understand what I do in detail.

Franklin John 18.09.2021

On April 20, there was a delay in withdrawing money. I was waiting for 3 hours. Worried that the money would hang longer longer. During this all time a support staff with me was in contact. Sorry friend, I forgot your name! In general, I like everything. Even this incident has not affected my attitude to the company as there are other companies that can be compared. I certainly know other users that other brokers not only delay money for hours or even days, but may not respond to customer support requests!

Harrington Rodger 06.10.2021

Back to the trade and the best broker! Thank you for the most interesting conditions that you really help to make good money.

Stephens Peter 11.10.2021

Hey beginner! Do not you feel sweet promises - no one will give money for nothing. Margin trading offers do you have to convince you! Like this broker! Yes, really. If a broker has a debt limit to the moon, you can fault.

Campbell Kenneth 13.10.2021

Didn't Think A Lot About Brokers Before ... Right Now I'm a Verge of Investing Some Big Money Into Trading, so Looking for One Is Child of Crucial. This Company Here What One of My Research Subjects and I'm Inclined to Choose Them As a Long-Term Broker, Cause They Look Like I Can Rely On Them.

Ball Egbert 14.10.2021

Great Experience With This Company, Four Months of Complete Bliss in Trading. Unfuredunately, Right Now I must quit for a while and take all of my money out, but as soon as i'll beready to come back, this company Will Become My Broker of Choice Again, No Doubts There.

Holt John 25.10.2021

I'm not a Specialist When IT Comes to Brokers, But I've Got Some Friends Who Are a Lot More enthusiastic Than I am About All this stuff. They all come saying that this broker is excellent and i think they believe it themselves because of all the money they invest.

Paul Robert 25.10.2021

The Best Aspect of This Broker is their Friendliness to Beginners. Their Terms of Cooperation Are Really Awesome and Their Customer Care Department Is Always Friendly and Helpul. I Really Like Them.

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