Why does refrigerator need Wi-Fi

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 Therefore, the old one must be changed to the new one, the outdated one to the modern one.

It's time to figure out which parameters to choose a refrigerator in order to acquire a silent, energy-efficient and smart-functions.

Overall dimensions

First of all, you need to focus on the size of the kitchen and the rest of the furniture. There is a standard parameter for the width and depth of kitchen appliances and furniture - it is 60 cm. If you choose a deeper model, it can stand out from the overall picture, "stick out" forward. If you choose a wider one, there may not be enough room for the rest.

Useful volume

Its useful volume depends on the size of the refrigerator. For the correct storage of food, a free arrangement in the refrigerator compartment is necessary. A two-compartment refrigerator with a volume of up to 250 liters is suitable for one or two people, 250-300 liters - for three, 300-350 - for 4-5 people (for example, the LG GA-B459SLCM refrigerator with a total useful volume of 341 liters), 500 liters and more - for a large number of people. The fridge / freezer ratio should be 3: 1 or 2: 1.

Defrosting system

• manual defrosting;
• No Frost system, as in the SAMSUNG RB37J5220SA / UA refrigerator;
• drip defrosting system.

Compressor and noise level

The most modern is the inverter compressor. It works without pauses, reducing power to a minimum when the desired temperature is reached. This keeps the refrigerator quiet and saves energy.

A refrigerator with a conventional compressor works according to the principle: turned on, cooled to the desired temperature, turned off. At the same time, each switching on and off is accompanied by noise.

For a standard apartment, a comfortable noise level is 40 dB (as an option, the HISENSE RT 267D4AW1 refrigerator).

Power usage

Depending on the class of energy consumption, modern refrigerators are marked with the letters A, B and C. More and more often there are refrigerators with increased energy efficiency, which are marked with classes A + (GORENJE NRK 621 PS4 refrigerator), A ++ and A +++, the more plus signs, the more profitability.

Smart functions

Until recently, few people understood the need for Wi-Fi in the refrigerator. But fans of "smart home" are sure that the wireless module in the refrigerator is a necessary and useful thing, because it provides remote control of equipment and a number of auxiliary features. For example, the two-compartment refrigerator LG GW-B509SBDZ, which is controlled by touch buttons, and thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi module and the SmartThinQ application, you can set the necessary parameters from your smartphone.

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